Trip Report 2019 "It's Been a Long, Long Time" Trip Report *COMPLETED*


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Wednesday, May 1st

We had plans to sleep in and relax today since we didn't have anywhere to be until 7PM when we were going to the After Hours event at HS. We even cancelled breakfast at Trails End so we could sleep in. But construction work at Coronado Springs before 9AM had other ideas. We were further from the construction, and we could never find the cause, but it was a very loud jackhammer.

I wasn't ready for breakfast but we went to the food court so R could get something to eat. If not, he turns into a bad tempered Gremlin. Despite all of the better sounding food options, he went with the French toast.


But after he got it he made the comment that he regretted not getting one of the breakfast bowls. But he often times reverts back to a little boy who wanted nothing but French toast. Now that he's almost 40, his stomach is still that of a little boy sometimes and he has to make himself try new foods outside of his comfort zone. So this breakfast was not very satisfying LOL.

We caught the bus at HS since it was the first one that came so we could go visit Wilderness Lodge for DVC research since this is one of the few deluxes I hadn't yet visited. That's when we saw a young 20 something year old man strutting around with his shirt off in front of the buses trying to get attention :rolleyes: Yep, I'm firmly in middle age because all I wanted to do was tell the guy that he needed to go eat a cupcake or two. It's not like he was The Rock or anything LOL. The bus for Wilderness Lodge was already there right across from our drop off so it was a very easy bus switch. We explored WL. And while I really liked it, R just wasn't feeling it. I'm still not sure why but he really didn't like the theming.


What's not to like about this? Almost 17 years together and I'll never understand how that guy's brain works!!!


So we caught a boat to Fort Wilderness so that I could finally see Tri Circle D Ranch. I found out later that this section will be demolished for the new DVC resort so I'm glad I saw it this trip. I was getting hungry so I was going to get something there but forgot my credit card with the 10% off with Disney Visa. I was determined to try to save as much money as I could this trip - it came a game to me. We had discussing renting a boat and the weather was great but R said he thought the water was too choppy with the wind blowing. Seriously? That had to be one of the saddest excuses from a wannabe sailor that I've ever heard :banghead: One thing to know about R is that he's scared of change - hates it, not comfortable with it, and will avoid it at all costs. He was not happy last year when I changed resorts from Riverside to Coronado. And he was dreading the 3 resort stays this trip, 2 of which were new to him.


My family had a few horses when I was little before we moved and R's father in Puerto Rico owned several horses at one time. Since we both come from horse nut families and were around them when we were young, we look for any reason to hang out with horses. I love the smell from a stable. Some hate it but it has an old comfortable feeling to me. Even though I was never allowed in our stable alone when I was little, I loved going there with my elders. Apparently, we had one crazy horse that couldn't be trusted - eventually they had to find her a new home. She cornered my Mom one too many times while cleaning out the stall.


These horses are so pretty - and HUGE! I took a lot of pictures but I'm only sharing a few here.


We saw the newest baby pony and her mother get a bath. One loved it, the other not so much LOL. I wanted so badly to get in there and help. I followed the rules that were posted and did not touch any of the horses. Even when one in the stables stuck his nose our at me. Horses typically love me as well so it was hard to fight the urge to rub his nose. But I talked to him plenty and explained the situation and why I couldn't :joyfull:


Since we decided to not get lunch there (and he didn't want to rent a boat), we just went back to the resort for lunch and time at the pool. Funny story about this - in all of our trips, we have NEVER gotten into a pool at Disney. Last year, we got close when we soaked our legs in CSR's hot tub :)

The view of Bay Lake and the construction. Even with wearing sunscreen, I felt my burns from Epcot getting worse while we were on the boat to MK. We were originally sitting inside away from the sun, but R wanted to sit outside and feel the breeze. Except there was no breeze on this larger boat. Luckily, the love bug irritation was minor.


We got back to our room and changed into our bathing suits and made the long trek to the main pool at the Dig Site. Cheerleaders were everywhere taking up all of the good seats but we did find a table with umbrella so we could have lunch. I ordered the gluten free mahi mahi tacos made with corn tortillas and tropical fruit pico de gallo. These were really good!!! I would definitely order again. I much preferred the food here over the food court. R decided to order the same thing after he had a few bites of mine. A piece of fish dropped on my plate and before I could pick it up a bird swooped in and stole it. I guess I should be thankful that he didn't take it from inside my taco while I was eating it! After we both finished eat, we found a chaise on the other side of the pool. We actually made it into the pool but I couldn't talk the husband into going on the slide. I wanted to but decided to stick with him. I regretted that decision later.


After cooling off in pool, I went and sat in the hot tub. Mainly because I had to get away from one cheerleader's mother that was sitting behind me who was on her cell phone telling stories about getting drunk in World Showcase and some stupid stuff her daughter was doing that she thought was hilarious. Hot tub was mostly empty so it was a lot more relaxing. The cloud you see eventually caused some rain, which cleared out the pool area. Which never makes sense to me because it's just rain and you're already wet from being in a pool. Why are you running from rain drops?? I'll never understand.


Soon it was time to leave my favorite resort pool (so far) and go back to the room to get ready for the After Hours event. I debated whether doing the After Hours event this day at Hollywood Studios or Thursday at MK. I went with HS for a few reasons: 1, I wanted to experience all the daytime entertainment at MK I never get to see - Dapper Days, the Orchestra, Trolley Show, etc. and 2, HS is my least favorite park but wanted to experience it with minimal crowds.


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We got to the HS at 6:45 and got into line for After Hours. Not only did they not, let us in a minute early, but they didn't start handing out wristbands until 7:10PM. That was slightly annoying. We we were allowed in, we got our wristband and the special 30th After Hours brochure with all of the special events. I forgot to take a picture of it but I can now if anyone is curious about what was offered. We were hungry so we went to the place we both wanted to try - Brown Derby Lounge. R wanted to wagyu beef sliders and I wanted the Cobb salad. They were very busy so they took our name and cell number so they could contact us when our table was ready. We explored a little and shopped for the special 30th merchandise. Got a pin to add to my collection.


This is when I started to realize that during my first trip in 2012, I DID like HS. I enjoyed the retro theme and music that played in that area. And here is another place where I kept hearing "It's Been a Long, Long Time." Listening to the music just made my heart very happy.


Because of my vertigo (and fear of falling), we have never ridden ToT. I've always wanted to experience the queue so tonight was my night to experience since there would be no lines. I was so giddy for the party to get started.


