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Seven more Food and Wine Festival kiosks now open at EPCOT​



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There goes my hope of a second wave of Food and Wine Festival with announcements of concerts coming back…more booths open…just MORE.

now it’s just…”meh…open the booths “
I looked…it’s rather dead there

25 for test track…15 for soarin

30 for flight of passage.

bobs forensic accountants must have determined that the catering cooks were losing 5 minutes an hour not rushing…so they open some more booths to spice it up…I bet.

perhaps they are opening more booths because someone wised up and realized that a 4 month dragged out thing in a wrecked state/region of the country isn’t “quite” the driver of foot traffic as it was 20 years ago when it was rather novel?

…nah….too much credit on my part


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I'm just reading between your lines, as you seem to complain about almost everything there nowadays. Sorry for the confusion, but that is what I read from you lately.
I must be using “invisible keystrokes” again?

…I will concede this: chappie’s performance last week was embarrassing and had ALL kinds of bad stuff loaded in there…

…for us. The paying customers. Don’t care about the institutional investors.

so it’s been hard to get that taste out. I admit.

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