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  1. tmthomas52

    OCT-NOV Hotel Availability

    So this is could come off as a very ignorant or naive question. I've been looking for long weekend dates in October and November and have had no luck finding availability these months that have not been complete rip offs. Will these prices go down and hotel room availability go up as this as...
  2. tmthomas52

    News Disney to offer discount on new MagicBand designs as an optional alternative to complimentary solid color MagicBands

    Idk why none of these really appeal to me other than the Spaceship Earth one. Obviously it’s a new discount so no reason to complain but I’m not seeing what I thought people mentioned as special release ones being available.
  3. tmthomas52

    MMRR Opening Date Guesses?

    July 27th
  4. tmthomas52

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    I heard on a recent Jim Hill Podcast that there may be a push to have this attraction open for Hollywood Studios 30th Anniversary, May 1. While I understand the issues of relying on Jim Hill for information I wanted to ask insiders here if they have heard this discrepancy from the sentiment I...
  5. tmthomas52

    Your Top 3 Do-Not-Touch / Change Attractions at WDW

    Tower of Terror Dinosaur Mickeys Philharmagic
  6. tmthomas52

    Hollywood Studios Touring Plans after Toy Story Land Opens

    I appreciate the quick response and always appreciate your thorough work. I would really appreciate the DM. This among the reasons I would recommend Touring Plans to anyone. Your transparency the past few months is also truly appreciated.
  7. tmthomas52

    Hollywood Studios Touring Plans after Toy Story Land Opens

    I agree that you can get studios done in under 2 hours pretty easily right now but I don't see a way this is a feasible Touring Plan. @Weather_Lady @lentesta
  8. tmthomas52

    Hollywood Studios Touring Plans after Toy Story Land Opens

    @lentesta I have been creating my touring plans for my trip beginning on July 23rd. I have been trying to create a Hollywood Studios plan for viewing of Toy Story Land. When I set up my plan with the 7 AM opening at Hollywood Studios I see that my plan can be done with in an hour and a half...
  9. tmthomas52

    News Guardians of the Galaxy attraction confirmed for Epcot

    For that specific aspect of the project return on investment would be lower but I think it’s probably a more complex decision than tha. Not that I would agree with how they do it.
  10. tmthomas52

    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    I wasn’t saying he’s full of it. But nearly every thread with insider info here is getting clouded with a source we don’t know as reliable yet. Unfortunately some people are taking his speculations on videos as gospel. I watch his videos and minus his hand movements he’s very easy to listen and...
  11. tmthomas52

    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    I feel like we almost need a thread to put all this Imagineer instagram nonsense in at this point.
  12. tmthomas52

    Undercover Tourist ?

    Just purchased yesterday. Used for last three trips. Buy as soon as possible prices are about to go up!
  13. tmthomas52

    News The Hall of Presidents is now open

    What pleases me is that appears Disney focused on the content and safety of the show without sacrificing the narrative of being a proud attraction for our nation. @wdwmagic did an excellent job covering the news without bias and giving us great content. I would’ve been heartbroken if this show...
  14. tmthomas52

    Rumor Proposed Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    Dont..... Count..... On It
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