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    French Quarter and Riverside

    You decide what you're doing yet? What resort you booked in currently?
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    French Quarter and Riverside

    Likewise - same scenario - trip planned 10/24-10/31
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    Has your resort reservation been changed yet? To what resort?

    Well, I emailed - no time to call and be on hold for hours - no response after a week. So, I got on the chat today. Our trip is scheduled 10/24-10/31 at Riverside. I have our tickets and have reserved the parks. I asked about options since Riverside isn't scheduled to be open. They said no need...
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    Just changed my resort reservation in October

    Likewise sent an email - let me know if you get a reply. I imagine it could tale up to 24 hours for a reply.
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    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    I sent an email - will see how that goes and call only as a last resort.
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    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    Wondering this as well
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    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    Did you have to call to be moved from AllStars to Pop or did they do that automatically and you just received an email?
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    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    I made my park reses yesterday without issue and we're booked at Riverside 10/24-31 - wait and see now.
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    WDW Resorts Reopening Thread

    Good question - I'm at Riverside 10/24-31 and wondering how to proceed.
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    POLL: When are you planning to return to Walt Disney World?

    We have a trip planned for last week of October - booked it back in January. Hoping all this nonsense is over by then.
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    Riverside - microwaves

    Hi, do the rooms at Riverside have a microwave?
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    Disney Resort overnight parking

    Stayed at Fort Wilderness back in October '18 - the parking fee was in place - didn't get charged although I was expecting it to be charged - no reason/answer why it wasn't charged. Planning a trip now for this October and we will fly and use ME and stay at Riverside so not an issue. Will likely...
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    FW, POR or DVC in late October?

    We had a great time staying at the Cabins last trip. Cost is currently just silly for that week and we are limited to going then.
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    FW, POR or DVC in late October?

    Beginning the planning of a trip for the 5 of us October 24-31. Stayed at FW cabin last year and our three boys loved it. Priced it out and with a 5 day pass comes out to $5,900 (insane). POR is $4,600. We've stayed at POR many times and enjoy it also. Thinking about renting DVC points - would...
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    Fort Wilderness and bicycles

    Afternoon, thinking about taking our bicycles to FW next trip to get around the grounds. The cost for the cart just seems unnecessary/prohibitive since we'd only be using it a couple times a day. 1) are there bicycle racks around to lock bikes up? 2) any experience taking your bikes to the...
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