2045 Orlando Solar Eclipse


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I'll be 76. I intend to be around. Several options for me. At home in Tally. At WDW. Heck, even a Disney Cruise on an as yet not named cruise ship.


I'll be 70 and probably about as interested as I was in this one ~ which was zero. I was in an airport full of windows and still couldn't be bothered to watch it. 😂


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Well, here's a thread that will get some chat, then go quiet for 20 years, then probably be acceptable when it reawakens...

The next major solar eclipse in the United States is August 12, 2045 (a Saturday)... and it looks like WDW will be a prime viewing location for the event (weather permitting).

Start planning your trip now! ;)


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August, in Orlando, in the afternoon?

Chances are above 70% that there would be cloud cover if not storms during the event.


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My mother is 86 as of this post. The 2017 eclipse was on her 80th birthday. We traveled to southwest Kentucky to view that eclipse for her birthday. She is now 86 and we traveled to northwest Ohio to view the 2024 eclipse. That gives me some hope that I can be around for the 2045 eclipse. I will be 88 then. I think being at WDW would be cool. I better start saving now.

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