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  1. Worldlover71

    Reasons to ride the monorail

    I certainly don't need a reason to ride the monorail, but since you are looking for one, what about a little scavenger hunt? You could get off at each stop to do something like hunt for hidden Mickey's or get pressed pennies or get a picture of a cast member wearing the new aprons (with...
  2. Worldlover71

    What is the funniest WDW attraction?

    I voted for Jungle Cruise, though it totally depends on your skipper. With the wrong skipper it's a long, dull trip through that jungle!
  3. Worldlover71

    Describe your first trip to WDW. How old were you? What year was it?

    My first trip to WDW was in 1979 when I was 7. On that first trip, and for several years after, I though the MK was on an island because you had to take the monorail or ferry to get there. I really thought it was a magical place; it's own world. I wasn't until I was a little older and started...
  4. Worldlover71

    Golden era of World Showcase

    I would say 1988-1998. Norway opened in '88 and the original version of Illuminations (with some modifications) played through '98. The festivals began in '94 but they were still relatively small in scale compared to today when WS is packed on weekends. There were also fewer, if any, dessert...
  5. Worldlover71

    Pop or Movies

    I would go with Pop. I like the theming better as well as the pools and food court. As others have said, the Skyliner is fun and means less time on buses. You are also right across the lake from AoA which has a good food court and a Skyliner ride away from even better food choices at Caribbean...
  6. Worldlover71

    Is the “Magic” Disappearing at Walt Disney world

    I am conflicted on this issue. While all the losses definitely detract from both value and magic, there are still intangibles that greatly add to the WDW experience. These include the theming of the hotels and the feeling of leaving the real world behind. These are completely subjective. Some...
  7. Worldlover71

    P & J's Chicken the same as Hoop Dee Doo??

    Possibly. In the past, you could usually drive to FW, park at the Outpost (entry) lot and take the internal bus to the Settlement area where P&J's and the boat dock are located. During busy times of year, there are some restrictions on who can park there and I have heard that lately, they...
  8. Worldlover71

    P & J's Chicken the same as Hoop Dee Doo??

    Using Disney transportation, here are your options. 1. Take a bus from Pop to MK and then the boat to FW as others have mentioned 2. Take the bus to AK or DS, then transfer to another bus to FW, then take the internal bus to P&J's 3. Take the Skyliner to HS, then bus to FW, then internal bus...
  9. Worldlover71

    How many days will make it cost effective?

    It gets more complicated if you figure in the discounts you get with your annual pass, especially on rooms (if you stay onsite and aren't DVC.)
  10. Worldlover71

    Merchandise for Mickey's PhilharMagic?

    I did a Google search and found a few things, mostly pins. They were all available on the re-sale market so I don't know if there is anything currently bein manufactured and sold.
  11. Worldlover71

    Longest you have gone between trips

    I went 7 years between visits twice; 1979-1986 and 1997-2004. Since then, it has been about every 2-3 years. Some visits were full vacations and some were brief (24-48 hour) stops while visiting south Florida. There were also trips out west to DL in '08 and '12 thrown in there.
  12. Worldlover71

    Antenna Topper locations?

    This is the first time I realized that cars don't have antenna anymore! (In my defense, I live in New York and don't have a car.)
  13. Worldlover71

    Movies That Don't Get Any Love

    For those looking for Herbie, there is a whole section at All Star Movies dedicated to The Love Bug. You can even get a picture with him. He also used to be part of Lights! Motor! Action! and before that, the Backlot Studio Tour.
  14. Worldlover71

    Are smart phones essential at the parks?

    I believe that the only thing that cannot be done without a smartphone is getting a boarding group for RotR. Technically, you can get one from a cast member. However, everything that I've heard says that only the first person or two on line actually gets one because the spots fill up within...
  15. Worldlover71

    Rivers of Light closing

    I found it pleasant but lackluster when I saw it last July. I'm okay with something new.
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