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Trip Report 40th bday trip

2 adults - no kids, Previous visits - Sept 2012 (Swan), Jan 2019 (CBR), Jan 2020 (Gran Destino) . for the 2019 and 2020 trips we brought our nephew and his grandma, so decided to go solo this time. We normally go this time of year because it's cold in orlando and that's what we want. This year it was actually warm. We only were able to get the contemporary because of the 30% off promotion that was running.

Tues 1/19
Checked in to our theme park view room at Contemporary. (10th floor in the low 4640's) The view of the monorails, the ferry boats, castle, grand floridian, space mountain, astro orbiter, polynesian, and wilderness lodge was like looking out at a moving painting and we didn't close the curtains the whole time we were there.

We made a trip through fantasia and bayview gifts to shop for things we wanted to buy later. 2021 merch was plentiful at this point and the resort was not busy at all. Mobile ordered a resort mug @ contempo cafe. We had a late dinner res for California grill. We had the short rib wontons (excellent) and ordered the Grouper and the wagyu striploin. Was let down by the wagyu striploin for $72. Dessert was the creme brulee and a surprise slice of cake.

Wed 1/20
Rope drop MK. Got on the monorail at around 8:30 for 9am opening. We wanted to head right for splash because it's hasn't been open on one of our trips since 2012. Splash was down, so we walked onto BTMR around 9, followed by Pirates and Haunted Mansion. Peter Pan was around 15 minutes backed up to Columbia harbor house. IASW was also about a 10 minute wait. This was about when it warmed up and the sweatshirts came off in line for IASW. We walked onto pirates again and headed for our lunch res at skipper canteen. This was a great meal and our server kept the bad jokes coming. We had the Char siu pork, Coconut Curry, and the Compote bar for dessert. Lunch came out to around $50+tip. Splash opened up, so we went and did splash. Decided to kill some time and grabbed Lefou's brew and a cinnamon roll at Gastons. The brew was pretty good. The cinnamon roll was pretty dry and I'm a cinnamon roll dude so I only ate a little. Waited 15 minutes for little mermaid, 20 for 7dmt, rode the carousel, waited 15 minutes for space mountain, caught a break in carousel of progress, rode 7dmt again , walked onto haunted mansion again, and then closed out the night with Back to back rides on Splash, getting off the ride right at 7pm when the park closed. We then headed to our 7:55 res at Be our guest. This was my favorite meal of the trip and the food was the best. we both had the soup, I had a filet and she had lambchop. The filet was the best steak i had on disney property during our stay - beating out the Wagyu striploin at CG and ribeye at Le Cellier. I like steaks similar to pittsburgh style with a nice char and they did it right.
We got out of our dinner reservation around 9:15 and were some of the last people in the park. Security directed us to a bus that dropped us off at the contemporary because we weren't doing the walking path.
Total miles walked was 10.75 for the day /22317 steps

Paying with magic band is AWESOME. I didn't take advantage of this the previous years. i was already juggling a backpack and gf's purse (don't judge), and with Covid the less stuff I have to touch the better. After the first day i didn't pull out my wallet except for cash tips at TS and bars. I doubt i'll ever have a day like this in MK again - being able to walk on and ride multiple rides several times.

Thurs 1/20 AK
Caught the bus to AK and got there around 1030. Rode Navi (Posted 40, waited less), FOP was posted 55 so we used the DAS pass that we only use for 1 hour waits. Everest was posted as 10 minutes and we walked on twice in a row (front, back). Stopped for Buffalo chicken chips and a coke at trilo-bites. Dinosaur, however, was down. We backtracked to the safari which was awesome and a Rhino walked alongside the truck for a few minutes. We were hungry and made our way to satuli canteen for bowls. This was one of my favorite qs meals of the trip. Dinosaur opened, so we made our way to dinosaur and then had drinks at restaurantosaurus lounge until the park closed (5pm) . Caught the bus back to hotel and relaxed before heading to dinner res at Morimoto Asia in Disney Springs. We weren't really that hungry after having the late meal at Satuli'. the Sake Sangria was good, we also had duck ramen and fried rice - tried to order conservatively because we couldn't finish anything.
THE BUS BACK FROM DS WAS BAD. we waited over an hour for a bus around 10pm. AK could also really benefit from another 1-2 rides.
Total miles walked: 7.53 / 16234 steps

