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Trip Report “Excuse me ma’am, can you put your phone away? Snow White doesn’t like apples” March 2019 *COMPLETED*

Captain Barbossa

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My vote is new designs. People who want to collect them will spend the money to buy them. Kind of like the Starbucks “you were here” mugs that I get for my sister every time they come out with new ones. I think there’s been three different sets of Disney mugs....😩
I’d think that they’d come out with new designs too, or at least that’s what I’m hoping for.

I think the “you were here” mugs look really cool. I don’t have any but I wouldn’t mind starting to collect them. (really want the Epcot one)

I've got the small Epcot one that a friend gave me a baby gift in. I'd say they are an upgrade for gifting souvenirs in, definitely nicer than just handing over a plastic shopping bag
I like the Epcot bag, but I wish it featured some other colors besides black, white, and grey.

I use them for my grocery shopping.
But, as the captain said, they are not very strong. For instance, the medium bag can not support the weight of two bottles of Titos, a half gallon of lemonade and a small bottle of pomegranate juice☹
I’m hesitant to use mine. I’m pretty sure that with enough weight the handles will rip clean off. :hilarious:


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I’ve primarily used mine to carry a change of clothes to and from work. This past week we used a small one to carry books and it held up pretty well. It was super full of mostly hardcovers and suffered no damage.
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