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A Freakin Awsome Space Mountain - Paradise Disney

Discussion in 'Imagineer' started by DarkMeasures, May 12, 2005.

  1. DarkMeasures

    DarkMeasures New Member

    Mar 15, 2003
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    Just imagine, a space adventure greater than any previously seen. Built as a phase one attraction at Paradise Disney, this new incarnation of Space Mountain happens to be the most expensive of all the attractions with a price tag roaming in the 250 million dollar range. (I actually don't know the price but this thing is one heck of an endeavor).

    Outside: A large white cone similar to the WDW version as well as the same size. Instead of the light blue color at the bottom (there is a peoplemover going around the outside too), there is a metalic blue with silver trim. At night, the lighting is set where the support beams glow a dark blue. At the base of the mountain is a small lake and a small building. Part of the slope of the mountain also continues all the way to the ground.

    Line: Very very long. Built like Dueling Dragons with some new ideas to help with fastpass and single riders. The whole thing was designed to be at a length though so that guests spend their time walking through a continuous story to the station instead of waiting in several rooms. Guests enter in a building at the base of the building and emmediatly, a spaceport theme is conveyed. Just imagine the WDW first room with today's technology. There is a departure's board that constantly changes and is really cool to look at. The lines snake down in this room before being pretty low.
    The next room involves mostly darkness as it twists from the old building and moves underground to inside of the mountain. Here, the only part of the line that is really inside of the mountain, guests get their first view of space. The hall turns and like the one hall that dips in WDW guests can see space. Unlike the WDW version though, guests will actually be looking in at the ride.
    After this hall, guests turn again and enter a room with spinning walls. Past that, more and more spaced themed turns, twists and halls exist. The whole thing is on multilevels and eventually guests will get into the switchback room.
    The Switchback room is the room with all the line switchbacks. In one side, guests can see a car waiting to start its journey. Above the line, there are many TV sets with various stuff on it. The whole tone though is to maintain a realistic but still very funny style. The line in here goes into another dark hallway that is this time slanting. The next room happens to be the loading station.

    Station: The room happens to like very similar to Disneyland's except several changes. First of all, the peoplemover cuts through above the line. And second, the ceiling is made of glass so guests can see the ride above the station. The line goes around the room at a second level before going down to the loading level.

    Story: The story is simple is and told through the ride itself, guests are taking a rocket journey to Earth. Nothing goes wrong, but the whole experience is quite amazing.

    Train: Big like B&Ms but not B&M. 4 Across seating with 8 rows. The train looks very high tech and sexy and ready to fly. When guests board these, they notice that the restraints are really different to what they are used to. Unlike the restraints of old, these new ones are designed to be able to fit smoothly and tightly over anyone who boards. 4 feet tall to 7 feet tall, they all should be really confortable. The restraints also happen to prevent headbanging, and allows for a better field of vision.
    There are many other features that other coasters don't have. Not only does each car have shocks, but each molded chair is made of temperpedic material and features more shock absorbers below. Each person also happens to have bi-nural speakers allowing a completly absorbing audio experience.
    In other words, this is the best coaster train ever designed.

    The train moves to a black lit waiting chamber after loading, when all is go, the train moves forward to a light tunnel. This one is blue-light like WDW's but done in such a way that the lights completly surround the train and it feels like the train is going 100 mph when it is really going 10 mph. Even the track is covered with the lights to give the feeling needed.
    When the train reaches the base of the launch tower, all these special effects go on ahead to give the effect of launch preparation. Cool down, scanning, constipation, all that. Launch is then go and the train rockets upward at a suddenly terribly fast speed. At the top of the hill the train flips over and the guests are in outer space.
    Here, it is all dark and spacey looking. Events involved include chasing a comet, hitting astroids, and all the other fun stuff of Space Mountain. The trains remain at terribly fast speeds with really good pacing. Those whole experience though is more of bliss instead of thrills though and is made to be really enjoyable. Eventually, the train hits a block section and the Earth comes in sight up above. A second launch happens here and the train rockets at an even faster speed than before.
    This section of the ride involves many turns and helixs. The G-forces get the highest here but it is all fun. Soon, guests will see the Earth again below them in a helix and the train makes a turn and it then seems that it is in low-Earth orbit. (A huge LED screen is positioned above guest's heads). At the end of this turn, Redness surrounds the train and the heat of re-entry welcomes guests to Earth. The Ship is captured and slowed down by a machine and guests hit the final brake run. The train stops and turns to unload.
  2. Tigger2000

    Tigger2000 New Member

    Aug 14, 2003
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    I say put in WDW RIGHT NOW!!! lol...

    great idea if i do say so myself:D
    I'd Definetly go on that:)

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