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    Cell Phone Strap!?

    I recently saw someone with a phone case with a loop for a strap. It was just a woman in a shop where I was shopping so I didn't ask where she got it but I'd guess you can find them somewhere on Amazon.
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    Disney rash

    Could it be heat rash? I sometimes get that if I am dehydrated. What works for me is to start drinking plenty of water, apply powder before going out in the heat, and using a little cortisone cream on affected areas at night after I have bathed and am inside in the AC for the night. I usually...
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    Favorite park "nap zones"

    Haha oh yeah. I bet the flight stewards love me for being such an easy passenger. I always get a window seat and I am out by the time the plane levels out. I let my spouse know if I want him to order me a drink and wake me for it or not. Usually I never even talk to the flight steward other than...
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    Priceline express deals

    Thanks for the update, DaisyDuckie :)
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    The closest (best) beaches from Orlando

    I've been to St Pete's Beach 3x now and I've never seen the water anywhere near that clear. I'm told it depends on the time of year, though. We were there in August and early September. What time of year was this?
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    Priceline express deals

    Thanks! :)
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    Pick a sponsor, any sponsor for a ride at WDW.

    Could go with the flow on the Epcot drinking tours. Make everything in Epcot sponsored by something relating to drinking: Grand Fiesta Tours sponsored by Don Julio Journey into Imagination sponsored by Angostura Bitters (They posted a cocktail called Pure Imagination on their blog) Frozen...
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    Favorite park "nap zones"

    Good to know I'm not the only one. :)
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    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    Or they can just make some popcorn, settle back, and see if this thread can last another 11 years. :)
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    Priceline express deals

    Thank you for posting this.
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    Magic Kingdom 50th Anniversary Plans

    Oh now I like that! Makes it look like a storybook version of a medieval celebration of some sort. I would be thrilled if they included the Blue Fairy from Pinocchio in the celebrations. She was my first favorite Disney character. My grandmother made me a dress just like her's for my fifth...
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    Why do you stay off site?

    I've got a friend that is general manager of a more local theme park to me. According to him Disney is the master of squeezing the last dime out of attendees. I don't mind things like fees for character dinners but charging people who are already shelling out for the immersive experience an...
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    Big Family Trip July 2018

    Thank you I'm certain we will. :)
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    [Idea] The Eurovision Experience @ Epcot World Showcase

    I love visiting Europe and Eurovision myself but I don't think it would have the sort of general acceptance Disney seems to play for with most of their themes in the parks even though it is something I'd definitely like to see. But maybe that's just my perception because I live and work in a...
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