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2018 Holidays at the Walt Disney World Resort hotels


Can't 'Member Anything
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Wow! They must have been working on that all summer.


I love this! Every time we go close Christmas, we go over to see it. I can only imagine being a child and seeing this for the first time.


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Did anyone notice the lack of a giant traditional Christmas tree in the lobby (in the pictures), do you think they 'moved' the Gingerbread House as an 'excuse' to not put the tree up? I hope not.


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I love the new location of the gingerbread house. It really looks great “framed” on the end of the lobby area.


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I always like seeing this, but could use an upgrade to a more edible version. It also competes with the more impressive tree in the center. The EPCOT resorts do their decorations better.


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I love it, but I always wonder what they do with all of the gingerbread and other edible pieces once the season is over. Does it all just get tossed in the trash?


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Is it really a Ginger Bread house? It has a wood foundation, it is mostly made of wood.
It is a wooden box tiled with Ginger Bread.
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