I grew up watching The Twilight Zone, and enjoyed the made for TV movie based on the ride in the 90s. I would love to be able to rent the patio area there so that I could have that wedding reception I missed out one :) That will never happen though.

While I was purchasing my pins, we got a text that our table was ready so we rushed back. This has to be one of my favorite dining experiences this trip. Next time, I want to focus more on the lounge areas.


R said these wagyu sliders were MUCH better than the ones offered at Nomad Lounge. Didn't even offer me a bite either as many times as he ate my food LOL.


And I loved the salad! I would go back to the Brown Derby just to get the full sized salad!! But for tonight, I wasn't as hungry because of the fish tacos at the resort, so this was the perfect size. We were going to order the dessert but with the party coming up, we wanted to save room for popcorn and ice cream bars.

We started to look for a spot to watch the new nighttime projection show. I saw a couple of my favorite vloggers but didn't get a chance to say hello. While waiting for the show to begin, there was a young child running in the path. The parents never told her to stop but she was running in front of ECVs, causing people walking to trip to avoid knocking her over. I understand tht kids have energy but the parents need to find a better place than a busy walk way to let their child run. Then the girl started running to fast and fell on her face. On the concrete. She started screaming but fine. The parents picked her up and told her it was all okay. But then they let her run again. And what happened? She fell directly on her face. Again. Still nothing from the parents. We decided to move to a different location. If their girl had gotten hurt, who would they have blamed? Not themselves!



I didn't take too many pictures because I wanted to enjoy it. It had some light rain but nothing that lingered. I didn't get the best of views because this is what I saw during most of the show:


It is possible to take pictures without spreading your fingers to the maximum :p When taking pictures and video, please try to remember your surroundings and try to show some common courtesy. Geez.

After the showing, we went to the rest room and heavier rain started. We took cover since we didn't have our rain jackets - because it wasn't supposed to rain until Thursday!! It helped clear out the park though so when it was time for the Star Wars show, it was light crowds and we were able to be up front. I didn't take a single picture of this. Mainly, because I'm not a SW fan and I was ready for it to end. R highly enjoyed it. And I do have to say that the fire from the top of the building is HOT. It felt like it was going to singe the hair on our arms. Everyone around us were startled by that but it definitely added to the experience and gave us a funny memory!

By the time the show was over, the park was closed to day guests and After Hours had begun!!
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We went to the restroom and when I came out, R already had a box of the freshly popped popcorn. We have never actually had popcorn at Disney before (shocking I know!). OMG this was addictive. It tastes so much better than the same Popcorn brand I fix at home. I couldn't stop eating this! And it being "free" was the best thing - just walk up to a window, ask for something, and it's given to you without having to pay. I could totally get used to that feeling!!!


We took our time walking to Toy Story land because I did not want to rush anything about this night. I loved Toy Story Land and, even though I never experienced it during the day, I think the time to experience it is at night when it really shines!


It was such a fun place! It was smaller than I was expecting but the attention to detail was top notch. I love the large shoe print in the concrete.


I was worried that the After Hours would be very crowded this day because of it being the parks 30th anniversary but I think a lot of people avoided it for that reason. The park was so empty. I LOVED IT ALL!!!

Here's the empty queue for TSMM. One of the reasons I wanted to do this party is that this ride is one of our favorites but we never can ride it more than twice in a row because of the wait times. Tonight, I wanted to ride it as much times as we could. Unfortunately, it was only 3 times for us because our arms got tired :joyfull: No one warns you about that LOL. But each ride was a walk on. The first two times we went through the standby line to get plenty of pictures and then the last time was through the shorter FP line.



After we rode twice, R stopped to get an ice cream sandwich. He's lactose intolerant so this was the only one he was able to enjoy.


We rode Alien Swirling Saucers only once. It was a fun ride but once was enough with us having motion sickness. My inner ears still hadn't recovered from the flight to Orlando and he wanted to ride Star Tours later so he didn't want to get too sick. If we stared at the antenna on our little alien, we were okay but looking away from that wasn't good lol. But we couldn't help but laugh during the ride and it's once we would like to ride again. We both skipped Slinky Dog dash because it looked a little too intense for us wimps.

I didn't want to waste time waiting in the lines but I did get pictures of them in passing



We decided to make our way to ToT to see the queue. And I do absolutely love this park right now - at least at night when it's empty to next to no people in it. I'm sure I will hate it again during a regular park day despite the music and atmosphere.



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We got to Tower of Terror and I had my camera ready. I knew this would probably be the only time I got to experience this line :) R and I mentioned later that they did a fantastic job with it because both of us were pretty spooked by it and we didn't even ride the ride LOL.



The lights made me think of you @Doc Disney :)



We got to where they line you up for your elevator and we were directed to the chicken exit in the middle of the elevators. We were beginning to think we were forgotten because the CM said someone would be with us shortly but shortly turned into longly. We were taken by surprise when an elevator opened behind us and a CM came to take us to the lower level. We were expecting to walk out or take stairs or something.


After getting off that elevator, we were back in the main space that empties into the gift shop. And then I saw it. R glimpsed it at the same time and made the comment that it was "one creepy doll." I told the CM that it looked very familiar and she said it was a prop doll that was used in an episode of Twilight Zone. That's why it's familiar. I saw that show and it freaked me out!


After we left, we were back in my favorite place in the park. I got another box of popcorn, which came back to haunt me later. My body keeps reminding me that it's not getting younger. It wasn't the gallbladder (despite 2 boxes of buttery popcorn) that got me. Nope. It was heartburn when I got into bed and tried to sleep 😂 Would I do it again? Yes. And with more time, I probably would've had another box LOL.

Favorite color blue on the suitcases. I saw a documentary on Route 66 and it completely fascinated me.


We went to ride Star Tours. Well, I just kept R company while walking through the empty line because I wanted to see it all.


I waited for him outside of the ride but unlike FoP, he didn't come out smiling. It definitely got to him and made him nauseous. We went back to Toy Story Land to ride TSMM for the 3rd, and final time. It was now midnight and they were getting ready to have the second showing of the new projection show but R was done and nauseous so it was time to go.

I loved everything about the After Hours event and I would definitely go to another.