Fri 1/21 HS
Got boarding group #14 at 7am. Park open was for 9. We caught a Lyft around 9, Lyft also had a promotion so it only cost $8.50 instead of $14.50. Driver was awesome, threw him a fat tip. Walked into our boarding group around 9:45. This was our 2nd time on Rise and it's still one of the best rides in the world. The cannons were still in "b" mode. After rise, stopped for the Disney snack trifecta - Churro, popcorn, Ice Cream bar, and then rode runaway railway. Being GMR lovers, we absolutely hated MMRR Ugh. RNRR had a 25 minute posted wait so we did that. TOT was around 30 minutes, did that and went back to RNRR which was down. Did a 2nd ride on TOT and then had Frozen golden Margaritas from Anaheim produce before our 3rd ride on TOT. We headed to our early dinner at 50's prime time. 50's has apparently been hit hard by layoffs and covid because it was not the same experience we've had on our last 3 visits. None of the jokes, none of the quips, nothing that tells you you're supposed to be in the 50s in a family kitchen other than the decorations. The food was the same as it's always been but they weren't even trying in there. 50's was the worst meal of the trip. We left HS around 5pm and headed back to the hotel and hung out for a few hours. Mobile ordered Cinderella cupcake from Contempo cafe, and had a strawberry marg at outer rim.
Grabbed magnets, socks, and a headband at bayview gifts. 2021 merchandise levels lower than 2 days ago. Caught the electric water pageant from our room, and from outer rim. that was fun.

Total mileage 5.47 / 11813 steps

Notes: other than the ronto wraps place, hollywood studios doesn't really have good options for food. they need another ride or two.

Sat 1/22 Epcot
it was raining so we had a lazy morning. caught lyft to the park around 1145 (park open was 11.) Lyft cost was $10 for immediate pickup or $7 if we waited 15 minutes. we spent the extra few bucks. We saw several deer on the way into the park right by the parking lot gate. It was still drizzling as we went in so rode SSE with a posted 30 minute wait (actual wait was 18). We then headed for FARTS, or festival of the arts. it took us a minute to figure out the passport and then we grabbed shrimp ceviche and almond frangipane cake at Pop eats. The ceviche was excellent, the cake not so much. 2 ceviche and cake was about $22. We were still hungry so we went to La Artista Hambriento and had chile relleno pepper and pork belly al pastor - again around $22. The line to get into the Mexico Pavilion was 30 minutes and started in China. We waited around 20 then bought a bunch of stuff in the pavilion, had a Blood Orange from Cava del Tequila, and rode 3 cabelleros (walk on) . Frozen was posted 25 and we waited about that. We took the short cut through epcot experience back to future world to ride test track and then walked across to Land (5-10 minutes) and Soarin (30ish). Back to world showcase, we had wine from citrus blossom and watched bunnies run around in the grass. Next was Masterpiece kitchen for sidecars and salmon gateau. This was really, really good and the portion size is perfect. We checked out the festival pavilion but only grabbed one Rose' for her.
Our dinner reservation was for 630 at le cellier. server was great - one of those people that had been there since the late 80's. We had bloody cesars (drinks) and steaks. The prime ribeye was good, but only 2nd to the filet from Be our Guest. Mashed potatoes were a good side but we barely touched anything other than our steaks after eating stuff at FARTS. We finished at 7:55 and made the long walk from world showcase to the buses. Passed back Bayview gifts and found another magnet - a contemporary specific one (resort specific stuff is getting harder and harder to find) . 2021 pins were wiped out completely and other stuff very low on the display as you walk in. We caught the electric water pageant again from our balcony and reflected on the trip.

Notes: mask compliance was near 100% until we got to world showcase on Saturday for festival of the arts. lots of people drinking and walking. World showcase was the only place that felt crowded. Epcot really needs another ride or two after Ratatouille and GOTG.
6.53 miles / 14100 steps

total miles: 30.28
total steps: 64,464
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Sounds like it was a great trip. I'll tell you what, if i paid $72 for just a steak that better be the best damn meal I've ever eaten. You're braver than me to even try it.


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