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A Country Bear crossover game idea I've had...

Discussion in 'Disney Video Games' started by J.E.Smith, May 12, 2002.

  1. J.E.Smith

    J.E.Smith Active Member

    Jan 22, 2002
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    This is an idea for a Banjo-Kazooie/Country Bear crossover for the Gamecube I've been thinking for a while(Which has no chance of getting made of course). Here is the main story for it:

    It is just after the events after Banjo-Tooie. The foundation on Banjo's house finally colapses after being unstable for days after Grunty's attack on it, leaving Banjo and Kazooie homeless for the moment. However, the Jinjos, Bottles' family, and Klungo decide to repay Banjo and Kazooie for all the help he has given them on their adventures, and decide to rebuild his house. They tell the two to take a well-earned vacation while they make repairs. Banjo knew just the place to go. Just a few weeks before Grunty escaped, he and Tooty had been invited by Zeke Rugg, an old family friend whom Banjo hadn't seen since he was a baby, to come and visit him. Where does this friend of Banjo's live you ask? It just so happens that Zeke performed at the Country Bear Jamboree at Walt Disney World in Florida, which meant one thing: FREE PASSES! Not to mention that Tooty hadn't even been there or met Zeke before, so they took him up on his invite. Tooty went on ahead, and Banjo would arrive a few weeks later. Banjo decided to go ahead a week earlier now. After Kazooie memorized the route, the two leapt from the Flight Pad on Spiral Mountain, and took off on the long journey...

    Meanwhile, at Cauldron Keep, Mingella and Blobbelda were fleeing. Mingy had anticpiated losing to Banjo during Tower of Tragdey, so she had an elevator there just in case. She used an illusion spell, to make it appear as if she was flattened. She sat by, and watched Grunty's battle with Banjo and Kazooie. After the battle had finished, Mingy then came back up, and left the weight of off Blobby, and used a spell to get her back to normal. The two had planned to take Grunty's head, with other things than helping her on her mind. However, Banjo and the gang returned to play kick-around with it, and took it away with them. Before they could recover, Jamjars' army troop and the Jinjonator had been sent to destroy the Keep and all the witches' belongings. They quickly gathered up as many of their tools, books, and henchman as they could, and evacuted to the Hag-2, a flying jet. They would slip out while several Gruntlings would piolt the Hag-3, a spider walker. They succesfully manage to flee as the Hag-3 fights aganist the Mole Army. By the time, Mingy tells them to fall back, it's too late. The Hag-3 is already wasted by the Jinjonator. As their home gets wasted, Mingy and Blobby deceide to seek revenge on Banjo. Sure, it was Grunty who got them into it, but they didn't know what had been done with it, so they opted for the bear. They find Banjo and Kazooie flying over the Atlantic, and track them down to see where they are headed...

    A day later, an exhausted Banjo and Kazooie drop in on the Country Bears(litteraly). The bears have heard quite a lot about Banjo from Tooty, but they thought she had been telling make-believe tales about her big brother. After a little convincing(namely showing off a lot of the items and moves from their travels), the bears suddenly realize that Banjo's expolits are true, and he becomes a celebrity among them. After a few days of relaxing at the resort, the Hag-2 arrives at WDW, and lands right near where the Grizzly Hall Theater where the bears performed was. Mingy and Blobby pop out and their henchmen, demanding revenge from Banjo, and a fight immediatly begins. Banjo and Kazooie find themselves in chaos, dodging spells tossed by the witches, fighting the Gruntlings, and trying to protect the civilans who are in the area. Thousands of miles away, Mumbo learns of the assualt going on in Florida, and quickly transforms himself into a rocket and flies to their aid. Back at the ranch, Banjo and Kazooie try their best to defeat the army of Grunts. However, they are overpowered as the witches fire a strange capsule at Banjo and Kazooie from the Hag-2. Smoke emits from the capsule, and the bear and bird are knocked out. The Country Bears can only watch as Banjo and Kazooie are lifted up into the Hag2. Mingy and Blobby cackle as the ship takes off, and flies toward the castle in the center of the park. Just then, Mumbo arrives. He fends off the attacking Gruntlings and quickly asks the bears and people around him where Banjo and Kazooie are. Everyone points towards the huge jet hovering over the castle. Mingy and Blobby emerge from the top of the Hag2, with a large cylinder shaped machiene, with many activation keys around it. It is a special machiene which, combined with their magic, can transform entire landscapes within a 10-mile radius. Since they had now lost control of their old home, they decide to make the park their new one! This is their plan as soon as they learn that Banjo had arrived. The multi-themed areas of it would suite their perferences just well...

