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    Thoughts on Character Meals in COVID-19 WDW?

    Many of the character meals are also buffets and I don’t see how those survive - hundreds of people using the same utensils to self serve and kids at food level under the sneeze guard. COVID-19 aside, with our new awareness of viruses and germs, I can’t see self serve buffets being a very...
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    First, no one will be able to force Trump to wear a mask if he doesn’t want to wear one. Second, a virus is a totally different kind of threat, not the usual threat the secret service is used to handling. With a virus, we all go in with the assumption that if we’re in decent health we’ll beat...
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    Pence should have worn a mask. Masks are there to protect others from you. Pence said he is regularly tested for COVID-19 and said he doesn’t have it. He never said he had it and recovered - thus he has no antibodies. He could literally take a test, walk out and catch it from an asymptomatic...
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    AKL or Beach Club???

    In March the Skyliner was never in operation before 8am, so it was not an option to get to HS in time to secure a boarding group for Rise of the Resistance. However, we did ride it back to Epcot when returning to Beach Club. And, when returning to HS later in the day. It’s about a 20 minute...
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    AKL or Beach Club???

    If riding Rise of the Resistance is a top priority, and Disney is still doing boarding groups, then Beach Club. With Beach Club you can walk to Studios and control your time frame of getting there. Also, if you have to attempt a few try’s to get a boarding group and for the ride not to break...
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    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    I agree with this. The current April 30th date is not an “all clear.” That date relates to flattening the curve. Until there is a great treatment protocol or a vaccine, I think the cruise lines will continue to suffer as people fear close proximity or large groups.
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    Is it greedy to hope there will be major discounts coming out due to the current situation?

    We took advantage of the situation last week when we were there. A couple of times we have bought annual passes when 2 years of the kids‘ school’s spring break lined up to be less than 365 days apart (thus two trips under the AP). This year spring break was the second week of March and next...
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    Beer mug

    When you order at the pool bars, they will give you a plastic version of the mug. If you are done drinking beer for awhile (sometimes you just get full and have to go to the hard stuff😀) you can trade your mug in for a card and redeem later. Also, if you don’t want the mug or already have one...
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    NOW at Magic Kingdom

    In the Magic Kingdom now and it’s packed. All the CP kids are here saying goodbye to each other and I think the entire city of Orlando is here as well.
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    Teach me about Leasing please

    Everything in life doesn’t always make financial sense, if it did I wouldn’t have DVC, take Disney cruises or eat at a nice steak house when I can throw one on the grill myself. So if you want to enjoy a new car every few years then a lease might be for you. However, I will add, if you’re...
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    Teach me about Leasing please

    While my wife and me were in grad school years ago, we had our first son and decided to lease a new vehicle to drive something safer for our newborn. It was great for 2 years but after that we were out our trade-in and those monthly payments with nothing to show for it. The savings by leasing...
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    Teach me about Leasing please

    I wouldn’t put a big down payment on a lease. If there is a loss of use of the vehicle (stolen, totaled) then you lose that money since you do not own the vehicle. For example, if you put down a large down payment or trade in to lower your monthly payments and then the vehicle is stolen a...
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    Minnie Van vs. Uber/Lyft for onsite guests

    I use the Mini Vans over Lyft and Uber because I know what type of vehicle is showing up and that a trained Disney castmember will be driving it. I prefer to error on the side of caution when my entire family is in the vehicle. When we use the Mini Vans it’s for resort to resort transportation...
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    OK, I'll Admit it...Disney Prices Are Out Of Control

    I was at MK on July 3rd and at one point 14 rides were down across property - my kids counted them in the app. The app said at Animal Kingdom, both Pandora rides were down as well as Everest. Even Tom Sawyer Island was down due to kneel boat issues, that’s a first for me.
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    Grand Floridian to MK Walkway

    A side entrance to MK via Frontier Land would be nice, kind of along the line of the entrance to California Adventure from Grand California. I would definitely stay at Grand Floridian if I could avoid Main Street and be in my room within 15-20 minutes after leaving the park.
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