It was after we got back home, I had a horrible realization. We forgot to experience the new Lightning McQueen show and it was open during After Hours with no lines :oops:

Up next - Magic Kingdom and 'Ohana dinner
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A few more pictures of the area we were sitting:

View attachment 370465

View attachment 370466

View attachment 370467

And this little prayer niche underneath the tables

View attachment 370464

We walked around the park and just took in the small details. Our goal this time was to not rush around but really to take it all in. Again, we noticed gardenias blooming everywhere. We visited Gorilla Falls trail and saw the baby meerkats but didn't get a good picture of them. I did get this one of the bird that completely fascinated me

View attachment 370468

Then we rode It's Tough to Be a Bug. Ran into this bird walking around:

View attachment 370475

Went into a few shops. I miss the uniqueness of the merchandise. With the exception of the store in Africa and Pandora, almost everything looked the same. We went back to Pandora and tried to sit in some shade while waiting for our FP window to open. This time, the FP was a walk on for us. To prevent R from experiencing motion sickness this time, I requested the lowest level and he had been taking Bonine since after the flight. I had to skip it because the breakfast and the heat were making me nauseous. I waited for him on the other side and talked to a very nice CM. But as I was sitting (SITTING!!!) on the bench, I was almost run over by a woman driving a scooter that backed up right into me. Yes, I was sitting there talking and she just decided to park her vehicle right in front of me. I was like "excuse me, I'm sitting right here!" Somehow she didn't even notice me sitting there!!! R came out of the ride saying how it was even more awesome this time (no motion sickness for the win!). He was saying how he wanted to ride it again but the line was too long. I told him that we could try to do the standby line right before the park closed. We were both getting hungry and wanted out of the heat. So we went to Nomad Lounge because he wanted to try the wagyu beef sliders.

We found an empty seat/table inside. He got what he had been wanting to try and I got the chicken satay and churros. The waiter said that everything on their menu can be made gluten free. Gluten free churros? Yes please!!

View attachment 370469

View attachment 370474

R said the sliders tasted like sloppy joes. Not bad but not something he would want to order next time. However, let me say that my meal was one of the best things I had all trip! Chicken satay was perfectly cooked and seasoned. I LOVED the peanut sauce although I did not inhale it like I wanted to because of the gallbladder and all. And those churros!! I don't even know what to say except I want them right this instant. It came with raspberry and vanilla dipping sauce and both were very good. And wouldn't you know that R helped himself to some of my churros! Him eating my food yet again :rolleyes: I was starting to feel like my Mom and Grandma when I was a little girl and would eat their food but not my own. I'm sorry y'all for eating all your good food. I now know what it feels like LOL. After lunch, our FP opened for the Safari so we made our way there. Animals were sleeping because of the heat. By now I was wishing I would get my room ready text because I was ready to take a nap too! We stopped by Harambe Market to get R's favorite drink of all time, Bibo. Someone at CSR must have been reading my thoughts because we got the room ready text soon after.



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My husband and I just got back from our week at WDW yesterday and I will be starting this trip report soon. To give everyone a reminder, we were there from April 27th to May 4th and were doing a split stay at three resorts - Caribbean Beach, Coronado Springs, and AKL Kidani Village. Also, every trip we hear one song more often than any other, which becomes our theme song for the trip, which strangely usually also coincides with something that happened in our trip - and this year was no different. I'll explain the title of this report in a later installment. I do have to say that I have mixed feelings about WDW after this trip and I'm not totally sure I can put those feelings into words. I still LOVE the resort and can't wait to go back but there was something different this trip that I can't quite figure out. We were focusing less on the parks and more on the resorts and other experiences so may be that had something to do with it. I'll try to explain during future entries. I did write my thoughts in a journal this time so that I didn't forget the small details. Did we accomplish everything we wanted to do and see? Was there any family drama this year? Stay tuned :)
Maybe a little late but I'm so in!
Catching up real fast! :D


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After dinner at Sebastian's, we caught a bus at the lobby to MK. We didn't have to wait very long. There was something odd about the bus rides here but I didn't figure it out until Sunday. At Riverside, I'm used to the themed music they play on the buses on the way back to the resort. I LOVE that because it really helps to set the atmosphere and mood before you get back to the resort. Caribbean and tropical music did not play on the buses any of the time we were on the way to CBR. It was silent. And it was odd since I'm used to POR. We made a mental note to listen to the music at CSR when we switched resorts. While we were waiting for the boat to Grand Floridian, I saw the new smoking area for MK.

View attachment 369990

It was definitely out of the way and we didn't smell any of the smoke while waiting for the next boat. And the smokers had a great view overlooking the lake. I realized just how bad the smoking section is at Epcot when we were there on Tuesday when we had to hold our breathe just walking by it. So many smokers, the wind, and humidity really bumped up the fragrance level that day. And speaking of fragrance, I do have to mention how wonderful it was this trip to experience all of the gardenias blooming. I used to have a gardenia tree back home (which is just an annual in our area) and we have great memories of this scent. I didn't realize how much Disney used these for shrubbery until this day. It was lining the walkways on the island at CBR, the paths around the Poly and Coronado Springs, the pools at Animal Kingdom Lodge. I think it really helped to make us slow down so we could enjoy the scent of gardenias.

We got to the GF and I realized that it was Dapper Day weekend. I totally forgot about it but the lobby was full of people in Dapper attire listening to the band and dancing to the music. It was nice but a little too much for this claustrophobic. So, instead of having the relaxing experience I was hoping for while listening to the music, I quickly took pictures of the Easter egg display and hauled my butt outta there :) The lobby feels spacious until it's packed with people. This was the first time I heard the song, "It's Been a Long, Long Time." And this is a good spot to explain something about myself. I was born in the early 80s but my Mom was born in 1944 and my Grandma in 1918 and they were the dominant influences in my life. I grew up listening to 20s Jazz, 40s Big Band, Blues, and 50s Rock and Roll. And strangely enough, that music appealed to me more than it actually did them. I love all things retro. I've always identified a little bit with Captain America being a man out of his time because I always felt like I grew up in the wrong decades LOL. Old people LOVE me because they recognize me as one of their own - we talk about the music, the movies, TV shows, you name it and I'll probably know it :) So when I heard the band playing this song, a song to which I knew all of the words, I became very content. My husband, however, can't tell one old song from another LOL.

Here are some of my favorite Easter eggs. The detail work they put into these are amazing!

View attachment 369987

View attachment 369988

View attachment 369989

View attachment 369991

View attachment 369997

View attachment 369998

View attachment 370001

And my most favorite? The frog prince!!!!!