    As the machine is activiated, a huge quake begins. From his spot at the Grizzly Hall porch, Mumbo quickly yells for the people to get inside the building. Inside, Mumbo begins to chant, summoning his own spell. As the vibrations grow stronger, a massive shockwave spreads all over the park. The crowds of people panic as they rush towards the exits as the wave of energy engulfs everything in its path...

    Soon, the aftermath of the witches' is revealed as the whole park is transformed. Parts of the park are leveled...nothing but wrecked buildings. In the center of it all is Castle Winkybunion, where Mingy and Blobby now reside. On the top of the castle is their transformation machiene, which must remain for the spell to work. Most of the rides have come to life. The Haunted Manison: Now an actual ghots house. The Jungle Cruise: Now a wild African jungle.
    Big Thunder Mountain: Now an actual 1800's mine area. Pirates of the Caribbean: Now a portal to an anicent town where pirates reek havoc. Froniterland: Now a complete ghost town...except for Grizzly Hall, which is encased by a huge blue dome. Just before the shockwave hit, Mumbo had used most of his powers to create an massive shield around the building, protecting it and the civilans from the witches' magic. Everyone is shocked when Mumbo reveals what has happened. As they try to figure out what to do, Mumbo learns that Banjo and Kazooie have been seperated and have been placed in two areas of the park, sealed of by a barrier created by the witches. He also learns that in the event that either one of them finds their way out, they cast the many keys that activate the transformation machiene through many areas of the park. It is the only way to remove the machiene from its place on the castle and restore things. Someone suggests that Mumbo should go look for Banjo and Kazooie and get the keys. However, Mumbo cannot go since he is using most of his power to keep the barrier up, and it would fall if he left. He then asks anyone if they would voulnteer to try. One Country Bear, by the name of Terrence, inspired by Banjo's exploits, takes up the challenge. Mumbo gives Terrence a small orb to communicate with him, and tells him that since the Kingdom's transformation, strange magic tokens and other strange items have been appearing throughout the park. As Terrence perpares for his journey, Mumbo tells him that if he can collect several of these items, he may be able to use their magic to perform several spells to help him. With both a sense of justice and bravery, Terrence sets out of Grizzly Hall on his quest to find Banjo...


    Yawn...that took some time. Tell me what you think, and I'll get to the gameplay in the next post...
  2. General Grizz

    General Grizz New Member

    Oct 2, 2001
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    LOVE IT! :D
  3. J.E.Smith

    J.E.Smith Active Member Original Poster

    Jan 22, 2002
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    And now, a quick overview on the gameplay. Here are the key items vital to our heroes' quest:

    Kingdom Token: This is the currency of the Kingdom used by Mingy and Blobby. You'll need them to buy things throughout the game. Also, Mumbo is able to extract the magic used to create the coins and can use it to cast move spells. This is the main use for them. Small tokens are worth 1 t, medium tokens are worth 5 t, large ones are worth 10t, bronze ones are worth 20t, silver ones are worth 50t, gem are worth 100t, diamond are worth 500t, rare crystal ones are worth 1, 000t, and gold are worth 10, 000t (Only three gold ones are in the game.)

    Keys To The Kingdom: Fearing Banjo and Kazooie escaping, Mingy and Blobby have removed the fifty vital componets to their transformation machine and have hidden four of them per level, and fourteen in the overworld. In the levels, only one bear can get one key each, and in the overworld you'll have to use the talents of all four (including Kazooie).

    Kingdom Medallion: One hundered of these mysterious items are hidden all throughout the Kingdom. They are required to break several barriers Mingy and Blobby have placed to hinder the bears' progress, including the ones blocking the areas where Banjo and Kazooie are trapped. Cheats are also revealed as you get certain numbers of them. Something special is in store if you get all one hundred...

    Jiggy: What's Banjo without these? Somewhere in the Kingdom is a puzzle that needs thirty Jiggies, that unlocks a door leading to a special area. Only Banjo and Kazooie can get to the areas where they are hidden...

