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    Using Disney Visa Reward Points

    A few years ago, pre Covid, my AP discount wasn’t honored at Chicken Guy’s when they first opened. Maybe the person checking me out didn’t know for sure. But other than that, we’ve had good luck with it.
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    Using Disney Visa Reward Points

    Wow! That’s quite an extensive list!
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    Beware: JetBlue and other Airline extended chaos- canceling and changing flights

    We love the Auto Train. If you decide to do that, they offer a family bedroom setup for 5. You could head to Lorton the day before and stay in Alexandria Va., which is a 20 minute drive away. You need to be there before 2:30 PM. As @Lilofan posted, it’s an ez 40 drive to WDW.
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    Room request strategy for Old Key West

    Although we don’t stay at a DVC, we never had much luck with room/building requests when making a reservation. That’s one reason we never do online check-in. We try to arrive before noon to check in and if we don’t like the room we were assigned, most front desk CMs will help you find one that...
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    @JIMINYCR is that something you had to ask for or did they give you the license on the end of your trip? That’s so cool! I remember riding up front several times but can’t remember the license thing. Maybe I did get one. On a side note, I do remember getting an Honorary Hoop-Dee-Do member...
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    Magic bands?

    I think your observation about the delay in releasing MB+ may be spot on, but of course we’ll never know for sure. I would imagine TWDC has quite a bit invested in it, both financially and regulatory, and want to start making a return on their investment as soon as possible. I’m with you on...
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    Magic bands?

    Here’s the bad information. The reason you’re seeing limited MagicBand 2 selection is because TWDC wants to steer you towards the newer, more expensive model. What better way to do that, than to severely limit the selection of available options of the older models. Global supply chain issues...
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    Activate AP

    I’m fairly certain you have to go to the Customer Service area at one of the parks, or the one at DS. We tried to have it done at the resort and they informed us they weren’t able to do that. You can get your AP ID card there, however I’m not sure if they give them anymore. Everything seems to...
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    Wilderness Lodge

    It’s really just not a Disney issue. There’s a new report out that there are 2 jobs available for each person unemployed. Every sector of the economy is having staffing issues. The Covid pandemic totally rearranged the job market.
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    Magic bands?

    The older Magic Bands are being replaced with a newer model. That’s the reason you have limited options on the original model. The new ones should be available sometime this summer. 🤞
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    If Pirates of the Caribbean Burned Down, Would Disney Rebuild It?

    There’s already an “Attraction” there. It’s Pedro’s South of the Border.
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    Maintenance at WDW

    If we’re talking about the lights out on the outside of the building, you can forget about that scissor lift idea. Like @donsullivan posted, the rules and regs concerning aerial lift devices have changed drastically since the Contemporary was first constructed. Is it impossible to have then...
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    Wilderness Lodge

    Oh yes, the boats are running from WL to the MK. The boats that used to run between just the resorts hasn’t been running and no one seems to know if they will again. But you can definitely travel by boat to the MK. You’ll have a BLAST at WL!!
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    *Almost* All the best WDW restaurants!

    I’d like to 2nd @Sirwalterraleigh post. Although we haven’t dined at Jaleo, we intend to on our next visit, in support of his tremendous food program in areas of disasters. His World Central Kitchen does incredible work.
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    Disney World with an older family member

    Well I’m 70 and my DW 67. We spent 9 days at WDW the first part of May. We averaged 7 miles a day when we did the parks. 2 days we did the pool in the morning, but still did 4 miles. It’s a marathon, not a sprint. Everyone is different, but just need to pace yourself and know your limits. I had...
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