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  1. yaksplat

    Will the parks really be dead at the end of August?

    Every year my family heads to WDW at the end of august. Usually the trackers paint pictures of crowds in the 4-6 range with most of the country back at school. But this year, everything is coming up 1-3. Is this really feasible? Would the opening of SWL a couple days later make people delay...
  2. yaksplat

    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    when one isn't enough and you need annual falcons.
  3. yaksplat

    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    ah... Dues...that's it! 😄
  4. yaksplat

    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    MFs? What is this? My brain only comes up with one answer that can't be typed here.
  5. yaksplat

    Insanity Pricing Officially Reached

    Been riding that since it was 30/share :D
  6. yaksplat

    Paperboy in SSE

    He aged out of the role, but instead of replacing him, they just don't want you to see how old he really is. It's good that they keep the old timers working.
  7. yaksplat

    News Bird attack at Disney World leaves woman with traumatic brain injury

    I was hit by a bird once while driving. A small chickadee flew into my window and hit me in the neck. His neck snapped and mine was fine. I felt bad.
  8. yaksplat

    Star Wars Races 2020 - Caribbean Beach or Swan & Dolphin?

    Our room in the Swan was extremely cramped. The bathroom was insanely tight. You had to step into the tub to close the door. The door nearly hit the toilet and did touch the tub, so you couldn't even swing it all the way in. Fees, fees and more fees. Fees on food even. I'd never go back.
  9. yaksplat

    Ole Swan ieee resort is mighty nice

    Renting points at the polynesian came out to $290/night with no parking fees. Quite a steal in comparison.
  10. yaksplat

    Ole Swan ieee resort is mighty nice

    The price is great unless you drive there and need a cot. With the resort fee, the fee total came out to nearly $100 per day. Our cheap, $158/night room ended up costing us $30 less per night than the remainder of our trip at the polynesian. I'm not a fan of paying resort fees of $2 on a...
  11. yaksplat

    Heat and humidity tips

    But that's what I'm saying. The water can't evaporate. The air can't hold much more water than it already has in it in those conditions.
  12. yaksplat

    Heat and humidity tips

    As a shareholder, i retract my previous comment. Please keep purchasing. :)
  13. yaksplat

    Heat and humidity tips

    I hate to break it to you, but in the FL humidity, those don't work. Evaporation is what cools you off. If the water and/or your sweat isn't evaporating readily, the addition of extra water won't help. There will be an instantaneous cooling from the ice in the water, but that's really it...
  14. yaksplat

    Great-grandmother arrested for having CBD oil at Walt Disney World

    Wow, that's a young Great Grandmother.
  15. yaksplat

    Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?

    Something had to happen. The center of FW has been on life support for 20 years. I was there and amazed the year it opened and saw it slowly fade away. Personally, i think the biggest loss will be Club Cool. It's kind of sad that some disgusting sugar water is the current highlight of the area.
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