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  1. VaderTron

    Disney CMs calling guests " Friends"?

    It's Bea Arthur's fault... (1:00 min mark)
  2. VaderTron

    AP Refund Watch

    Silver Pass means you are a FL resident. Are you local? How many times did you visit? The length of each visit doesn't matter, but how many times did you enter their gates? They track each visit to the parks and assign a value to each visit. Even if you only stayed an hour or two after work they...
  3. VaderTron

    Politics 28000 Layoffs coming to Disney's domestic theme parks - statement from Josh D'Amaro

    As someone who knows just how hard it is to get a decent part-time job, this is not a bright spot. Those jobs are fairly irreplaceable as most companies that are enjoyable to work for require full-time commitments. Additionally, part-time work is usually lower pay and provides workers with less...
  4. VaderTron

    1 - One Sentence Competition, Season Five Episode 3

    While the nearby Robin Hood float-through partial dark ride navigates the river leading into The Castle dungeon in “Robin Hood’s River Rescue”, the experience all remember most about The Castle invites you into the tallest spire via elevator, bringing the bravest and the boldest to test their...
  5. VaderTron

    1 - One Sentence Competition, Season Five Episode 3

    My apologies on leaving out answers to the tech challenges. I clearly push the limits of a sentence already. However, the nighttime parade makes it easier to use existing holographic image technology to project Walt on stage and Alice falling out of the sky (replaced by a real person on the...
  6. VaderTron

    1 - One Sentence Competition, Season Five Episode 3

    At the stroke of nine all lights are extinguished as the holographic form of Walt Disney walks to center stage in front of The Castle and states, “Every child is born blessed with a vivid imagination. But just as a muscle grows flabby with disuse, so the bright imagination of a child pales in...
  7. VaderTron

    France Exec. Chef retires no timeline on table service

    I've never had great meals at Chefs. The other two have always been quite pleasing.
  8. VaderTron

    1 - One Sentence Competition, Season Five Episode 3

    Entering a Main Street storefront marked “Wright Cycle Company” the historical queue ends where your lay-on-your-stomach “flying machine” vehicle awaits which begins “taxiing” through a dark hallway with old-timey 2D moving picture walls displaying a Wright brother cycling while brainstorming...
  9. VaderTron

    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    Money coming in is massively lower than where it was a year ago. If that were the barometer then the stock should have gone down, not up. Are you sure you want to hinge your argument on that particular reasoning point?
  10. VaderTron

    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    I truly believe the financial world has lost it's mind. 12.35% increase and still going. They announced nothing new. The "Star" streaming service is slated to stream content they already own, not new content, and won't debut until sometime in 2021...You know...right when people hope to be...
  11. VaderTron

    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    Here is something I have been thinking about in regard to the heavy focus on Disney+ performance. 1) Disney+ is a new offering, especially oversees. Anything that is even slightly interesting gets attention when it's new. I remember the days that people were swooning over Sling TV. Heck, they...
  12. VaderTron

    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    Except your "Kraken" somehow destroyed a huge portion of your taxi cab fleet (why are you keeping your taxi fleet in the middle of the ocean anyway?) not just one and lost you billions, not just $10,000.
  13. VaderTron

    Disney's FY20 Q3 Earnings (8/4/20)

    Drunken child at work again. Company shows huge losses in parks with no control over fixing the root cause. Stock goes up 5% after hours. :hilarious:
  14. VaderTron

    As of July 27th, no outbreaks have been associated with the parks. Surprise?

    Currently we know a cast member who is quarantining because she was exposed to the virus when she went to dinner with a friend who tested positive. She worked at Disney with guests and CM several days before being informed of the exposure. The chance of exposure is there. If it wasn't a risk...
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