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  1. Yelloweaver

    Trip Report Just back from a wonderfully great but horrible trip to WDW.....

    Another Raleigh (well Apex) person here to join in.
  2. Yelloweaver

    Trip Report **COMPLETED** A (Love) Bug's Life

    According to cast members, row 5 is the row you want to avoid getting banged around too much.
  3. Yelloweaver

    How is the opening of Galaxy's Edge affecting your plans?

    We're going October 12 - October 18. Not changing. Just will probably not spend a lot of time at DHS.
  4. Yelloweaver

    Giving a special CM a small gift?

    My daughter has become friends with a cast member at Epcot. We communicate when not in the parks and keep in touch often. On our trip last August she took a painting that she had made for the CM with us to bring to her at her job. She was so touched and she really loved receiving it!!
  5. Yelloweaver

    Best Way to get from All Stars to Boardwalk

    Lyft for sure. I'll be taking one from BLT to Boardwalk for ice cream this trip.
  6. Yelloweaver

    Parks gone to the dogs...

    Can't see why you want a dog with you at WDW. Are you going to take it on rides with you? What is the point?
  7. Yelloweaver

    Trip Report The Never-Ending Summer Of Disney *COMPLETED*

    I just booked the dessert party based on this review and the fact that Ooey Gooey toffee cake is on the menu.
  8. Yelloweaver

    Thanos' Rules for Theme Park guests

    We also walk 3 across, me on one side, daughter in the middle and dad on the other side..
  9. Yelloweaver

    Trip Report And At Last I See the (rivers of) Light: A Much Too Short Trip Report *COMPLETED*

    Oh wow, I have no idea how I did that! I am so sorry!!!!
  10. Yelloweaver

    Trip Report And At Last I See the (rivers of) Light: A Much Too Short Trip Report *COMPLETED*

    I was able to purchase Laila at Nordstrom. If you google it, you can get the perfume someplace else other than Epcot.
  11. Yelloweaver

    guest services

    We were just in Disney and had to activate our APs. We arrived at the MK around 8 am, they were just opening for EMH and we were the first person in line to be called once an available CM opened up. No wait at all. I think its hit or miss though as I have seen long lines, thankfully not when I...
  12. Yelloweaver

    Favorite food no longer sold

    is that gone now too?
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