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  1. TB4244

    Meeting Olaf

    We met Olaf in November and it was empty, we were the only ones in line and we walked straight in. I think we surprised them as the CM had hold of his head!
  2. TB4244

    The Land

    I agree, it's excellent value and worth the price alone just to walk through those greenhouses and see all the fascinating plant life that you can't view from the boat. How many others bought a 'touch me not' plant when they got home? We did! (Sadly it passed on, but it was still cool)
  3. TB4244

    Star Wars: Rogue One

    I saw Rogue One at a special screening tonight in London and whereas TFA left me disappointed this one blew me away. It's quite intense and brutal in places so I agree with previous posters that if you've got little'uns it might not be suitable for them. I won't say too much more as you'll...
  4. TB4244

    Star Tours this week

    I rode it multiple times last month and although the start scene alternated, I got Jakku/Coruscant every time. It was a little disappointing.
  5. TB4244

    Addicted to Beverly?

    I tried it on our last trip. Just going on my reaction and the look on my face, Mrs TB4244 refused to go anywhere near it. I told her it was great but she refused to believe me...
  6. TB4244

    Favorite TS not at a park?

    I rather like Boatwrights at POR. It's lovely and quiet, plus the food is good which makes for a great evening for us.
  7. TB4244

    2016 Mickey's Very Merry Christmas Party

    You'll be glad to know they fixed the lights and the castle stopped flickering :)
  8. TB4244

    Epcot dissapointment

    We caught illuminations last Sunday and the globe didn't open then either.
  9. TB4244

    Water pageant

    A nice little bonus if you're at WL, FW or a monorail resort :)
  10. TB4244

    Studios Packed Today!

    Epcot is very busy right now. So much in fact that there's quite a line for Figment - I've only ever seen that as a walk on. Also a 2 hour wait for Frozen, no thanks!
  11. TB4244

    A Picture From Your Disney Resort Window

    Barbados at Caribbean Beach Resort
  12. TB4244

    Water pageant

    I still can't believe I've missed it all this time!
  13. TB4244

    Water pageant

    Oh it really is, I loved the funky music and the way it lights up section by section. I had always assumed it simply appeared all lit up like the MSEP used to be.
  14. TB4244

    Water pageant

    In all my times visiting WDW over the past 20 years I have never viewed the Electrical Water Pageant. Not because I've particularly avoided it but either I've forgotten or it hasn't fitted in with my plans. Well I actually got the chance to view it from the dock at Wilderness Lodge last night...
  15. TB4244

    Flame Tree BBQ - beware!

    Yes lesson learned from this one. I mainly posted this up to make other folk here aware of the content of that particular meal. I wouldn't want anyone doing the same thing and suffering from it.
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