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News 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Arts


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Yeah, Epcot's already got "the holidays" done well. The dozen extra booths are just a nice add-on. Fancy ways to serve duck and turkey? Yes, please.


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Is it me or does this sound like a reasonable priced event for what’s offered? It’s not just a 70 buck dessert party but offers much more? Did I find a silver lining in one of Disney’s offerings? Maybe not but it doesn’t sound bad.


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Call me crazy, I need to schedule a weekend trip just to get a Figment magnet.
Just made a reservation over MLK weekend. Had to use Trivago as pretty much no availability on WDW website. Ironically, WDW is not getting any lodging $$$ from me. My reservation is with Wyndham Bonnett Creek Resort Spring Hill Suites Flamingo Crossing.
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Saw the AP 20% discount on dining package at Coral Reef or Biergarten. As I won’t be with a group, I think I’ll be happier at Rose and Crown with 10% off.
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