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150 Point Minimum Requirement for Membership


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Right now, yes, but with the Saratoga price increase leaving OKW as the clear best "value" theyre converting more and more 2042 OKW to 2057 OKW that will eventually hit market.
Only Disney can do that if they buy back in ROFR.

Youโ€™ll have to wait until those contracts hit the resale market in maybe 10 years time. Obviously a handful will be sold before then but you would expect anyone buying direct would hang onto it for a few years at least.


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I recently (last 30 days) purchased direct at OKW for $159/pp (It is now $170/pp). With a December Use Year I received a fully loaded contract with a 2057 expiration date. According to DVC resale market estimate a 150 point contract fully loaded expiring in 2057 is $138/pp. A difference of $21 pp/ or $3,150. I am not sure where you get the $60/pp difference, but many people assume the difference is as large as we have always been led to believe which is simply not true. Most, if not all, OKW resale contracts are 2042 contracts. However, DVC sells them direct expiring in 2057. I think a lot of folks fail to factor that into the price of OKW, to include the fact that most contracts regardless of location are stripped. Another broker is selling an extended OKW 150 point contract with all points for $155/pp. Only $4/pp less then what I paid direct. That contract does have an additional 150 banked points. However, they need to be used by October and as we all know there is no availability. Bottom line is folks need to do their due diligence.
Absolutely. I have said that direct for some contracts definitely can be worth it to do. My PVB contracts were direct. My OKW resale because at the time that's what was the best deal for each. Always run numbers.


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We recently bought an additional 100 of OKW direct. Why? Because if you add that to the the 300 we had since 2002 (direct also), it made sense to ensure we can visit twice per year. My point is, you need to take into account the 7 month vs. 11 month window, how often you visit and how long you stay each time. Additionally (as we are older), we took into account what we leave to our 2 children. Sometimes it isn't all about the money. Food for thought...

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