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disney's hollywood studios

  1. Dale is signing my book

    Dale is signing my book

    Chip was there too, possibly fooling around with my sisters.
  2. Me and Sisters with Chip and Dale

    Me and Sisters with Chip and Dale

    I reached another milestone, finding Chip and Dale at Hollywood Studios was made, thanks to my older sister, and I also told them that they were awesome as the Rescue Rangers
  3. Giving Olaf Warm Hugs

    Giving Olaf Warm Hugs

    Olaf was also a newbie for me, since he is at Celebrity Spotlight(which is one of the newest things to do at Disney)
  4. Olaf is Signing my Book

    Olaf is Signing my Book

    Before they handed out cards, he wrote a drawing of himself.
  5. Holding Olaf's arm

    Holding Olaf's arm

    I did a bit boring during these character photos from this trip.
  6. Giving Sofia Enchanica Hugs(2016)

    Giving Sofia Enchanica Hugs(2016)

    On this trip, Sofia was a newbie for me. I gave her very happy Enchanica hugs.
  7. Getting Esctasy Around Sofia

    Getting Esctasy Around Sofia

    When she signed my autograph book, I got super esctasy, since her show is very good.
  8. Meeting Sofia the First

    Meeting Sofia the First

    I had a rain poncho, since it was dazzling when we arrived at Hollywood Studios.
  9. Meeting BB-8

    Meeting BB-8

    I Should had done the "thumbs up" pose with BB-8, but I was a little lazy to do it.
  10. Jawa(again)


    Yeah, I tried to actually trade something with one, but unfortunately Disney pins aren't tradeable(even though they have been giving pins for a trade), so I had a quick pic with it. UPDATE: This would be my final encounter with a Jawa, due to the unnecessary recent budget cuts
  11. Yoda and Luke's lightsabers

    Yoda and Luke's lightsabers

    As we're waiting to meet Chewbacca(again), My dad took a picture of Yoda and Luke's lightsabers from the movies, Ahsoka's was also pictured, and Obi-Wan, Ezra, and Mace's were also there, but not pictured
  12. Meeting Chewbacca

    Meeting Chewbacca

    Of course, I had to meet him again, since I met Kylo Ren and BB-8. He was just as awesome as he was last time
  13. Hugging Chewie

    Hugging Chewie

    Of course, Chewie's great at hugging his fans, and after that I told him that I would say to Rey for me.
  14. Meeting Kylo Ren(1/2)

    Meeting Kylo Ren(1/2)

    After that Great Movie Ride, I decided to go inside the Launch Bay, since it's raining rapidly. I only did the character encounters this time around. I met Kylo Ren from Episode 7, he was pretty awesome
  15. Meeting Kylo Ren(2/2)

    Meeting Kylo Ren(2/2)

    I quickly did the pose when Kylo's hand does the force in the movie for a few seconds, until Dad told me to stop, so I posed very weirdly.
  16. Hugging BB-8(1/2)

    Hugging BB-8(1/2)

    Since BB-8 was a newbie and one of my personal favorites, I had to give him a sweet hug(Like I predicted)inside the Launch Bay
  17. Hugging BB-8(2/2)

    Hugging BB-8(2/2)

    Same as the last one, but with my eyes closed, I always do that when I give the characters a hug.
  18. Telling BB-8 about Rey

    Telling BB-8 about Rey

    Of course, I had to tell BB-8 about Rey, and his attendant told me that Rey was on a new mission(which I won't spoil these movies to any of you)
  19. First Warm Hug to Olaf

    First Warm Hug to Olaf

    Over at Celebrity Spotlight for a second time, Olaf is still in his comfort zone, "In Summer!" this time around they were handing out cards with his signature(CA said that Anna made these for all the guests)
  20. Me Singing and Dancing "In Summer" to Olaf

    Me Singing and Dancing "In Summer" to Olaf

    I knew his musical tune, since the movie, Frozen first came to my life in 2013
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