View attachment 370000

After we saw all of the eggs, we walked to the Poly and enjoyed the smell of gardenias. We went to Tambu Lounge, which was packed as usual. We had another encounter with a rude, entitled person. We were waiting to order a single serving of bread pudding. A couple that was having a drink at the bar next to R got up. A woman came out of nowhere, looked at R and asked all nastily, "Can I help you?" and told her friend that she was holding that chair for her Mom. He was like "nope, just waiting to order something" and she just rolled her eyes. Her loss because if she had waited a couple minutes, she could've had the seats and table that opened up for us a couple minutes later in front of the windows overlooking the resort :cool: R was so happy to start off his vacation with his most favorite dessert ever - 'Ohana bread pudding!

View attachment 370002

But he swore it wasn't the exact same bread pudding LOL. I didn't taste a difference. Yes, I made yet another exception to my diet by only having a "few bites" of the dessert with ice cream. But I was pushing my limit with not just the gluten but the sweets, dairy, and fat so I truly did have to control the urge to finish off the plate :)

We were getting tired so decided to call it a night and go back to Caribbean Beach and get ready for Sunday. We had a DVC tour planned in the morning and tickets to watch Avengers in the Dolby theater in the afternoon.
Thank you for the Easter Egg pictures at GF, they are beautiful!
You don't get the chance to see that often 😀


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Thursday, May 2nd

Despite going to bed late, we still had to be up early for our 8AM pre-park opening breakfast at The Plaza. It was our first time dining here so we were excited to try something new. And the prices were very reasonable for a table service breakfast at MK. I usually don't eat a lot at breakfast but it's R's favorite meal of the day so this seemed like a nice compromise. We were on the bus early and got to the park with plenty of time. But entering the park was frustrating because we got there and we didn't see the breakfast/tour line so we got into regular line. The CM told us to go to the left and they would be there. Well we went there first but didn't see anyone checking bands. But we went back there and this time there was a CM checking bands but she told us to get into the regular line because she had just closed that line. Ummm what? It's 7:50AM and you already closed the breakfast line even though no one was out there just 5 minutes prior so we could've gotten into the line? Okkkaay. Whatever :bored:

We made our way into MK and I had a huge grin on my face. I will always love this park. It was calling for storms, so we were prepared with our Teva sandals and rain jackets. Nothing was going to bring me down today - not even rain!!


We found The Plaza and checked in. We had to wait about 10 minutes while they got the restaurant ready. With a few of the castle, the 10 minutes went by really fast. We were the second to be called into the restaurant and showed to our table


This was my view :)


R and I ordered the same thing except I had the gluten free Mickey waffles. I tasted R's regular malted waffles and I think I actually preferred mine :)


R said the breakfast was okay but nothing spectular. I never think breakfast is spectacular - except for the breakfast burrito I had last year at AK LOL. I mean, it's just eggs, bacon, potatoes, and waffles. Unless it's underseasoned, uncooked, or burnt, it's really had to mess up. I think it was a good value for what we had. It was a better breakfast than what we had at Be Our Guest during previous trips. And the food was comparable to Cinderella's Royal Table. Actually, I preferred this meal to what I had at CRT a few years ago because there everything on my plate was oversalted and I don't like that much salt on my food. My mouth was burning from it. So I would definitely chose The Plaza again as a MK breakfast option. It started sprinkling as we were eating so I knew the rain would be making an early appearance. So the plan changed from watching the Trolley Show and everything along Main Street to trying to get as much done as possible before the storms arrived and things possibly shut down. The park still wasn't yet open so we got in line at Fantastyland and watched the welcome show for the first time.

While waiting, the rain cloud moved away and we were back to sunny skies. This is the hat I purchased at Epcot, which was a face saver with the bright sun that day.


All of my FP for late morning/early afternoon and I still had 2 extra FP from doing the DVC tour to use. We were trying to get as much done at park opening as we could without using FP. When the line opened, we made our way to Peter Pan so we could walk through our favorite queue.


This is definitely one of my favorite rides and it never fails to make me happy. We had a FP for it later but we changed it for another ride since we had already done this so early. By the time we got off the ride at 9:10AM, the wait was already 55 minutes :oops:

We had to make a stop at the prettiest restrooms


We went to to Haunted Mansion. I first went to their store but it wasn't open yet for some reason. We got in the standby line and walked through with no wait. This is my all time favorite ride in MK but I was disappointed this time. I think it's time for another refurbishment because it didn't seem to pop as much as it used to and this was most visible in the Madame Leota scene. Most of the ride seemed dull.



R knew I was disappointed that I only got to ride it once last trip, so he wanted us to go back on since there was still no wait. Instead, I wanted to get more rides done while the weather was still pretty.
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So we went to R's favorite ride, Pirates, and instead of using our FP, we waited 15 minutes in standby and changed the FP to something else. Not sure why we never noticed this room before in the standby line...


The line seemed to be moving slowly and when we got to the front we saw why - they were only using every other boat. We didn't get the first row this time so I was glad to not get soaked like we usually do on this ride. But when we went through the battle scene, the cannon shot water directly into my ear. It couldn't have been more perfectly aligned LOL 😂


After Pirates we went to the Jungle Cruise but the standby wait was an hour. We started walking away when I remembered we had the extra FP we had to use by today. Plus, it wasn't raining so it was a great time to do it. We always seem to get the crappy seats under the open canopy and then it begins to rain on us. But it wasn't raining yet so we were ready to take a cruise into the jungle. We still had a 15 minute wait in the standby. I saw this sign and loved it -


When we got to loading, we were hoping to get the good seats for the first time in forever, but instead we got those danged open canopy seats again :mad: Why?????? But I told R at least it wasn't raining. I'm sure you can guess what happened LOL.


Halfway through the ride, it began to rain - only a heavy sprinkle but enough to get us wet where we were seating so we had to struggle putting our rain jackets on in the crowded boat. It had eased up some by the time we disembarked so we made our way to another favorite of mine, PeopleMover, which I did not want to ride if the skies opened up.


While riding this, the rain got heavier and was a downpour when we got off. It was funny seeing all the unprepared people trying to run for cover LOL. People, do yourself a favor and check the forecast before leaving your room that day. And adult women, not only should you check the weather before leaving your room, but don't wear thin white shirts on a day it's calling for storms. You will thank yourselves later when you're trying to find something to cover yourself up.

But we were wearing our Tevas and jackets so we happily walked through the rain to our next destination. My happiest place within my happy place. The Big Top. Except my happy place had been taken over by hoards of people trying to get away from rain. There was no place to move. They were blocking every door and walk way. It's just rain people - it's not toxic!!! I made my way to the line to get a treat but the magic was gone. There wasn't even the smell of baked goodies in there. R said it was because all of the people were inhaling it :) I got my cookie and then struggled to get out of the store. I promised myself I would be back later in the day when the rain left. So we made our way to the Little Mermaid ride to go through the long indoor standby queue so I could eat my cookie in peace. Sorry no picture as I was busy eating it. I think everyone in the park had the same idea because the 15 minute posted wait was closer to 40. I just wish I had some water to go with the cookie...



