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  1. Raychul

    Advance Check-In & Pin Trading Questions

    Hi! Been reading conflicting info about advance check-in through the My Disney Experience app/website & was hoping to get some advice. I'm traveling w/ a party of 7, we have 3 rooms at POP & our reservations are all connected thru MDE. When we made our reservations we requested that our rooms be...
  2. Raychul

    Question about Virtual Queue

    Thank you guys!!! First time using the virtual queues and wanna make sure I fully understand the process so that I'm ready to go on the day and not fumbling around :D
  3. Raychul

    Question about Virtual Queue

    Hi! So sorry if this is answered somewhere, I couldn't find it! When I get up at 7am to try for the SW Rise of the Resistance virtual queue, can I book the boarding group for everyone in my party or will everyone in my party have to wake up at 7am to try to grab a spot individually? Also, if I...
  4. Raychul

    Disney Wedding Insider Tips?

    Thank you soooo much for this!!! <3
  5. Raychul

    Disney Wedding Insider Tips?

    Yeah, I am thinking a Wishes wedding would fit what we're looking into. :)
  6. Raychul

    Disney Wedding Insider Tips?

    I just got engaged at WDW! *squeals with excitement* Although I have no idea of wedding planning and such (I'm not that girl who has had all of this planned out since I was 5) but we both know we want it to be at WDW. I have been trying to gather information online and the Disney Wedding...
  7. Raychul

    The Engaged at Disney World Club

    Hi! I am now part of the club!! :) He asked me Dec. 4th at MVMCP after the fireworks right on Main Street while the snow was coming down around us. *swoon* Disney has played a huge part in our lives. We met b/c of our shared passion for WDW. I met his parents for the first time there, he...
  8. Raychul

    Test Track Refurb

    I liked the Tron-like visuals...but as soon as I walked into the line it felt more like a huge ad for Chevrolet, rather than a sponsored ride at Disney World. I felt all the "Disney Magic" was missing from the ride and line. I liked designing my car, but felt way too rushed. The idea of...
  9. Raychul

    Anyone at the World now?

    I will be there at the exact same time and am hoping for nice weather...with a little downpour here and there to clear out the parks every now and then. :)
  10. Raychul

    Roll call for MNSSHP

    Friday, October 5th for me! :)
  11. Raychul

    Must Dont's While You' re at Disney

    Just gotta agree with some things already said. My Top Must Don'ts: American Idol Experience Norway movie Stitch's Great Escape Tom Sawyer Island Hall of Presidents - unless I need nap time. ;)
  12. Raychul

    I saw this lady wearing high heels.

    In all honesty, I wear heels every single day of my life and am way more comfortable in heels than I am in flats. I tend to trip over my own feet when in flats and the arch of my foot cramps up. I have high heeled sandals, wedge flip-tops and even high heeled sneakers. I think it just depends on...
  13. Raychul

    Oswald Ear Hats at E3

    They were stitching your name onto the back of them as well. :) Lines were an hour or more long every day to get one of those.
  14. Raychul

    Online Check In

    Oh my god, same here! I was reading this thread to see if I was doing Online Check-in wrong or something. Since using DVC, every time I check-in online and then arrive at my resort, they can never find my reservation. Then that CM has to call over someone, and then that person plays around with...
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