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  1. Sbk1234

    Resort Pictures of the Day

    From 2006
  2. Sbk1234

    Avengers Campus - Reactions / Reviews

    True, they've saved people already, but in the world of comic books, there's ALWAYS the next thing to be saved from just around the corner. But theming it to a facility where guests could be "trained as super heroes" could be a good way to include the people in the story as participants. As with...
  3. Sbk1234

    Avengers Campus - Reactions / Reviews

    I actually like the idea of an Avengers training facility. I personally go to theme parks to get away from modern city settings. The idea of a training campus allowed them to create a new environment that would make sense to feature the super heroes, within the context of their story. As others...
  4. Sbk1234

    Resort Pictures of the Day

    We don't get that type of humidity where I live, so to me it's like even the air feels different in Walt Disney World.
  5. Sbk1234

    WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure to use Virtual Queue

    I hate to sound like a negative person, but I'm not too impressed. Maybe I'm missing something, but it just seems like a variation on Midway Mania. Hopefully it will be a better experience in person.
  6. Sbk1234

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    This is cool! I loved their Imagineering series, and even then commented that a good follow-up would be to focus on individual attractions. Nice to know that the good people at Disney and I are thinking alike! lol.
  7. Sbk1234

    Trip Report What is that?! WDW with our toddler - May 2021

    Normally I just read quietly, only making a few comments, if any. But everyone seems to be checking in, so I guess I will, too. Following!
  8. Sbk1234

    Best Classic-style DL dark ride?

    I feel the same way about that last show room, but I guess that and the outside leafy part is what distinguishes this from any other dark ride anywhere.
  9. Sbk1234

    Resort Pictures of the Day

    To me, there's nothing better than a beautiful clear, blue sky over Walt Disney World. But a photo like this with the overcast sky just takes me immediately back to the resort and it's wonderful overwhelming humidity.
  10. Sbk1234


    I am not being hyperbolic when I say that Horizons was the all time greatest theme park attraction ever created in any park anywhere, ever. I really do lament the loss of this masterpiece. I've shared videos of it with my kids, but it just isn't the same.
  11. Sbk1234

    Why Disney's Animal Kingdom doesn't have chimpanzees yet?

    Thanks for posting this. It was driving me crazy! (Not a long trip.) ;)
  12. Sbk1234

    Best Classic-style DL dark ride?

    I put Alice in Wonderland at the top, although I enjoy them all. Alice seems - to me - to immerse me in a different land better than the others. Moving between two floors also adds something special to the experience. My only real complaint is it seems to load fairly slowly, which is why I...
  13. Sbk1234

    Best ride in Animal Kingdom?

    I chose Kilimanjaro Safari as my top choice, but in all fairness, the last time I was there Avatar Land wasn't open yet, so my answer could conceivably change once I experience it.
  14. Sbk1234

    WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure to use Virtual Queue

    I will say that I get pretty bad motion sickness, and the drop on ROTR wasn't bad for me at all. It is very short. NOTHING compared to Tower of Terror (yes, I know what I called it.) You know your own body and what you can handle. Perhaps have someone who knows your limits ride it first.
  15. Sbk1234

    Best Florida theme park entrance?

    Admittedly, I've only been to the Disney parks in Florida, so my list may be based on incomplete information. I said Magic Kingdom. Epcot is a close second. I love the view of the train station as you approach and the Mickey flower display. Then you walk through the short tunnels, and Main...
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