When we got back to land from our under the sea adventure, the rain had stopped. We went to Gaston's for a free cup of water. They give the small cups here versus the larger ones at Epcot. And again, R didn't get his own cup of water and had to use mine. It's like he's afraid to ask for water or something.


I was able to get a picture of the cloud that dumped all that rain on us as it moved along



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We rode Buzz Lightyear twice, Winnie the Pooh, Philharmagic, Carousel of Progress all before 1pm. Once I hear "It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" the song is stuck in my head all day.


We took a path to Adventureland that I don't think we ever took before.


After getting most of our must do rides finished early, we explored some of the shops. While walking through Adventureland, I saw the food cart for the cheeseburger egg rolls. I had heard a lot of these in the days leading up to the trip so I was determined to try them. We got in line and saw they also had the Philly cheese steak ones. We ordered one of each and we split them since I really should've have fried food with my gallbladder and I was trying to be good with 'Ohana dinner later that day.


These were really good! Larger than I was expecting. The cheeseburger tasted just like a cheeseburger, which surprised both of us. I preferred the cheese steak one though. I was cursing my gallbladder by then because I really wanted more of these.

After eating, we started walking towards the front of the park. R decided he was going to look at sunglasses while I got in line for a citrus swirl, which I also technically shouldn't be having LOL. I told him to meet me there when he was done and he asked me get him a drink. When I got to the order window, there was no husband in sight. They gave me his Coke without a top and my citrus swirl float (yep I upgraded). I was struggling to hold both of these without spillage. There was a woman and her daughter blocking a trash can so I said excuse me so I could put my drinks down on top of the trashcan so I could call R to make sure he wasn't lost again. She completely ignored my excuse me and backed into me with her backpack, making the drinks go all over my arms. Her daughter said "Mom you just bumped into that girl" and the Mom's response was "well that should teach her to walk behind somebody." I angrily responded well maybe you should be aware of your surroundings and listen when someone loudly says excuse me - and not block the trash can!!" The mom didn't say anything but moved away from where she was standing. I called R and asked him where he was. He said he was waiting for me to come back to get him at the sunglass place. I was seriously annoyed by this point and I told him that no, I told him to meet me where I was because my hands would be full. He didn't know where to go. I told him to take a left out of the store and keep walking straight until he saw his p!ssed off looking wife standing next to a trash can trying to use thin napkins to get sticky ice cream off her arms. Because I was so annoyed, I did end up drinking more of the float than I should have. But I was totally over it by then and just didn't care.



We continued walking around while I tried to cool off (in more ways than one). Did some shopping and I purchased a 2019 WDW pin. I found an earlier ADR for 'Ohana. So we made our way out of the park to the Poly to enjoy some less crowded AC. Next time I'm in Main Street, I'm going to remember this little nook so I can take a break away from the crowds.



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We had just missed a boat to the Poly. Our plans were to come back to MK after dinner and stay until closing because I wanted to redo a couple of rides, go back to the Big Top, and see the fireworks. I love MK at night and really wanted to soak up that atmosphere since I had not done one thing I wanted to do today - no Dapper Dans, no Orchestra (although I saw them walking down the street), no Trolley Show. The whole point of going during the day was to experience these things I've never seen before. But I think the rain earlier impacted some schedules - I know it affected my thinking at least. And WiFi was horrible in the park and I didn't get one reminder that I had set. And without the reminders, it was all forgotten.

We got a boat to the Poly, and since the skies were currently clear and we had some time before dinner, I asked R if he wanted to rent a boat and go out on the lake. It wasn't as hot as Wednesday so I thought for sure he would say yes. But he wasn't interested for some reason.

I really like the gift shop at the Poly and I was trying to figure out whose address I had so that I could send someone a coconut. No address anywhere in my phone or email so no coconut mailing this trip.


We were both getting hungry so we went to 'Ohana check in and asked if we could be seated early. They hadn't been open for very long, and it was just an hour early, so she checked me in and a got a text immediately saying our table was ready. This was our view.


I've heard a lot of mixed reviews about 'Ohana lately and we didn't have that much of a problem. Service was great although they are always slow with bringing the meats around. Both R and I thought that the meats had a smokier than usual flavor tonight. But everything else was great. Although they did change my salad. Why, Disney, why?!!!



I can't say no to these noodles or pot stickers. And I ate way more than I should. Also ate more of the bread pudding that I wanted to but who can resist?!


By the time we finished, all of the sugar, fat, and gluten intake had made me sick. I knew I couldn't walk around MK with the way I was feeling so we decided to check out the Boardwalk area, since R didn't remember it, for DVC research. I like the Boardwalk, always have, but R said he didn't. What?! This is a guy that LOVES the Grand Floridian! What's not to like about the Boardwalk. He didn't know. I think he was just being contrary. I heard "It's Been a Long, Long Time" and that song replaced "It's a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow" in my head. We finished at BW and I still wasn't feeling better so I knew my goals of going back to MK wouldn't be happening. We got back to Coronado at 7:30PM and we started packing for our last night there before leaving for Kidani in the morning. On the way back to the room, we checked our ride photos to see if any were worth buying. Nope, but we did have a voicemail from Buzz and Woody wishing us a happy anniversary :)

Up next - our last full day at Animal Kingdom Lodge and Disney Springs.


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Friday, May 3rd

Even though we didn't have much of a schedule today, we were still up at 8AM to get ready and check into Kidani. Our luggage was packed and I had the shirt I had purchased at HS ready in the bag with the receipt so that I could return to the lobby gift shop. The medium was too large but the small was too small - made me feel like Goldilocks :) We went to the lobby and stopped by Cafe Rix to fill up our mugs. There was a group of cheerleader moms waiting right outside. I was walking up the hall when one of the women left Rix, totally cut me off to join her friends, and making me trip in the process so I wouldn't walk into her. They were walking 4 across taking up all room so R and I didn't have room to go by them with our luggage. We got to the lobby and were going to go into the gift shop to return my shirt but the group of rude moms (who were dressed like they were in competition with their daughters and afraid of aging), completely stopped in front of me again! I said "excuse me" to the one mom that was constantly in my way and she looked at me shocked that I would even dare to say anything to her. She said something snarky to her friends and I told her that she had cut me off 2 times and never once noticed me. I said excuse me so she would know she was blocking the path of the people behind her. I don't think anyone had ever said anything to her before. Because of that, I decided to just avoid the gift shop full of clones of those mothers and just return my shirt at Kidani.

