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    2pm park hopping is ridiculous now

    I guess probably 90% of the people here are nuts then. There’s all kinds of ways you can make it work. I’d certainly like to see the 2 PM part discontinued, but until/if it is, it’s not that big of a deal. The only nasty consequence is not being able to park hop.
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    I really miss The Walt Disney World Railroad

    I believe during the downtime they sent some of the equipment to a rebuild/refurbishment facility in Strasburg Pa. It’s a world class facility with very talented craftsmen.
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    Tom Sawyer Island Makeover

    I propose, building a draw bridge over to the island. This will allow greater accessibility to the area. Also, with the current alligator activity in the region, a more comforting means of access. I further propose, that the Liberty Square Riverboat (LSR) be converted to a quick service area...
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    Resort Refillable Mugs Status?

    Your refillable mug is good for 14 days from your day of purchase and can be used at any resort. When we there in May, you could refill your own mug at POP, but could not at GF. I’m hoping things are more back to normal by now so you can refill your own mug anywhere.
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    Annual Pass Benefits Wish List

    We just returned from a visit to Hershey Park. We stayed in their camping resort. Although it’s not FW level, it was very nice. We bought a 2 day park pass for around $85. We almost bought the season pass because of the perks associated with it.
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    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    Temp checks were discontinued at DS in late May. There are county police officers that walk around DS constantly.
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    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    Security? There’s never been security checks on the boats from POR resorts to Disney Springs.
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    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    I originally booked POP for our Christmas trip because I didn’t know when/if POFQ would reopen. Once I found out on WDWMagic that the FQ would open, I booked POFQ online. Then once I saw my new reservation listed on my MDE account, I canceled POP online. The entire process took probably 5-10...
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    Port Orleans Re-Opening

    I logged on at 0615 and booked Christmas time at POFQ this morning. Prices were a little higher than I was expecting, but I’ll take it.
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    Disney needs to train their CMs better regarding mobile APs

    I have no problem showing a CM my AP card. As a matter of fact, I usually ask if they need to see it. Most say yes, some have said no, that’s ok, but it’s just polite to ask. It’s part of their job to check. Plus like another poster wrote, you could easily give your watch to someone else.
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    ESPN Club

    The food and atmosphere was decent when it first opened. But the food took a definite downward slide and the prices went crazy. Let’s hope it opens as something different.
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    do any disney parks have drone shows?

    Thanks Ms Chickie. You beat me to it. Thanks for posting the video!!
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    do any disney parks have drone shows?

    Quite a few years ago they had one at Disney Springs during Christmas. There were literally hundreds of them flying forming different scenes. We were on the boat from POFQ to the Springs and the Captain said he had to wait near Saratoga Springs until after the show. The reason being in case any...
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    Fort Wilderness cabins or Art of animation?

    I think your dining options would be better at AoA. You can go there and also it’s an easy walk to PoP for something different. Then there’s the Skyliner to take you to Epcot for more dining options. Although FW would be more convenient for taking the boat to the MK.
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    Waited for bus in rain for 45 min before reaching covered area…

    I could be mistaken but I don’t think there’s much of a covered area at the Epcot Skyliner station. Especially at closing time the line is in the elements.
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