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  1. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Coronado Springs - Bus Transportation

    Just stayed here 12/16-12/23(Stop #1), bus service was very inconsistent. MK was probably the worst part of the service. Multiple times waited over 30 minutes, once it was 55 minutes and a full bus arrived, only room for the EVC person and their family. 5 minutes later another bus arrived, but...
  2. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Popcorn length of stay?

    Can you only get refills in the park that you buy the bucket in or can you get refills at any of the parks during your stay?
  3. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Jingle Bell, Jingle BAM! coming to Disney's Hollywood Studios

    looks like they are doing the tiered pricing on the dessert party. just booked the dessert party for 12/22 price has gone up from $69 for adult to $79 and for a child $39 to $45 :mad::greedy:
  4. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Trip Report Revisiting 2016's War and peace I took one for the team

    Hi Figgy, Following! It's so disappointing when the only GF dessert is prepackaged. We are booked for GG for our trip this Dec. based on all the good reviews, had hopes that it would be good for GF, but maybe not...?
  5. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Trip Report Mom & Maddie's visit to Wonderland - February 2016

    Following! Looks like a great start to your trip!
  6. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Trip Report * COMPLETED* The Let's Never Go Home Trip

    Great trip report, thank you for sharing! You'll looked like you had a great time!
  7. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Pre-Trip 18 years of marital bliss means it’s time for some Surf n Turf action…..again.

    Just finished your last cruise TR, looking forward to the next one! We're going on our first Disney cruise in a couple of weeks and reading your report was a great little preview! So happy to hear that you got the Poly! We've never stayed there, but it's on my list! Also, love the magnets!
  8. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue and gluten free food?

    Thank you so much! We totally don't mind the chicken not being fried, as long as there is the option for some gf food! I'm going to book HDD, I really think DS is going to like it!
  9. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Hoop-Dee-Doo Revue and gluten free food?

    Thank you for putting out the call!
  10. Pudgecontrolstheweather

    Trip Report Our "It's 'Disney' real" June 2016 trip

    Trolley Car Family of the Day - how cool is that?! I'm so glad they have a meet and greet for Olaf, we can't wait to meet him on our next visit!
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