2014 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party


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I was at the Poly last night filling out a few CM recognition forms from our amazing servers at 'Ohana and the CMs at the concierge desk said all MVMCP have sold out. No shows left with tickets available.

Oh and I peeked behind the curtain. Shhh. The lobby looks pretty and almost done!!!

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You can still purchase tickets online for the penultimate party on the 18th, but all other dates appear to be sold out, you're right.


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Wasn't all that satisfied with my experience but wanted to take it off my disney bucket list.

I think one thing that would help is if they closed the park an hour earlier to normal day guests to give a better buffer. Having normal guests at 7 when the party starts makes for the front of the park to be crazy crowded. Once it got around 9 or 10 the crowd seemed to thin out better but at that point there were only a couple of hours left.


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Tonights party is by far the least busiest I have been to this year. Mine train is about 20 min and Buzz has been a walk on.
We went last Friday, and despite it being announced it was sold out (as well), I have to concur with the crowd. It didn't seem nearly as busy the Halloween party we went to (which wasn't announced as being sold out), though we did get there much later than we had wanted and barely saw the parade on Main Street. Once the parade was over, it as a mass exodus to the exit, so I'm wondering if the large crowd was mostly there for the castle lighting and parade and left? Anna and Elsa M&G was only 20 minutes, (was 200 minutes at the Halloween party we went to).

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