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Recent content by sdemore

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    Which One?!?!?

    Tusker House-better food
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    Top 5 Restaurants at WDW

    Flying Fish Narcoossee's Flying Fish Narcoossee's Did I mention Flying Fish?
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    Best for a large lively group?

    I would go along with the Hoop Dee Doo, a show with good audience interaction!
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    Ever had a awkward encounter at Disney?

    This past December my DH and I took a long planned retirement trip (41 years as a teacher). At the airport (5 AM) a young man came up to me and said hello. He was a student I taught 20 years ago, and with him was his 6 yr. old daughter who would have been in my class this year. The second day...
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    What is your favorite WDW Restaurant ?

    Flying Fish - Sardinian Seafood Pasta was the best meal we ever had at the World Jiko - great food and service
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    Caramel Corn changes

    Maybe Ocean City needs to be part of the name ( New Jersey or Maryland), or combining it with the salt air that adds to the flavor!🤪
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    Caramel Corn changes

    [QUOTE Try Johnson's popcorn on the Ocean City, NJ boardwalk. You'll never think about Werther's again. You are so right! We get it whenever we are there! 😋🍿
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    Ideal Epcot Meals

    Breakfast - Boulangerie Patisserie les Halles Lunch - Chef De France Dinner - Le Celllier Already have dinner ADRs for the last two for our December trip! Woo Hoo:)
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    Tips and Tricks of the Deluxe DDP

    Forgot to add, if I have the correct information as I haven't done this myself, the only exchange I think you can do is exchanging a table service credit for 3 snack credits. I hope someone else will correct me if I am wrong.
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    Tips and Tricks of the Deluxe DDP

    We have always done the deluxe dining plan, husband likes the all inclusive vibe and we like signature dining. We are big eaters, but from personal experience, with breakfast and dinner there was no way we could eat lunch. That is when we would use our snack credits if we needed a little...
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    "One And Done" Attractions

    Thanks, danyoung56!!!
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    Trip Report JenniferS (and Mike) will be live 9/2-9/13 ... maybe!

    Aw come on Jenn, you got to love a man in a Zach Ertz jersey! He could be a Patriots fan.:cautious:
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    Trip Report JenniferS (and Mike) will be live 9/2-9/13 ... maybe!

    A little late, but catching up. So sorry for all you difficulties this year, WDW has gotten me through some of our toughest moments! I will probably binge read the rest of your report tonight. Love the Eagles shirt. They're my hometown boys, Fly Eagles Fly. 👩‍🦳👨‍🦳75 days until retirement...
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    What to book with fp+

    We are going in December. Thank you so much for this information!
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