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  • Hi! I saw your comment that you couldn't access my blog since I had made it private (I did this since posting here). I am just seeing that comment and feel bad for not replying sooner! If you want I can e-mail you the blog posts I made or I can just relay my experience to you with as much as I remember now! Our son was almost 6 months when we went in January and we're headed back with him at the end of August/first of September when he'll be freshly 1... I already anticipate this experience being totally new and different than the last one! Anyway, just PM me or e-mail me at 2bcaptivating@gmail.com and I'd be happy to tell you about our experience (which was pretty great, btw!)!
    Hey! Read your message and I definitely plan on answering tomorrow with as much help as I can offer. It's what I call the witching hour here, too crazy to concentrate but I'm happy to help!!
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