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2 days at Epcot/HS or Resort/Water Park Day in 2022?


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We are going in March/April 2022 and are staying 7 nights. We are already doing 2 days at MK. We have a free day and were wondering if it would be better to do an extra day at HS or Epcot (so much will be open there by then hopefully) or take a more chill approach and do a water park and/or resort day. Our kids will be 6 and 9 when we travel.

Other park days currently are 1 day at AK, Epcot and HS
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It all depends on how your family wants to structure your time. Whats going to add more value to your family trip and especially what your kids will get the most out of doing. Weve always avoided the water parks and spending a down day at the resort to enable us to have more park time. I know others see the water parks or a resort day as great additions to their trips, and many do need a day of resting, but we can go to a water park or beach setting at home and see a resort day as a waste of a day of fun. The purpose for our Disney trip is doing the parks and attractions that we cant get at home, and we have an unknown return time for a Disney trip back. There can be a lot to do at EP or DHS or not depending on what your kids like and if theres enough to interest them. Every family is different in how they spend their park days.... we enjoy riding attractions multiple times which adds to our park time.
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We need time for things to happen.
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Does your family love themselves some Star Wars? If so, DHS?

Does your family love themselves some good foods, shopping and casual strolls? EPCOT

Does your family love water related activities? Blizzard Beach or Typhoon Lagoon.

The choice is yours & the World is your oyster!
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I would plan to do an extra day at DHS, just in case you don't get a ROTR boarding pass on your first day. But ROTR would be a big priority for me personally.

We like to do a couple of half days during a weeklong trip. Half the day at a park, half the day at the resort.
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