We rented DVC points from our SIL so we got a really good deal on a savanna view deluxe studio. Because we were only at Kidani one day, I was worried about talking to resort airline check in to find out when we would be getting our boarding passes and Tragical Express letter. I knew we wouldn't be getting it on our door because of the timing. The people at Coronado Springs told us we would have to talk to the people at Kidani so we felt a little rushed. Originally, I was going to just take an Uber, but R wasn't feeling comfortable with getting into a car driven by a stranger. And I didn't want bell services to transfer it for us because we had such a limited time and didn't want to wait around on luggage. So there was only one good solution - Minnie Lyft :)


Yes, it was more than we had to pay for such a short ride, but it was a nice experience and the husband felt safe. Our driver was very nice and gave us some great insider info about what to look for in a house if we do move to central Florida and things to try to avoid. In no time at all, we were pulling up to Kidani. I think we pulled up to the lobby around 10AM. We had been here a couple times before for dinner at Sanaa so we knew what to expect. But this time we were actually staying there!!!


The lobby definitely isn't as impressive at Jambo House but it's wonderful in its own way. More understated but still lovely.


Everything behind the registration desk is African currency.


It took longer than it should have for the CM to understand the dilemma over Magical Express and resort airline check in. It actually took two CMs to talk about this. Eventually, we got our boarding passes and the letter. Found out that DME would be picking us up at 5AM for our 8:30AM flight. At this time, R was really regretting choosing the take the first flight out LOL. I tried telling him but he wouldn't listen to reason. I asked if any rooms would be ready early so we could maximize our time in the room since we only had one day there. Not even a full 24 hours actually!!! The CM said she would make a note for housekeeping since we had already checked in. With it being DVC, it wouldn't be guaranteed until 4PM but they would see what they could do. So we checked our bags with bell services and went outside to see the animals.

As you can see in this picture, they were doing exterior work and pressure washing. It was so loud!!! I hoped we wouldn't get a room nearby so we could actually enjoy the savanna view we had booked.



It was at this time that I remembered I didn't have my gift bag with my shirt to return. So I made my way back to the front desk. They contacted the driver of the Minnie Lyft and it wasn't there. So I must have left it at CSR, waiting for the ride. They contacted the back desk at Coronado and were told they did have my bag and would send someone to Kidani with it.

We walked down to Jambo to see everything there. It felt different being a guest there rather than just passing through for dinner reservations. We saw the flamingos and it was their nap time. They certainly can sleep in some strange positions!


We went to the Mara and I got the gluten free Zebra Domes. The difference was the cookie layer was replaced with a piece of chocolate. These were really good even though I suspect the are better in their regular form.

We were starting to get hungry, we didn't know how long the room would take, so we decided to go to Disney Springs so R could eat at Polite Pig (something he wanted to repeat this trip) and I could eat at Pepe, the quick service location at Jaleo. We made our way to the bus stop and had to wait 20 minutes because we had just missed it.

We got to Disney Springs and made our way to Polite Pig. The line was sooooo long. Crazy long. I didn't want to take up more space in line and slow it down, so I found an out of the way table and waited for him. While waiting an extremely long time for him to get his food, I got the room ready text at 1PM. What?! My room was ready and I'm still waiting at DS. Let's hurry this show along. R finally showed up with food but then I had to wait until he finished eating so I could then go get something. I enjoyed Polite Pig last year but I only had the side dishes. It was too hot for me that day for that and I really, really wanted Pepe.

Here is what he ordered - the half chicken, sweet potato tots, and cole slaw. He didn't eat all the cole slaw or tots because he knew I was getting hangry. And when I'm hangry I'm not super nice LOL.


We made our way to Pepe and ordered my food. I got half the pan de cristal pepito ternera, which was a flat iron steak, caramelized onion, cheese, and mayo (everything I knew I shouldn't eat but said screw it, it's my last day LOL). You guys, this thing was soooo incredibly good. The imported bread from Spain was great, the steak was tender and well seasoned. It was probably THE BEST thing I ate all trip. For dessert, I had the leche merengada , a Spanish ice cream with sweetened milk, cinnamon, and lemon. LOVED IT!!


The only problem with this meal you ask? R ate half of all of it!!!!! Even though he had just finished his own lunch (half a chicken!!!!), he still ate mine. He said he was doing me a favor because it would cause me pain later so he was actually being very selfless. I was like get your own *&%^#% food. I'm hungry here!! So Pepe has become a must do for me every trip. And while R still enjoys Polite Pig, even he had to admit that this was a much better choice. I assumed that since half my lunch was now in his belly :banghead:

Here's a picture of the men's room at Jaleo (they share facilities with the two places sharing a lounge). R took this picture so the men's room was green while the women's was bright red. Didn't like the color choice there LOL.


On the way to the bus stop to get back to Kidani, we had to make a stop at Luxury of Time, so R could waste time talking about watches. Finally I had to drag him away.
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With our room ready text, we stopped by bell services to get our luggage and to see whether my bag had been delivered by CSR. They didn't have it yet but thought it should be there within a couple of hours.

We made our way to our room


I don't like their only being one sink. We are used to two sinks at the moderates and it really helps with getting ready.


But I did love the toilet being in its own room away from the shower! But it felt like so much extra space LOL. I feel like there needs to be some kind of decor on the wall :)


Couple of complaints about the room. I did not like there not being 2 bedside tables with a place to charge our phones. This became an issue that night when we had our phones (and alarm) on the table under the TV. We didn't know what time it was because we kept waking up thinking we would over sleep. Also, notice the little bottles next to the bathroom sink? That's all we had in our room. Maybe it's different because we were in a DVC resort? But couldn't help but compare to what we received at Coronado Springs


The box behind the mouth wash is a vanity kit that has small things like a nail file, etc.

But we weren't at AKL for the room, we were there for the view! And what savanna room did we get?


Across from the loud construction :mad: I did go down to see if any other rooms were available since this was our only day there and I didn't want it ruined by extremely loud work. There was another family there before me so I created a line behind them. I was the next person in line with a woman, with a very obvious sense of entitlement walked up to the desk and stood there. When the next CM was free, she looked at me so I would know that she was ready for me. This woman walked up, cut in front of me, and proceeded to tell the CM a long list of complaints. The CM looked at me like what should she do so I just waved my hands and let her know I wasn't stressing over it.

