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    Please explain the Tiki Room

    You know you can pretty much look up everything on YouTube! Go there and search for it and you can see the whole show! As mentioned, just Audio Animatronic birds singing and talking! Walt was alive and helped with the one at Disneyland, although this is a little different now!
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    Woman caught with 2 guns and weed @ Epcot

    LOL, looks like she had been smoking some! You see how red her eyes were!
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    Can you leave the park & come back?

    Luckily, yes, you can do that! In fact, most people will arrive at the park at opening and catch all of the good, popular attraction and stay until about lunch time. They will then head back to the hotel and get some rest for a couple of hours, then head back to the park until close.
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    Has Disney ever actually gone back on a retheme/refurbishment?

    Yeah, this is not because they wanted to do it, but because of public demand/current events/doing the right thing! I am sure this WILL happen!
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    Mini Disney World - Fan-Made Model

    Very cool! I wish I had the skill to do this, although 3D printing would make it easier!
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    Anyone else had enough of film IP attractions?

    Yep, me too! All of the amusement parks are doing the same thing and I don't care for it! I like the "original" rides and not of this rebranded stuff!
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    Define 50% capacity

    Unfortunately, we don't have to worry about the Halloween party:
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    Changing the music in Rock n Rollercoaster

    Yeah, it helps to search before you ask something, as more than likely, someone has already thought about it!
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    The Splash Mountain Appreciation Thread

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    You need to edit your post title if you can: " CANCELLING JUNE 15-23 TRIP, WHAT IS DISNEY DOING FOR GUESTS?
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    Jan 2021

    I am planning a trip as well, in January 2021, for mine and my daughter's birthday! I was checking the weather and said it could get chilly, as this would be my first ever January trip! I chose January for (1) our birthdays and (2) It "usually" is slower. Yeah, I don't care about the water...
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    When can I rebook for May '21

    Apparently, it normally occurs in the third week of June, so should be happening sometime soon, if they stay on schedule! This has been a wild year, so not sure!
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    May 2021 or May 2022 for a trip?

    The only drawback I see to waiting until 2022, is that it may miss some of the 50th merchandise!
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    Fantasyland Expansion Phase III: Escape From Tomorrow(land Speedway)

    I agree, it should at least be updated if it is to stay! Replace the cars with electric cars, as others have suggested! Yeah, the noise and smell is not supposed to be in Tomorrowland!
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