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    News Reflections – A Disney Lakeside Lodge (Project 89 - Development near Fort Wilderness)

    Probably already discussed in thread, but what's the final plan for the old Fort Wilderness beach?
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    Q4 Earnings Report - Parks and Resorts

    Being able to increase the cost of something at a rate such that the number of customers lost is outweighed by the increase in profit being brought in indicates that Disney has not priced their offerings at the intersection of the supply and demand curves and would be leaving money on the table...
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    Q4 Earnings Report - Parks and Resorts

    The Star Wars TV show could be absolutely killer for this service. There are tons of people who buy HBO purely for Game of Thrones. A good Star Wars TV show I think could have the same effect. I think it also could pull in a demographic that would otherwise not be attracted to this service (i.e...
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    News Big changes coming to EPCOT's Future World?

    I like the idea of getting rid of the Communicore buildings. The concept is basically dead (no company wants to sponsor an exhibit) and the current buildings are super specialized for that one purpose (what else can you put in them?) I like the additional green space.
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    Muppets Mini-Land / Muppets Courtyard Additions & Refurbishments

    I kind like the new sign. I think this makes the area look more real. The original look of this area, with the cartoon logo on the side, stuck out, but worked because it was obvious all of the theming was fake. Most of the alternate ideas in this thread also would look fake or would remove the...
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    Residents not so Happily Ever After all.

    The Magic Kingdom is at the far most north piece of Disney's land. This apartment complex is more or less exactly at Disney's border. The land on that side of property is pretty worthless for a hotel, since the only road on property is owned by Disney and not really for the general populus to use.
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    Autonomous Cars at Disney World..

    This proposal has very little to do with any of the theme parks in the area. The coolest thing about Orlando's proposal is SunTrax which is a testing facility the Turnpike wants to build near Lakeland. The facility would have all the tools needed to test self driving cars and robots. Even once...
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    PHOTOS - New bag check areas greatly enhance Magic Kingdom arrival experience

    I don't think the abuse is going to be a problem in practice. Because people's arrival to the platform is staggered, I don't think there will ever be that big a back up at the resorts. I think a bigger issue will be how the security handles events like the end of the Luau at the Poly, where a...
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    Has an Adventureland height balloon test happened?

    Can someone explain the financial benefit to put another attraction in MK right now. I would think right now it would make a lot more financial sense to look at shoring up Epcot.
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    Does Universal's new add insinuate Spiderman is in all their resorts?

    Spiderman is only in the one part where they are showing the Spiderman ride, in a section of the ad where they are showing a number of different rides at each of the parks. I have a hard time seeing how this wouldn't be ok.
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    Magic Band 2.0 - When can AP holders request them

    Family recently ordered Magic Bands, both for pass renewals and for a trip in February. All 8(?) bands were new ones.
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    Princess Leia....A Disney Princess?

    The whole "Disney Princess" thing is a convenient marketing tool that Disney invented to allow the multiple IPs to generate more money than they would on their own. Star Wars generates plenty of money as an IP unit alone, so I doubt that Disney would bring Leia into the group. (This is the same...
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    Is this really a thing or is it April 1ST? Cabanas in the parks.

    Went during Christmas. While I saw them there, I wouldn't call them noticeable by any means, and wouldn't blame any one for not recognizing what they were.
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    Large fountain drink cups removed from Magic Kingdom?

    This seems like a fairly straight forward process improvement during a busy time of the year at the Magic Kingdom. Because there is only one drink size available, the person filling the drinks at the CS locations doesn't have to think about what size cup they need and should be able to fill...
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    WDW testing Trashcan GPS alerts in Tomorrowland

    One of the big new things coming in the next few years is throwing sensors everywhere, and sending the data back to Machine Learning algorithms to provide insight and help guide decisions. I'm not surprised Disney is all over this.
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