The CM got on the phone to find out. There was one available but it had a less desirable savanna view. So that person got on the phone with the project manager to find out when the work was expected to end with it being a Friday in Florida. She was told they would be ending around 5PM. Since it was already 4, I decided to stay in the room since it was very close to the lobby and had a great view. I told her that I didn't mind the sight of the cranes just the noise. With the noise gone, I probably wouldn't even notice the cranes. Oh! She also went into the back to make a copy of some African vocabulary used around the resort since R was interested in learning new words. So I surprised him with that when I got back into the room

Here are some other pictures of the view.



The noise was really getting to me though so we decided to change into our bathing suits and go to the pool. The love bugs were such an irritation but luckily that hadn't gotten as bad as I saw them better after we checked out. I enjoyed the hot tub for a spell and I finally made R get off the lounge chair and join me. He said it was too hot so we got into the pool and just sat in the zero entry. I was determined we wouldn't miss this pool slide so I dragged him up the stairs. And we had so much fun!! So we did that a few times. The slide goes a lot faster than you think.

Eventually we started to get hungry so we went back to the resort. R went to the room to get ready and I went to the front desk to check on the status of the bag. It wasn't there so some calls were made. Turns out, the runner was outside of our room knocking but couldn't go in because we had do not disturb on the door. I told the CM that my husband was on his way there so he would get it. I got to room and got ready for dinner that I wanted at The Mara. But first, I exchanged the shirt while we had time and the gift shop was open.

We made our way to the Mara. I was going to be healthy and get the falafel bites but I was too hungry for that (because someone ate half my lunch) so I got the potjie instead since it was protein heavy and would be filling since I knew I wouldn't be eating anything substantial until after our flight landed back home. R got another flat bread option.


Mine was sooo good and R agreed when he tasted it. I had eaten half of mine when I saw him slowing down with his and eyeing mine. So I was nice and asked if he wanted to switch and finish mine. And without hesitation, he switched our plates. Seriously?!!! I wasn't really serious with the offer, thinking there was no way he would want it. He cleaned the dang plate. So I got stuck with the boring flat bread LOL. Lesson learned. Never offer food unless you're prepared to say goodbye to it!

It was now dusk and I wanted to have time on the balcony to enjoy the view before it got too dark to see anything. So I got the kudu cookie sandwich (I think it was called) to take back to the room with me. I ate most of it before remembering to take a picture. I loved this - it was sweet without being too sweet.


The animals were more active now than they were earlier. I see now why they call it the sunset savanna!!


Once it got dark, we went out to the overlook so we could use the night time vision goggles. They only had a few out so we had to wait our turn but it was a nice experience. It was getting late and we still had to get ready for bed for a very early wake up at 4:15AM so we could be at the ME bus stop at 4:45AM. I don't think this thing at all. The hubby agreed, no more early morning flights LOL. We aren't morning people like that.

Up next - departure day and final thoughts
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Saturday, May 4th

Since neither of us could sleep well thinking we were going to oversleep, we got up a littler after 4AM and started to get ready. Most of our luggage was already packed. And no way was I going to do the whole put in contacts and makeup routine this frickin early. After getting everything ready, we went out to the balcony one last time to see if any animals happened to be out. We didn't see anything but the staff was out getting everything ready.

We were supposed to be picked up at 5AM. A thing that I liked about Kidani was how close everything was together. At Coronado, the DME pick up stop and resort airline check in is closer to the convention center area. Being up this early and dragging heavy luggage, made me glad that we were close to the elevator and the lobby and the bus stop was right out the front door! We planned to be there at 4:45AM as suggested and got to the bus stop at 4:37AM.

IMG_20190504_042852_LI (2).jpg

A bus was already waiting and the driver said he had room for us so we got on the one waiting instead of waiting there for ours.


There was only one other family being picked up from Kidani. We stopped at Jambo and one family joined us. The last stop was Pop and we were there the longest - maybe 20 minutes. Most people got on the bus at this stop, and I think some were like us and got on an earlier bus. By the time we left, the bus was full and we were on our sad way to the airport. All too quickly we got there. This has to be the saddest Disney sign ever


Because we were too early for resort airline check in, we had to make our way across the airport to the JetBlue counter. I do like how it's all self serve now unti you get to the luggage scale and hand over your bag to the worker. First kiosk to get luggage tags, then second line to drop off bags.

We found our pre-check line (a life saver even this early in the morning at MCO!!). R, using his super human talent of ALWAYS picking the worst line, hit paydirt in the TSA line when he got behind people that didn't understand how the process worked. Then a man who was traveling with his family didn't use the name for both plane ticket and ID. A manager had to be called over for that. Others who didn't speak any English and the agent had to wait for someone to come over who spoke Spanish. It was a very slow moving 15 minutes especially when we saw other lines just being a breeze :) But yet he didn't want to admit it was a bad line and just move :banghead:

He felt like he was hungry so we got in at Burger King after getting through TSA. How?! It's 6:15AM at this point, you had eaten half my lunch and half my dinner just several hours earlier! How in the world can you be hungry now?! :facepalm: Even the smell of food that early in the day gets me nauseous. While he enjoyed his food, I was looking at this, dreading getting on the plane. The first flight was horrendous, so I didn't have high hopes for this one.


Our plane was boarding at 7:50 with a departure time of 8:27. There was a young toddler screaming bloody murder because he realized the bus wasn't taking him to the parks and he was very angry at leaving WDW. I feel you little guy but I really hope you aren't on my flight LOL :joyfull: I took a pill for anxiety. Soon after there was an alarm followed by a Code Bravo West message. So I took another half an anxiety pill. We got boarded in no time and were looking at departing early. But then the pilot announced we would be delayed because there was a water pressure valve problem. So I took another half of anxiety pill LOL. We were 20 minutes late leaving from the originally scheduled time. But the take off was as smooth as it could be - or maybe it was all of the pills I took while waiting :)

I don't know why but watching this the entire time, helps calm me down


At one point, we were going 600 mph. Even though we left late, we only arrived 1 minute late from the scheduled landing time. Richmond airport is really easy to navigate, so we made our way to luggage claim. I waited for our bags while R prepaid for our parking. Soon we had everything we needed and, because we had parked so close to that level in the garage, we just walked right out into our car. It was a 40 minute drive home and we were pulling into our driveway by 11:30.

