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Recent content by Victor Kelly

  1. Victor Kelly

    The Redhead is changing....

    Then by all means explain the rest please. So people are complacent for films but not a ride? I see no MPAA rating for any Disney attraction, so your MPAA rating is moot. Can you supply evidence of the G rating for the Pirates ride? Is everyone ok with condoning murder like Constance in the HM...
  2. Victor Kelly

    The Redhead is changing....

    I find it ironic that Disney can produce movies that are based upon betrayal, cold blooded murder, theft, kidnapping, looting, destruction of towns......But yet decide to edit a long standing attraction because it is not PC. And that is just the Pirates IP. What about your other movies Disney...
  3. Victor Kelly

    Interim show 'The Jungle Book: Alive with Magic' confirmed to debut ahead of Rivers of Light

    Be our luck it will become FROZEN in Animal Kingdom. Elsa Freezes the Tree of life, Olaf gets eaten by a lion. Anna saves the day. And guy with the Reindeer does something or other.
  4. Victor Kelly

    Bus accident by Animal Kingdom.

    Can we stop supposing until the dang report comes out and charges are either filed or not? Seriously its like watching Fox or CNN. Just like the whole Bongos incident.
  5. Victor Kelly

    Haunted Mansion gets Interactive ending

    They need to include it in Memory Maker so people don't have to try and record it themselves.
  6. Victor Kelly

    Rumored incident at Disney Springs??

    BS. No officer worth his badge would discharge a firearm inside a school just to teach what a gun sounds like. Nor would any responsible civilian. If they did, then the police or civilians are idiots that have 0 right to possess, carry, or own a firearm. Sorry Betty, as a person with 30 years...
  7. Victor Kelly

    Building Splash Mountain

  8. Victor Kelly

    HOT weather clothes

    Light colors like tans, light grey, whites. Light fabrics, cottons, and under armor. Hats, wide brimmed and ventilated. Sunglasses, plenty of suntain lotion.
  9. Victor Kelly

    BTMRR Refurb This Spring?

    You don't have to reply to them, as you can see others will jump on them. Please keep coming back. BTW, I say BTMRR too. Welcome.
  10. Victor Kelly

    Rumored incident at Disney Springs??

    you people are sniffing too much fairy dust here. Dropping a book outside would not resemble a gunshot. Therefore it must be inside, logic would suggest that. No police department would discharge firearms inside or outside a school, live rounds or blanks. I call BS.
  11. Victor Kelly

    Rumored incident at Disney Springs??

    Police discharged firearms inside a school? What about that does not sound right?
  12. Victor Kelly

    Rumored incident at Disney Springs??

    I don't always agree with you flynn, but on this I fully I agree with you.
  13. Victor Kelly

    Rumored incident at Disney Springs??

    If you have never been around a firearm being discharged, how do you imagine to be able to tell the difference? The uninitiated are an issue. How many people here have heard a round going past them in close proximity? I have, there is no sound like it in the world. A person that hasn't will not...
  14. Victor Kelly

    Rumored incident at Disney Springs??

    This is the very reason eye witness testimony is tossed out in court. Nobody knows what happened, or who or when or even where. That is why I don't trust any info for days.
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