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Advance Check-In & Pin Trading Questions


Hi! Been reading conflicting info about advance check-in through the My Disney Experience app/website & was hoping to get some advice. I'm traveling w/ a party of 7, we have 3 rooms at POP & our reservations are all connected thru MDE. When we made our reservations we requested that our rooms be adjacent, would it help our chances to be put next to each other if we all check-in through MDE days in advance, or does it really not matter?

Also, for anyone who has been to the parks recently, are the Cast Members still pin trading, or is that another COVID casualty?

Thanks so much for the info!!! <3

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Won't help your chances.
As long as its noted on the reservation they are going to attempt to do it.
If you realize once you're there that your rooms are far away you can always go to the front desk to see if they can move anyone.

Pin trading is still a thing but they are on a board and you tell them which one you want and you put your pin in a bucket and you keep your pin back to use with the new pin.
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We just returned yesterday from a trip and they are continuing to use the cork boards to display and trade pins from. Some areas have more of an assortment of pins displayed than others.
Talking with the CM’s and they believe this will be how pin trading will be handled going forward.
Disneys still selling the assorted pin lanyards and pins being sold in shops so they aren’t stopping the trading.
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Regarding pin trading-there is a cork board/pin trading location in each themed land in the MK. Often the blue umbrella guest experience locations can tell you exactly where they are. I know that's where I found out where they were in DHS. Also, don't miss the big pin trading board in the former Sid Cahuenga's Shop-that one was great! In AK, once you find one (they're all at kiosks that sell pins), they'll show you on a map exactly where all the others are. It's a lot more work than it used to be, but since lines for rides were incredibly low (like 3 hrs for FoP), that's how I spent my time.
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