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  1. surfsupdon

    News Operating hours at Disney's Hollywood Studios adjusted for January 2020 including a return of evening EMH

    Finally EMH returns to HS. I'm just pumped for the Tower and Coaster...hope Star Wars and Toy Story Lands gobble people up.
  2. surfsupdon

    News Beaches & Cream closing Aug 5 for refurb and expansion

    My fault sorry. I was illustrating how Resorts open with x and capacity y....but then capacity increases and services decrease. Thanks for telling me I was incorrect, really, I like to know the truth :)
  3. surfsupdon

    News Beaches & Cream closing Aug 5 for refurb and expansion

    I find it interesting that Yacht & Beach Club opens with Yachtsman, Captain's Grill, Crew's Cup, Hurricane Hanna's, Ariel's, Martha's Vineyard, Beaches and Cream, and Cape May Cafe. For only their hotel Guests in the area because nothing else was open. The demand and ratio of Guest to food...
  4. surfsupdon

    When did the Polynesian get so expensive?

    The monorail is unreliable at best and packs you in worse than a bus. Give me Skyliner access instead. And at all three Resorts, you get soaked in a Florida thunderstorm walking to your room or a bus stop or to get food, 500-700/night and soaked to the bone. No thanks. Always prefer Crescent...
  5. surfsupdon

    When did the Polynesian get so expensive?

    Comparing standard rooms with standard rooms, when the Yacht & Beach Club Resorts and Boardwalk Inn opened in the mid 90s, they were priced higher than both the Contemporary and Polynesian, and on par with the Grand Floridian. Disney felt the Resort amenities, layout, location, and services...
  6. surfsupdon

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    For anyone who has ever stayed at the old Barbados section of Caribbean Beach (where Riviera now sits), or ran/walked the promenade, or sat on the beach or swam at that quiet pool, do you remember who ridiculously windy it was always over there???! The wind always blew across the water right...
  7. surfsupdon

    News 2019 Epcot International Festival of the Holidays

    Still one of my favorite shows, despite who the host is. But I agree....no Christmas Holiday tag after the new fireworks show is a pretty big let down.
  8. surfsupdon

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    My travel agent buddy couldn’t ride tonight. Broken down. Bummer!!
  9. surfsupdon

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance

    Back when RnRC first opened and for many years after, before Disney redesigned the queue, I’d argue to say the ‘experience’ started as soon as you began up the side entrance ramp to enter the building (past the Standby and FP merge point). No line after that, but rather a walking tour into the...
  10. surfsupdon

    O Canada and China

    Oh my word Johnny and Moira Rose will narrate the new Canada film. They are both very good at their jobs. Looking forward to Catherine and Eugene!
  11. surfsupdon

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    This is what I want, not Star Wars. Lol so excited!!
  12. surfsupdon

    Walt Disney World Marathon Weekend

    I forgot. Who is running and what distance? I am Marathoning😁
  13. surfsupdon

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    Wow. That would be exceptional service. One Resort, one stop. I just didn’t think the Disney of today would go for that.
  14. surfsupdon

    News Disney Riviera Resort announced

    I’m curious about busing. Will Riviera get its own buses or share with CBR? I still say share. The rooms gained at Riviera are still far fewer than the rooms lost at Caribbean. If anyone is at Caribbean— has the circle reopened and buses now go around the lake? Or is it still double uturns??
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