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  1. Slowjack

    News Expedition Everest refurbishment in 2022

    I agree that the idea works for the story, but I also agree with @insert name here that, if the animitronic had been more featured, they wouldn't have been able to get away with leaving it as-is. I mean, it was sold as a major element of the ride, was surely very expensive to design and make...
  2. Slowjack

    Skyliner down at EP tonight. Crash?

    FWIW, when I was riding last week, our gondola struck the one in front of us as we were coming into the station. Hard enough to give us a jolt but not hard enough to damage anything (or anyone), and I guess no attendants noticed or cared. After that I paid more attention when we came in, and...
  3. Slowjack

    Is there any news on the Epcot monorail?

    I would be happy if Disney just counted the actual outdoors as outdoors.
  4. Slowjack

    News Reflections of Earth confirmed to be replaced by Harmonious

    This was my experience as well. I'd seen the pictures here, the derisive names, and so on, but decided to wait until I saw it in person to cast judgement. Two days ago, I got my first in-person look. Awful. Those things are so large they make everything else look small--the pavilions, and even...
  5. Slowjack

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disney's Hollywood Studios

    FWIW, I was unable to get a boarding pass this morning, with two of us in the group trying at once, but were able to get one for (late) this afternoon.
  6. Slowjack

    News Announced: Mary Poppins Attraction in UK Pavilion

    I can't tell if you are joking. Lots of queues in theme parks are problematic, to one degree or another, for those with mobility issues, an issue which is handled with alternative routing to the load area, and not by denying boarding.
  7. Slowjack

    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    I can respect that. The score was certainly a key part of the Irons version.
  8. Slowjack

    News Spaceship Earth Refurb - 2 Year Closure

    1. Irons 2. Perrin 3. Cronkite 4. Dench I always found Tomorrow's Child treacly, and Cronkite sounds like he's reading to fulfill a contractual obligation. I know I'm in the minority on that! The Perrin version seems dry now, but it was serious and thoughtful in a way that typified the original...
  9. Slowjack

    Mickey and Minnie's Runaway Railway confirmed

    I'd rather have both.
  10. Slowjack

    News D23 Expo 2019

    That was close, JT! For a few minutes there, I was worried you were actually disappointed... :). Glad to see you bounce back.
  11. Slowjack

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    On the sign, Lightcycle Run is a subtitle, so a colon is standard English when writing it on one line. Also note on the sign that it's Lightcycle / Run. Because a slash is a cool computer punctuation, I guess?
  12. Slowjack

    Next Gen Busses

    So, I've stayed off-site the last few trips and I'm just wondering if this seat arrangement is new? If not, how long ago did we lose seats in rows?
  13. Slowjack

    Has there ever been any legitimacy to the long-standing "rumor" of a Villains-themed park?

    I do remember a villain park rumor, but that was a while ago--90s, perhaps? Pretty sure it was before the opening of AK. The rumored name, or maybe this was just a code name, was Shadowlands, or something like that. Never heard, even in rumor form, where it was going to go.
  14. Slowjack

    Construction near Monorail Way

    Ah, thanks, I knew someone would come through quickly with the answer. Is this perhaps replacing capacity lost from Tron-related construction?
  15. Slowjack

    Construction near Monorail Way

    I searched and couldn't find a thread that mentioned this, so if I missed it, feel free to close this thread. But I was wondering what the construction was about, just north of Monorail Way, basically between the road and the railroad. Hillside is dug up and it looked like retaining walls we...
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