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Trip Report A Full Moon March Disney Trip


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What a smart idea on staying in the airport hotel and catching the DME with your mom the next day. When you had put this in your Pretrip report I was a little confused but it makes so much sense now reading about it here.
Yes, it really worked out well for us! This way we saved money on flights and were still back to the airport to meet up with my mom. It helped so much that our room was ready by 10:30am!


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Thursday, March 1 Continued

After our ride on the Jungle Cruise, we had about 2 hours until our dinner reservation. We decided to trek across the park over towards Tomorrowland, but we took the long way through Fantastyland. That's when we came across this:
MK Thurs carousel.jpg

What happened to the Carousel??? They were actually still running it too, which I thought was strange.

When we walked passed Small World, there was a 35 minute wait! :jawdrop::jawdrop::jawdrop: The line was actually winding outside, so we passed as the sun was hot. That's my mom's favorite ride, so she was a little bummed but she didn't want to wait either. So we continued on to one of my favorite shows: Mickey's Philharmagic! I can't visit Disney without seeing this, the music is my favorite part!:cat:

After our nice, air-conditioned show, we headed towards Tomorrowland. What else would be our first ride in Tomorrowland?
MK people mover thurs Alex.jpg

The People Mover! I love this ride, mostly for the great castle photo ops

MK Thurs castle.jpg

MK people mover thurs.jpg
I also took a photo of my Disney leggings for the day

MK thurs leggings.jpg

After our tour through Tomorrowland, we jumped in the 25 minute wait for Buzz. I like this ride, but the game is SO hard! I think I got 160k, but only because we got stuck in one of the rooms :hilarious:. I much prefer Toy Story at HS.

We still had about 30 minutes before dinner, so we took a walk and took some photos

MK thurs flowers.jpg
MK thurs Space.jpg
MK thurs me and mom.jpg

MK thurs me and alex.jpg

Next up- DINNER!


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Thursday, March 1 Continued

Where was dinner? Tony's of course! This was my mom's one request for the trip and as Alex had not been there yet, I didn't argue. We checked in right on time and waited about 15 minutes for our table. I love the atmosphere and décor here and the Lady and the Tramp theme! However, where we were seated, I was looking directly at the kitchen :rolleyes:.

We considered ordering wine and beer, but we were all tired and we had both back in the room so we passed and stuck with water.
Full disclosure- I did NOT take any food photos of this meal :banghead::banghead::banghead: but thanks to Google Images, I can at least give you an idea :joyfull:.
First we were served bread, I don't remember what kind it was but it was SO good! It was soft and garlicy and hit the spot after all that walking! Alex ordered the Margherita Pizza with sausage and pepperoni
MK thurs pizza.jpg

He LOVED this- spoiler, Alex said this was his favorite meal of the trip!

Mom ordered the Shrimp Scampi
Mk thurs shrimo.jpg
She loved hers as well! I tried it too... and probably ate more of this than my own meal :hilarious: SO GOOD! :hungry::hungry::hungry: Mom also said this was her favorite meal of the trip.

I ordered the Chicken Parm
MK thurs parm.jpg
The sauce/pasta was as good as I remembered (maybe a little more salty) but the chicken was kind of thick and not all that juicy or flavorful. Our last trip I ordered the Spaghetti and Meatball and LOVED it... I should've stuck with that. But it was fine, and I ate some of mom's dinner too :joyfull:

We all shared a scoop of vanilla gelato, we were all that full, but I couldn't pass up dessert. Calories don't count in Disney right?! :hilarious:

I wanted to stay and watch the fireworks, but we were all tired and full. So we decided it would be a great idea to watch them from our room... except as soon as we got on the monorail platform they started... Oops! :banghead::hilarious: I didn't realize there was a special event this night, so I assumed the fireworks started at 9 (park closing time). Ah well, we had 3 more nights to go!

Once back to the room, the 3 of us relaxed with our adult beverages and enjoyed the view... and the sounds.

Poly view at night.jpg

Poly water pageant.jpg

As you can see from the above photo, the water pageant (can't think of the official name at the moment) went right passed our room. Which was very cool, but very LOUD. We could hear this pretty much all night, at least until it got closer to the Contemporary. Also, the TTC was very close to our room and the boats to/from the MK blast their horns every time they came in and out... let's just say it took some getting used to! However, by our last night I loved and expected the sounds of Disney and staying so close to all of the action. I still couldn't believe I was at Disney and STAYING at the POLY! Dream come true!

Next up- Day 2!
What a fun evening! I, too love the people mover for the wonderful views of the castle!!:jawdrop::jawdrop::joyfull::joyfull: It's such a great break in the parks to ride the people mover, but you still feel part of it all! I've never been to Tony's, I have heard mixed reviews! Sounds like it'll be worth a stop sometime!!! Too bad you didn't have great viewing for the fireworks on the first night but enjoying the sounds from your room is a great way to appreciate all the sounds and magic Disney has to offeR!


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Friday, March 2- Epcot Day!