    Warp Pad: You know what these do.

    No-Switch Barrier: There are four playable characters which you can switch from the pause screen. However, they'll be parts of the level where you must stick with one bear, and you're character swapping ability will be disabled when you pass these barriers.

    Mumbo Pad: Got enough tokens to buy a new move but don't feel like goin' back to Grizzly Hall to see Mumbo? That's what these are for.

    I plan to put in the usual Banjo rule of nine worlds, using nine attractions. Here is an overview, I'll go into more detail later. They are:

    1. Tom Sawyer Island: Not a real level per se, this small island out in the now almost endless river on the northern border of the Kingdom is now home to a world of Mark Twain's story. This is your usual training area, where you learn the basics and obtain the first key.

    2. Splash Mountain: The world of Brer Rabbit in this fast-paced flume drop ride has come to life. One of the few areas in the game to directly feature Disney characters, this level features the ride's famous five-story drop (Which is now ten stories due to the transformation) down a waterfall, while you chase after Brer Fox and Brer Bear down the rapids...

    3. Pirates of the Caribbean: The attraction enterance now leads to a portal to an old Spanish town, being burned and looted by a gang of raping and pillaging cuthroats. The pirates of gotten their hands on some of the machine keys and Jiggies, so you'll have to outfight and outwit them! As Banjo, you'll meet up with some old friends here...

    4. Jungle Cruise: Most of Adventureland has been overrun with jungle terrian. The robotic animals on this ride have come to life, stalking for their prey. Various tribes of anthro animals have popped up due to Mingy and Blobby's spell, and these tribes are ready to kill any enemies or intruders on sight...

    5.Big Thunder Mountain: Take a trip through the old 1800s era mine on a search for keys including on a rickety old mine cart. Later, an severe storm comes up, flodding the level and altering the landscape!

    6. The Haunted Mansion: The 999 happy haunts in this old manor have been overrun by Mingy and Blobby's own brand of spooks! It will take a lot of effort to rescue Banjo from the locked basement of the house...

    7. 20,000 Leauges Under The Sea: The usual water level. This old ride has been closed for years, but the old terrors of the deep that inhabit the waters are alive and well. You'll have to do some serious swimming as you brave giant squids, water snakes, underwater volcanoes, and explore an lost underwater city...

    8. Alien Encounter: Here you attend a futurstic science convention, where the world's first know working teleporter is being demonstarting for a public audience. Unfortunately, a screw up occurs, and a deadly carnvorus alien is accidently transported instead. To make things worse, a fuse is blown, shutting the power down and locking the doors, leaving you trapped! It's up to the gang to get the civilans to safety, restore the power, and kill the alien, a task that will take all the playable characters' strengths combined!

    9. Space Mountain: Mingy and Blobby's magic creates a pocket dimenison inside this former indoor coaster...now it really lanuches you through the stars!

    10. Castle Winkybunion: Gather up the final items as you prepare for the final battle. But beware, Mingy and Blobby have a few tricks. And if even you defeat them, will it really be the end...?

    Other areas of interset:

    The Enchanted Tiki Room: The Tiki Birds have been cast away as the angry Tiki Gods attack anyone who enters now. Kazooie has been trapped here, but what fate has she suffered?

    The Timekeeper: What past sercets will Banjo encounter when he meets this wily time travelling robot?


    Our heroes:


    TERRENCE: The Shank Shaker who starts off the quest to find Banjo. His attack strength is medium, but he is the only one to have a shooter. Armed with a slingshot, he is the only one who can defeat flying enimes and shoot wall switches.

    Mumbo Moves:
    Flying Claw: Terrence makes a flying jump sticking his lower claws out. A quick attack that also doubles as a long jump move.
    Shaker Slam: A ground bash. If Terrence hits an enemy, he rapidly shakes his butt back and forth, scoring multiple hits.
    Sniper Vision: Allows for you to zoom in when Terrence is in first person.
    Octopus Grapple: Using his "girlfriend" Delores the Octopus as a whip, Terrence can swing from poles and such to make huge leaps.

