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  • Hi Lucille~
    I live in PA and I love it here! Not sure which part of PA you would plan on moving to, but I live in Eastern PA. Taxes in the city themselves are not bad, but the suburbs, where I'm moving to, are higher. It's going to be a huge change for me, as I've lived in the city for 10 yrs now. I can walk everywhere I need to go. And now I'm be in a quiet suburb. I will check out your photos right now! Jealous that you're going to Disney in the fall! I was supposed to go next May again, but I'm hoping to be pregnant instead! =-) So we'll see.
    Hi Lucille! I haven't been online much this week - Matt & I are buying a new house. It's completely absorbed all of my time. I'm glad you like my trip pictures, I will check out yours asap! I can't believe it's only been a month since I got back, it feels like a year. I'm ready to go back! But it'll be at least until next May.
    Hey! Disney was great - I was a bit sick for half the trip, but the other half was great. I have pictures up, but I haven't posted a trip report. I wrote one at least 3 times, and then my laptop at work would freeze up. I am having such issues with it! So now I don't know if I'll even get a report up! It was fun though - pictures are in my album =-)
    Hi Lucille! How was your trip?? We leave next Tuesday to start our drive down. We check in Wednesday, and stay until the following Wednesday. I can't wait!
    Happy Saint Patrick's Day! And have a blast in Disney! The crowds look like they're starting to drop off, so it should be a nice trip for you. I can't wait to see your pics when you get back. =-)
    Our shopping website is www.shopzipperblues.com - it should be working! We don't have True Religions anymore, but did a few years ago. They started appearing in discount stores around me, and at Costco even! I had a hard time selling them at that point. If you get a pair, go to Off Saks or some place like that. Don't pay $300+ dollars for them, there's too many out there on sale! Our best sellers now are Joe's Jeans, Miss Me, Citizens of Humanity & Red Engine. You'll see them on the site. Miss Me & Scrapbook do best with our tops. I got a second job as a pet sitter in January, and I love that!! It's a ton of fun working with animals. =-) How is everything going with you?? Any more Disney trips coming up for you guys?
    I think it's already closed. If you look on the wdwmagic main page, on the news feed on the left, you'll see a link to it. Maybe they will still keep that feature in the boutique. My shop is going well - we moved locations, so we're still getting used to that. Did you take your trip to DR yet?
    I'm doing good! How are you? I just saw that Tinkerbell's Fairy Treasures is closing. How bummed are you about that? I'm so upset. No more waking up Tinkerbell I guess! I really wanted my future daughter to do that.
    Hi Lucille - everything is finally over. I had to take a pill to induce the miscarriage because it wasn't happening on it's own. Finally after 10 weeks, it's over. We can try again right away, so we're looking forward to that. We leave for Disney on April 27th. Instead of it being a baby celebration trip, it will be my hubby's birthday celebration.

    Thanks for checking in on me - I appreciate it. I'm finally getting back to normal, and can't wait to put this behind me.
    I'm doing okay. Our second ultrasound was not good either, still nothing detected. They said I will 99% miscarry. We're very sad, but I know I will have a baby someday. This just wasn't meant to be. We are still going to go to Disney because I don't want to lose the one place that I really love when I've already lost something important.
    My good news isn't so good anymore. =( My first ultrasound showed no fetus. It could still be too early, but there's a high chance I could have had a miscarriage that my body didn't process yet. I don't think I can go to WDW and see so many kids without breaking down. Keep your fingers crossed for me! There's still some hope.
    Thanks! Everyone is very excited - we haven't told a lot of people yet. It felt okay to tell the Disney boards, but not people we see everyday, haha. Don't worry about going to the DR. I totally understand your nervousness, I would be nervous too. But remember how many people visit there every year and are perfectly safe. It will be beautiful!
    Lucille! I'm going to be a mommy! I'm so excited. =-) Our April trip to Disney will be when I'm 4 1/2 months pregnant, so it should be interesting. Just wanted to share my news!
    Yikes, now I'm nervous! We impulsively booked at Port Orleans French Quarters today! I think my code expired on the 31st, so I didn't want to waste anytime. The rooms were 40% off there, and it fell right into the perfect price range. I will have to pack lots of bug spray! I didn't hear about that new offer - I'll have to check it out! I bet we're not applicable since we're on a discounted trip. Wouldn't that be nice though?!
    Hope you had a great Christmas! AKL is a great resort! With our pin code, we are going to do a moderate this year to save a little bit of money. I'm torn between Port Orleans French Quarters and Riverside? Ever had any experience with either one? Glad you gave me the heads up about Coronodo Springs.
    It feels like ages since I've been on here too! The holidays are such a busy time of year, and I don't have all day computer access like I used to at work. We moved our store location, and it's busier now. It's good that it's busier, but I miss my computer too, haha. How exciting that you're going back to Disney in March!!! Where are you going to stay?? We just got a pin code in the mail so we're debating on going back too!! =-)
    Love the new pictures!! I am so jealous of so many of them! Did you get the Haunted Carriage picture during Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party?? I have tried to get that picture so many times but there's NEVER a photographer there! Also, so jealous about Prince Charming & Terrence! Looks like you guys had a fantastic time. Thanks for sharing your pictures =-)
    Hey Lucille! Good to hear from you - I haven't been online much lately due to work & moving! It's good to catch up with everyone. Can't wait to see your recent trip album. Did you have a great time?? Disneyland was great! I like WDW better, but I wasn't the least bit disappointed with Disneyland either. It was just as magical, and some of the rides I liked even better there. You should def. visit one day =-)
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