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  1. Rider

    News Disney MagicMobile Service coming soon beginning with Apple devices

    When I worked at a bank 10 years ago we were just rolling out contactless cards. I used mine at McDonald's a few times because they were one of the few places that had the readers. Most people didn't know the cards could do that and a few asked for cards without the feature. Within a year the...
  2. Rider

    News Security scanners begin operation today at Disney Springs

    Sounds like the scanners are already paying off.
  3. Rider

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    It's a museum in San Francisco. Not owned by the company. It's a great place to go if you're in town. https://www.flickr.com/gp/cchard/70w24L
  4. Rider

    Tokyo's Beauty & the Beast... Better than Ratatouille?

    I mean... It's got nice animatronics and some effects. But at the end of the day it's nothing compared to Rise. It feels really old fashioned like something that would have opened ten years ago. Rise took everything to the next level. It is more like an imersive experience than an attraction...
  5. Rider

    News Disney begins selling cloth face masks featuring Disney characters

    XL on top. L on bottom. Both fresh out of the wash but I have used the bottom L size since I got it and hand stretched the loops. XL is unused and unstretched. XL feels a lot better on my ears.
  6. Rider

    Walt Disney World Park Hours cut starting September 8 2020

    I wonder what parking at HS would look like if you took that photo before 10am when everyone actually shows up to get the RoR time. Edit: Not to mention Uni always had terrible parking lines even before Covid.
  7. Rider

    News EPCOT 2020 reopening reports

    I've gone the same amount and felt it was comparable to a weekday.
  8. Rider

    Rumor Higher Speed Rail from MCO to Disney World

    Virgin was probably the most hated train line in the UK so this is probably for the best. Even though Virgin had only a small stake in it the branding was questionable.
  9. Rider

    France Exec. Chef retires no timeline on table service

    Chefs was entirety authentic to a meal I had at a tourist restaurant with views of the Effiel Tower. It's expensive low quality French food that no-nothing tourists pay a lot of money for because of the location. I only appreciate it because of how well they copied the real Paris experience.
  10. Rider

    Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

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