    The rest are special slingshot abilites:
    Flash Pellet: Momentarilly blinds an enemy.
    Light Pellet: Lights dark areas and can cause ghosts to disappear.
    Bang Pellet: Explodes on contact.
    Shock Pellet: Same as Bang Pellet, but sends a shockwave out.
    Parlyaze Pellet: Releases a gas that paralyazes surrouding enemies.
    Big Bang Pellet: Releases a large explosion on contact.
    Giant Bang Pellet: Optional. Defeats all eneimes on screen.

    Ammo is refilled by collecting Pellet Bags. Max. Ammo upgrades can be gotten from buying them from a certain character or by getting enough Medallions.

    TEDDI: The lightweight Swingin' female bear with a lower attack strength, but a higher jump.
    UNLOCK TEDDI: Poor Teddi was in the wrong place at the wrong time when Mingy and Blobby cast their spell, in Pirates of the Caribbean. She can be found near the Town Square, being put for auction by the pirates, and they don't accept Kingdom Tokens. You need to get a Pirate disguise near the beginning of the level, and the gold dubloons from Tooty and Bunny at Grizzly Hall. Once you "buy" her, you'll have to go through a brief fight with one of the pirates, but he shouldn't be much of a challenge. Obtain a lot of tokens and Mumbo will be able to enchat her parosal, which will unlock her.

    Mumbo Moves:
    Parosal Slam: Teddi's ground slam. Hammer shaped energy comes from the tip of the parosal.

    Swinger Glide: Using her parosal and feather boa, Teddi can hover in mid-air. Needed to get over chasms that only she can cross.
    Boa Throw: Teddi throws her Feather Boa like a boomerang. A long range weapon, but since it comes back it dosen't have as much range as Terrence's slingshot.

    Swinger Spring: Teddi leaps to the ground with spring shaped energy coming from the tip of the parosal. Allows her to reach to high places.
    Parosal Drill: Upgraded slam move. Drill shaped energy comes from the tip of the parosal, allowing Teddi to dig into the ground in some places.
    Invisosal: Invurnibilty move similar to the Wonderwing. Teddi holds her parosal in front of her, however her back is unprotected.
    Bear Breath: Allows Teddi to breathe underwater. Needed to find everthing in the 20, 000 Leauges stage and to find hidden items in deep sea areas the others can't get to.
    Parosal Cloak: An optional move, this upgraded Inviso-sal covers Teddi entirerly.

    Charm Wave: This is special optional move allows Teddi to charm certain male enmies, causing them to momentarilly stop in their tracks, giving Teddi an advantage because of her low attack power. The three upgrades, all bought from Mumbo, increase the time enemies are stunned, and the types of eneimes it will affect.

    Mumbo Tokens: Refills Teddi's magic power, which is needed for Charm Wave, Swinger Spring, and Inviso-sal/Parosal Cloak.

    BIG AL: The big, drunk star of the Country Bear Jamboree, Al is the heavyweight of the group with a high attack strength and a low jump. Some attacks won't even hurt him. Al's weight is needed to push down some switches. Al cannot swim at all, he just floats when he enters water. He has no long-range attacks, so he can only defeat flying enemies from close-range. However, it takes a lot of damage from them to knock of a single point off of Al's life bar, so it'll take a lot to bring him down.(Bosses are another matter)
    UNLOCKING AL: Seems Al was moonlighting in Adventureland and ended up in the huge jungle that appeared in its place. He was promptly attacked by the Anthro Cheetah tribe. Thankfully, Al's skin is too thick like his head for their blowgun darts to work. Stunned, they take Al to their village, and keep him captive until they can figure out what do with him. Using Terrence, you must fight Zellia, the female Tribe leader to obtain the key to Al's cage. Then Teddi must use Swinger Spring to get up to the cage, which its placed up in a high tree. You must fight the guards, which is difficult with Teddi's low attack power. After you defeat them, Al is freed. The tribe's warriors then come to attack. Taking control of Al, you make short work of them. They surrender, and give you a Kingdom Key and their friendship. You don't have to go to Mumbo for moves just yet, though you'll have to get into the next level...
    Mumbo Moves:
    Grizzly Quake: Al's super smash that can shatter floors.
    Bearrel Roll: Al curls into a ball and rolls at high speed, knocking down anything in his path. Certain walls shatter when Al collides into them. Needed to get to Big Thunder Mountain.
    Wild Slash: Powerful slash attack. Needed to tear down things to find hidden items.
    Feather Bear: Makes Al lighter. His speed increases, and he can swim, but he can't use power moves like Grizzly Quake or Bearrel Roll.
    Steel Bear: Makes Al heavier. Al has very limited movement when in this state, but if enemies come charging into him, they'll be knocked right back. Causes Al to sink when in water, in order to weigh down underwater switches.
    Wild Strength: Al's already high attack strength is increased, and he can pick up really heavy objects. Opitional.

