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  1. pbrsaau

    Fort Wilderness and bicycles

    Afternoon, thinking about taking our bicycles to FW next trip to get around the grounds. The cost for the cart just seems unnecessary/prohibitive since we'd only be using it a couple times a day. 1) are there bicycle racks around to lock bikes up? 2) any experience taking your bikes to the...
  2. pbrsaau

    When will Galaxys Edge have Fast Pass?

    When we went last August '18 we didn't even ride RnR because the wait was 2 hr+ and I couldn't get FP for us. We got FP for Tower and Slinky Dog and Star Tours and I think we got an extra then for Midway. No way is RnR worth a 2 hr wait.
  3. pbrsaau

    When will Galaxys Edge have Fast Pass?

    Hi, no - I'm in northeast Ohio. We get to the World about once every couple years.
  4. pbrsaau

    News Fix the Haunted Mansion Intro Timer

    When they upgraded the audio in the stretching room a few years back I wanted to hear the ghosts whispering at the end when you leave the stretching room. I was probably the last person in line to leave the stretching room. The cast member was not courteous at all in verbally pushing me out of...
  5. pbrsaau

    MuppetVision 3D Issues

    So agree with this!!!
  6. pbrsaau

    Dogs at Parks and Disney Springs

    None of the dogs we saw on the trip posed any problems or issues. I sure wouldn't bring my dog to Disney World, but to each his own. I sure wouldn't want to step in some dog poo.
  7. pbrsaau

    Expedition Everest effects status watch

    Rode EE last week - queue looked great! Ride was nice and smooth. Waterfall was running and looked great. Hair bands at top is awful, messy, sloppy and unnecessary. Why is this allowed to continue and not be cleaned up? I think I'll start throwing dirty socks and underwear at the goat on Big...
  8. pbrsaau

    News Speedier Wi-Fi at Port Orleans French Quarter

    Stayed at Fort Wilderness Cabins all last week. Wifi service was fine all week, no complaints. Only in a handful of attractions would the signal be poor or not available.
  9. pbrsaau

    Dogs at Parks and Disney Springs

    We were at the World all last week and I was surprised to see quite a few folks with their dogs on leashes at the Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Disney Springs. A couple were clearly service dogs with their 'service dog' vest on. There was a few - most at Disney Springs - that were not service dogs...
  10. pbrsaau

    ESPN Wide World of Sports visit

    Hi, I wasn't sure where to post this. We'll be at WDW next week and I wanted to take an hour and check out ESPN WWS. I've never been there and our family is big into baseball and soccer so I just wanted to see what facilities look like there. Is there a parking fee? Can you just walk around and...
  11. pbrsaau

    Fort Wilderness Cabins

    I'm assuming the kitchen comes with dishes, utensils, pots, pans, etc?
  12. pbrsaau

    POFQ or POR?

    POFQ is my personal favorite - smaller, quicker to get around, love the theming and the boat ride to DS. Although my family of 5 loves RS also - pool is better than FQ, same tranquil boat ride to DS. My kids are partial to the Alligator Bayou rooms.
  13. pbrsaau

    Fort Wilderness Cabins

    Hi, we're staying at the Fort Wilderness Cabins the first week of August. Really looking forward to this trip. We attended the Hoop Dee Doo a couple years ago, so we're doing the Luau this trip. I do have breakfast scheduled at Trails End while we're there. We're not getting a golf cart. Any...
  14. pbrsaau

    Did you ever meet Walt? Or do you know someone who did?

    My grandfather was a brick layer when Disneyland was being built. I'm sure he crossed paths back then, but my grandfather passed long before my obsession with Disney kicked in.
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