It was great to see my little doggie again!! I think he was mad at me because he only gave me bunches of love later. There was some frustrations with the house sitter because of all the cleaned but still dirty dished in the sink and dishwasher and cat hair all over the carpet. So we had to clean the dishes and vacuum for the floor when we got home. While vacuuming, I saw spaghetti stains on my white carpet that I had to get out. I had to change the sheets. The sitter had stripped the bed for me, which was nice, but she also somehow stained the white comforter so I had more laundry than I was expecting. And R had to cut grass bc the yard was a mess and it was calling for rain the next 4 days. Saw after we went to the grocery store she drank all his soda, all my water, my lactose free cheese slices, our spaghetti sauce, and a few other things. But my dog was still living and that's the main thing LOL. We were dropped into reality real quick!!!

When we finally did unpack our bags, the cat Misha claimed the Disney bag :) I had a not from TSA that they had checked my bag. That was the first time they had done that.


We aren't planning on going back to WDW until 2021, for their 50th celebration and my 40th bday, but we might try to plan a long weekend so we can stay at Old Key West. We've done more research and we have it narrowed down to Animal Kingdom Lodge, Saratoga Springs, and Old Key West. But OKW is the one with the larger rooms and 2 queen beds. Fingers crossed for DVC purchase this year!!
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Final thoughts

Weather: Despite it calling for rain a few days of our trip, we really did get lucky that it only rained one day and that was no more than an hour total. We had sunny, blue skies. It was hotter and more humid than we were expecting, but we couldn't even complain about that. I was just happy to finally be able to wear shorts.

Resorts: While I did enjoy the atmosphere at Caribbean Beach, the presence of the Skyline and Riviera just removed me from the theme too much. I would definitely stay there again for the right price but I won't feel connected to the resort. But I would make a visit there just to eat at Sebastians and have the Tropical Paradise drink from Banana Cabana!! The rooms definitely need an upgrade especially compared to Coronado Springs. That resort is fantastic although I do wish they would improve the menu at their food court, El Mercado de Coronado. Maybe they will after the tower opens. While I do love CSR, I will never stay there again during the cheerleading and dance competitions. They do put a strain on resort amenities such as pool and dining even though the buses stayed fine. I didn't have any issues with the girls themselves while there but a lot of the mothers definitely put a bad taste in my mouth. I would stay again at Animal Kingdom Lodge Kidani Village although I wasn't a fan of the rooms themselves. It was too dark and not my style. Maybe after the room refurbishments I will be happier there. Not sure that I want AKL to be my home resort. R loved it but I'm not feeling it yet. I couldn't help but compare the deluxe to CSR, which was a moderate but felt so much more deluxe than our room at Kidani. It was the small details as well. CSR had a nice nightlight in the bathroom area so you never needed to turn on the lights. Kidani was super dark and you needed to turn the bathroom light on to find the other light switch for the W.C.. Also, CSR had the Keurig but both CBR and Kidani had the Mr. Coffee pot. The room layout at CSR was definitely more convenient and efficient. Originally, R was dreading all of the split stays but he said afterwards that it turned into one of his favorite things. He liked being able to experience more resorts. So for future trips, I do see split stays in our future. But only 2 during a one week stay and a minimum of 2 nights because 1 night just isn't enough. So I'm thinking 3/4 split next trip. We became very familiar with the love bug! Luckily, we got out before the swarm that arrived later because they were obnoxious little things at the resorts. I didn't notice them too much in the parks though.

Parks: Epcot was by far our favorite this trip! As I learned at the After Hours party at HS, I enjoy the parks a lot more when they are almost empty LOL. So our next trip, we might do more of those events if any are offered. Except AK and Epcot, which we will still do during the day. I love MK but I do prefer the park at night and the people in the parks are a huge headache. I would love to try After Hours at MK next. Construction didn't affect us at all this trip and we're looking forward to trying everything new that is opening for 2021. R and I both felt like Disney didn't really do much to advertise the 30th anniversary of HS - which probably worked in our favor with the low crowds for the party.

People: I definitely did notice a difference in the people this trip. We usually have great interactions with other guests, but except for a few memorable exceptions, we had more bad than good. People just being very selfish, entitled, self absorbed, no self awareness. Inappropriate behavior and clothing. And what actually bothered me most was the lack of happy emotions among the people around me. It just seemed like something was missing - where was their pixie dust? I tend to make small talk with the people around me in lines, etc. and almost everyone looked at me like "why is this weirdo talking to me?" Maybe it was just the time of year I went. I don't know. But I think I'll look at a different time of year to go next time - away from spring breaks and cheerleading competitions. Maybe the holiday season has more people happy to be there.

This trip was by far one of our favorites (no family drama!!!). I think that was mostly because we had more resort down time and less time in the parks. It was more relaxing and enjoyable. Both of us wouldn't mind skipping the parks completely during a long weekend trip unless there was an after hours special event. We didn't get to do a water park, rent a boat, or even go to a mini golf course even though it was right across the street from us at Coronado! So our next trip, we wouldn't mind doing more things away from the parks. That's where we had the most fun this trip. Another thing I'm considering is going during a cooler time because we really do enjoy Disney Springs but there is hardly any shade there. We thought we would spend more evenings there but we spent most of them at the parks. If we don't go to the parks, then more Disney Springs time when it's cooler :)

We were thinking of doing a road trip to FL next year for our cruise. We might still do that. Or we might spend a couple days at a WDW resort just relaxing. We live 12 hours from Orlando and R has to do all of the driving. So it can get very tiring even though both of us miss it. We always had great bonding time in the car and great conversations. Keep your fingers crossed that he doesn't cancel/postpone it again LOL. We will be on the Dream in room 8188, which is one I've always wanted to stay in. I think the verandah might sway him to keep it :)


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Thank you SO much for letting us tag along with you and taking the time to write this all up! I've seen lots of bad behavior from fellow guests, but never so much blatant RUDE behavior all concentrated together. :rolleyes: I'm so sorry that all happened to you this trip!
I'm so glad you got to make so many magical memories together! 🌟:D🌟


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Thank you SO much for letting us tag along with you and taking the time to write this all up! I've seen lots of bad behavior from fellow guests, but never so much blatant RUDE behavior all concentrated together. :rolleyes: I'm so sorry that all happened to you this trip!
I'm so glad you got to make so many magical memories together! 🌟:D🌟
Thanks! I'm hoping the bad behavior I experienced was just a combination of the heat, spring break, competitions, etc.. I see so much lack of respect and empathy on social media that the behavior I witnessed this trip made me concerned that it was a sign of something bigger in how people interact with one another in person, as well. I hope I'm wrong!
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