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    Redo dinoland

    I think I'm the only one who likes Dinoland. It looks like the type of place that Clark Griswold would take his family on the way to Wally World. And since that's my favorite movie (I've got so much of it memorized now), I love it.
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    What is YOUR WDW Decade?

    Like many others I voted for 1991-2001. Some reasons are the Magic Kingdom Skyway (until 1995), 2 of my favorite rides opened in the 90s-Splash Mountain and Test Track. And I remember eating lunch in Cinderella's Castle without characters in the 90s.
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    Musicals (Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Others)

    That's potentially really good news. For one thing, DS works at a restaurant near Broadway that's really dependent on the people going to Broadway shows. And many of his friends are musicians in the pit of Broadway shows. All are currently out of work.
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    You went to WDW and you ate WHAT?

    It's actually even better without the chicken. And when I got the bill and discovered they had charged me $6 less for not having chicken, thus making the price competitive with a QS salad, it seemed to taste even better! I also enjoy the salad with blue cheese crumbles in it at Cape May.
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    Riding a ride that broke down?

    Not me, but DH and DS. A few months after Tower of Terror opened, in 1994, they were on the elevator, went up to the top where the doors opened then closed then dropped down about 3 feet. There the elevator stopped. After waiting about 30 seconds, a voice came over the intercom that the ride...
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    Will ANYTHING ever happen to Discovery Island?

    Since it's been closed so long and probably is being used as a nesting place/rookery for birds, tc., I just figured that Disney gave up on the idea of developing it and decided to leave it as a wildlife sanctuary.
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    Updated list of cruise line shut-downs

    I know crew members on Princess who are between contracts, should have been home weeks ago, but are still in transit. Apparently, the US ports don't want to take them, then the US airlines don't want them on public planes. I wonder what the staffing will be like when Princess first starts up...
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    Worth the hype? Snack Edition

    Overrated-Grapefruit cake at the Brown Derby. I was so underwhelmed that after I took a bite I said out loud, "This is IT?" The server laughed and said "Yeah, I don't get all the love either!" We agreed that it was OK, but not a big favorite. Another overrated snack is the rice cream in Norway.
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    what are you binge watching during a quarantine?

    I learned what "binge watching" is, for one thing. Unbeknownst to us, we had Amazon Prime Video (apparently it came when we joined Amazon Prime). So I've been binge watching Making the Cut What Not to Wear Supermarket Sweep (a game show I used to love) Carol Burnett Show And I'm sure I'll be...
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    WDW Reopening Estimates

    Yes, except when I'm in my yard, or alone in my car. We have to in our county.
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    Masks at WDW

    Yes, it's unpleasant. My glasses fog up also. But we live in an area of the country that's hotter and more humid than Orlando. It's regularly a "feels like" temperature of over 100 degrees in April. However, masks are required in our area, and I'll quite willingly wear one.
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    YOUR FAVORITE (non family member) PHOTO(s)

    It just shows a CM's genuine love for her job.
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    WDW Reopening Estimates

    Just had to mention that that excuse doesn't hold water with me. We live in an area with an average temp higher than Orlando, and relative humidity 73 percent (yes, we're the third most humid in the US, way beyond Orlando). Yet, no one hesitated to require masks here.
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    What is your "Getaway" spot at the Parks?

    Actually, I've found a couple very restful places in AK. One was in the picture I posted. Take the path just past Pizzafari, that threads around the Tree of Life. There's a tunnel under a waterfall part way along the path (I admit that I'm not sure what effect the falling branches from ToL...
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