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  1. yaksplat

    Heat and humidity tips

    But that's what I'm saying. The water can't evaporate. The air can't hold much more water than it already has in it in those conditions.
  2. yaksplat

    Heat and humidity tips

    As a shareholder, i retract my previous comment. Please keep purchasing. :)
  3. yaksplat

    Heat and humidity tips

    I hate to break it to you, but in the FL humidity, those don't work. Evaporation is what cools you off. If the water and/or your sweat isn't evaporating readily, the addition of extra water won't help. There will be an instantaneous cooling from the ice in the water, but that's really it...
  4. yaksplat

    Great-grandmother arrested for having CBD oil at Walt Disney World

    Wow, that's a young Great Grandmother.
  5. yaksplat

    Rumor Is the End of Innoventions Near?

    Something had to happen. The center of FW has been on life support for 20 years. I was there and amazed the year it opened and saw it slowly fade away. Personally, i think the biggest loss will be Club Cool. It's kind of sad that some disgusting sugar water is the current highlight of the area.
  6. yaksplat

    Attack of the Mosquittos!

    Weird.... I've never seen a mosquito in WDW.
  7. yaksplat

    The Status of Muppet*Vision 3D

    I have the exact same one, except i'm in it :)
  8. yaksplat

    How is the opening of Galaxy's Edge affecting your plans?

    My trip is 8/20 - 8/29. So it's no affecting anything, unless there's a soft opening we get pulled into. Then we just have more fun.
  9. yaksplat

    News Tower of Terror to operate at reduced capacity due to an extended refurbishment

    Hopefully they'll change out the tv screens in the staging room. They need OLED's in there to keep it dark when they're not displaying. The backlit LEDs give off too much light.
  10. yaksplat

    Space Mountain Refurb Brainstorming

    That boring piece of crap was $300M?!?!?
  11. yaksplat

    Do they need to bring Video Games back into Epcot?

    The mechanism is an antique that needed a lot of work on it. I'm building a cabinet around it and trying to restore everything to how it originally was.
  12. yaksplat

    Do they need to bring Video Games back into Epcot?

    A pool hall near me had a couple pins and now it's become a good part of their core business. They've got an entire wall now and host plenty of pinball themed events and tournaments. Pinball has certainly made a comeback in the last few years.
  13. yaksplat

    Do they need to bring Video Games back into Epcot?

    Four person pacman is amazing. You'd think, what could they possibly do with pacman to make it even more fun. Well, it's just about a perfect game.
  14. yaksplat

    Do they need to bring Video Games back into Epcot?

    Now I'm forced to build my own. It's going to take a while.
  15. yaksplat

    Mickey Not So Scary Party 2019

    3 nights in MK are shot in my upcoming trip. Keep Halloween out of the summer! At least wait until September. :rolleyes:
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