    Bellowing Echo: Al's limted talent is put to good use as Mumbo enchances Al's guitar. One pluck of the badly tuned instrument will shatter some walls and defeat any enemies in the surrounding area. Uses of this attack are limited, but more can be bought from Mumbo.

    BANJO: This bear who needs no introduction. Banjo has the same strengths and weaknessess as he does in the other Banjo games. As a bonus, Banjo starts with all his seperate moves from Banjo-Tooie. (Well, except one).
    UNLOCKING BANJO: You'll need at least 15 Medallions to break the barrier blocking off the basement in the Haunted Manison. You'll also need to find the Basement Key, which can be found somewhere in the Manison. You'll have to fight the boss here before you can search for it though. When you find Banjo, he'll be harrassed by ghosts, so you'll have to use either Light Pellets or Inviso-sal to defeat them. Banjo is free, but the witches stole his pack! Looks like you have one more task. The pack is found in a location in Adventureland, and it'll take all three characters to get to it! Once found, Banjo will be playable.

    Mumbo Moves:
    Transfrom: You'll need Mumbo Tokens for this. As usual, Banjo will have to transform to complete tasks.
    Spring Pack: Used with Sack Pack, this also you to spring higher than Teddi's Swinger Spring.
    Cloak Pack: A lot of the Jiggies are guarded by traps with cameras. You'll need this to get past them.
    Snooze Pack: You didn't think you'd get it easy from the start, huh? Turns out the witches cursed Banjo by taking this away, so you'll have to get it back with Mumbo's help!

    UNLOCKING KAZOOIE: You'll need 50 Medallions to break the Tiki Room barrier. As you enter, you'll notice that the Tiki Gods are shouting at you to get out. Quickly, our heroes search for Kazooie. Unfournately, Kazooie shows herself...she has been turned into a huge flaming Tiki FireBird Goddess! Turns out the Tiki Gods cursed her and she is their prisoner...her only goal is to kill all intruders! Immedatily she attacks the group. You have no choice but to fight her in a Boss Battle. After a moment of dodging her attacks, Banjo spots the Tiki founatin in the center of the room. He quickly uses Taxi Pack as he tells the others to stall for him. It will take seven splashes of the enchanted water from the Tiki Fountain water to return Kazooie to normal. You must distract Kazooie from Banjo, and as the fight goes on the Tiki Gods step in with their fiery rage, spitting fire and lighting at you! If you manage to win this hard battle, Kazooie will regain her senses and become unlocked. If Banjo and Kazooie are seperated by Spilt Pad, any keys, Jiggies, etc. will count towards Banjo's total item count.

    Mumbo Moves:

    Drill Dive: Allows Kazooie to drill when she's alone.
    Breegull Slam: Seeing Breegull Bash was a "serect" move in Tooie, you'll have to earn it again. This time it's more powerful because of Mumbo and will send a shockwave out.
    Wing Cloak: Another cloaking move. This is needed for when Banjo and Kazooie are together or if Kazooie is on her own. New Sliver Feathers power this move.
    Egg Bomb: The opitional kill every one on screen move. Banjo and Kazooie have to be together to do this one.

    FireBird Kazooie: Returns Kazooie to her Tiki Boss form, but she'll keep her will this time. You have to save a Gold Token for this one, cause it costs 10, 500t to make the transformation. You also need 70 Mediallions. It's worth it, because Kazooie is almost invisible in this form. Banjo and Kazooie cannot be together because she's too hot to stay in the pack. However, she'll have unlimited eggs and feathers, and she won't need fly pads to take off. However, she cannot swim, for water is her weakness..

    Next time, I'll talk about the supporting characters and villians, and other serects I plan to put in...
  4. Brer Oswald

    Brer Oswald Well-Known Member

    Aug 29, 2016
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    Oh boy. These were the days when we still had hope for a new BK game...:oops:

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