Trip Report June - Sweat and Fun

Just returned from a week trip - quick review. Stayed at OKW for the first time and loved it. Definitely would stay here again.
The heat was oppressive - I understand the 96˚+ temps was abnormal - we got water everywhere and dealt with the heat as well as we could. Other than that the weather was perfect - just a couple pop up showers.

Tron and GoG were outstanding. Most attractions were working for the most part - nothing out of the ordinary. Used Genie+ at MK and HS, didn't purchase for EC or AK.

Found the wait times were generally a third to double the actual wait times. I really think they are artificially increasing the wait times to scare guests into purchasing Genie+.

Food and drink was very good everywhere.

Cast members were good everywhere.

The drone show at DS was nice - short show so nothing to go out of your way to see. If you're there already it is fun to watch.

Custodial did a great job - bathrooms were clean and trash was picked up everywhere (except one instance of an overflowing trash can in queue for rapids ride at AK). I've seen it a lot worse in years past.

Just a few complaints - FOP at AK - the avatar figure missing in action in queue. Has he been missing for a while? Also the film for FOP was severely out of focus for a couple of moments. Extremely difficult to focus. My son said the breeze and mist were not working on his ride.
The bus drop-off/pickup at MK, HS and AK is great - updated, clear signage, clean, lots of shade. The Epcot bus drop-off/pickup needs updated and refreshed - area is too small, dirty and surrounding area is a mess.

Lastly I know the approach for resort buses to AK has taken the same path for years but I just realized what an awful guest experience that approach to AK is riding thru fenced in backstage areas with barbed wire. One could imagine the same when arriving in prison. Just an awful view for resort guests or anyone for that matter.


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