This morning I woke up before my alarm, about 7am (please note: we are NOT early risers on vacation and I plan our Fastpasses accordingly) and got up to make coffee. We had a full coffee pot in the room!!! It's all about the little things :cat:. I drank my coffee on the balcony and took it all in.

Poly view.jpg

Our first Fastpass this day wasn't until 11ish, so I woke everyone up around 9... I had a full 2 hours by myself! If you know me at all, you know how precious that is to me :inlove::joyfull:. Here are my leggings of the day:

Epcot leggings.jpg

We got ready to go and headed to... EPCOT :inlove::inlove::inlove::inlove: My FAVORITE park :cat:. It was a quick, easy, and picturesque walk to the TTC (SO convenient!) and hopped on a monorail. Of course they did bag checks to get on the monorail and then again at Epcot... can they fix this please? I fully support the security and want everyone to be safe, but I wish they could figure out a way like the MK so you only have to do bag check once.

Anyway, we scanned our bands and were in!
Epcot entrance.jpg
Flower and Garden Festival had begun! I LOVE Epcot this time of year :inlove:. Our first Fastpass of the day was for Spaceship Earth, one of my favorites! We get over there... and it's down :cautious::cry:. We asked the CM's by the front and they said it would be at least an hour until it came back up. We had about an hour until our next Fastpass and we didn't really eat breakfast this morning, so I suggested we head to Sunshine Seasons for a snack.

I got a blueberry muffin
Epcot muffin.jpg
SO GOOD! And mostly tasted like cake lol!

Alex got fish tacos.
Epcot tacos.jpg
He said they were very good! But spicy. Most Disney "spicy" things aren't really, but he was surprised by the spice on these. Mom had a cup of tea (sorry no photo). It was very loud and crowded in Sunshine Seasons, and a family sitting next to us had a toddler (5 maybe?) who kept hitting/kicking my mom (by accident)... the parents said and did nothing :arghh::cautious:.

Finally after our snack, it was time for...
Epcot Soarin.jpg
Even in the Fastpass line we still waited a good 15-20 minutes, but still much better than the 60+ wait time for standby. I LOVE the new Soarin! It was Alex's first time seeing the new version and he loved it too. I think I like the smells the best on this one... someone should make a candle with all the smells of Soarin ;). The only negative on our ride was we were all the way to the left and on the 2 left most seats... so we got to see the Eiffel Tower bend a bit. I didn't notice this on my first time, I must have been closer to the middle. It stood out big this time, but it didn't ruin it for me.

After Soarin around the world, we met up with Mom and got in line for our final Fastpass of the day: Living with the Land! Epcot Land.jpg

I don't remember ever seeing this part of the ride (above photo). Is this new or did I just never notice it before? We all loved our ride through the greenhouses.


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Forgot to post Alex's Soarin photo :hilarious:
Epcot soarin feet.jpg

Friday, March 2 Continued

We had an ADR approaching (and SE was not back up yet) so we started to head towards World Showcase :inlove:. On the way we took some Flower and Garden photos and walked through the butterfly enclosure.

Epcot flowers.jpg Epcot Flower.jpg Epcot butterfly.jpg Epcot butterfly 2.jpg

Since our ADR was pretty much in the center of all the countries, we decided to take the boat over. I had never been on this boat before and it was really cool! Also it was like a 2 minute ride versus a 15-20 minute walk.

Epcot boat.jpg Epcot boat selfie.jpg

It was a GORGEOUS day in Disney! Once docked in Morocco, we had some time to kill before our ADR so we wandered around some of the shops. World Showcase is hands down my most beloved park area in all of Disney :inlove::inlove::inlove:. It's just so well done and you really feel immersed in the countries. We stopped in Japan for some photos:
Epcot Japan.jpg Epcot Japan selfie.jpg Epcot Japan alex.jpg

By the way, I don't know why I got in the habit of taking half-face selfies this trip :hilarious::hilarious::hilarious:

I will update more tomorrow!


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What a fun evening! I, too love the people mover for the wonderful views of the castle!!:jawdrop::jawdrop::joyfull::joyfull: It's such a great break in the parks to ride the people mover, but you still feel part of it all! I've never been to Tony's, I have heard mixed reviews! Sounds like it'll be worth a stop sometime!!! Too bad you didn't have great viewing for the fireworks on the first night but enjoying the sounds from your room is a great way to appreciate all the sounds and magic Disney has to offeR!
Yes, the People Mover is a great way to actually sit and relax in Disney! Tony's is great, just skip the chicken parm lol. And I guess I was just surprised by how loud it was at night! I'm so used to value resorts that are far from the parks, so I didn't expect it. But I came to love it and wish I could go back right now!


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Hmmm, we went last year and saw the new Soarin' and I never noticed the Eiffel Tower bending, I'll have to look. I do love the new version!! Did you get an extra FP since SSE was down? Soarin' is awesome, but definitely worth the fast pass!
It depends on where you sit on Soarin that some of the images can get distorted, if you sit in the center you probably wouldn't see the bending. The screen they use is curved, so that's why it distorts some of the images. I did get an extra FP, but since we were headed to lunch we didn't get to use it until that evening. Thank you for reading!