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    Politics Disneyland Closure: Another six months?

    As @Tribal Prophet already pointed out, this paper does not "prove that T-cells provide [long term] immunity". This paper in fact aims to summarize the limited existing evidence both for and against the conclusion that infection confers long term immunity. I understand the desire for optimism...
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    The basic problem is that we don't control whether we get vaccines or therapeutics. It is possible that there will never be a vaccine because the biology of the coronavirus prevents it. The same has been true of the therapeutics that have been proposed. We all of course hope that science will...
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    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    There's a fundamental misunderstanding here. Funding space exploration is not putting money on rockets and launching it into the sun, it's supporting engineers and scientists at universities and national laboratories to do work that is ultimately a major driver of economic growth. Economic...
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    Downtown Disney District Extends to Buena Vista Street

    I actually also don't watch the news on the coronavirus. Although I'm not a biologist, I am a scientist, so I've tried to based my perspective on my reading of the scientific literature and research friends of mine who are now studying Covid have done. I am deeply concerned that the next 4-5...
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    Downtown Disney District Extends to Buena Vista Street

    While I respect that we can disagree about it, I think we need to be more careful in our assessment. In my view, the state guidelines are a reasonable compromise between competing perspectives. To be clear @mickEblu, I'm aiming these comments more at people who are frustrated with the parks...
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    Downtown Disney District Extends to Buena Vista Street

    With everything, we have to weigh the pros against the cons. Having open theme parks is definitely an issue from a public health perspective, but how much of an issue is difficult to estimate. At the same time, it is not necessary to have theme parks open for society to function, so there is...
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    Downtown Disney District Extends to Buena Vista Street

    But most people aren't going to travel long distances to gather in a place with many others for extended amounts of time. One of the misleading things is that theme parks and sporting events have been discussed as if they're similar. Sporting events often draw locals, but place them in close...
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    Could theme parks in California never reopen?

    I wonder how people get to a point where they believe these sorts of things. It requires such an astonishingly low view of other human beings...
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    Politics OC Register - Disneyland and Universal Studios ask Newsom not to finalize theme park reopening plans just yet

    When you find yourself bringing up Mao, Hitler, Stalin and Pol Pot in a thread about Disneyland being closed, you might, and I stress, might, want to reassess your perspective.
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    Rumor Avengers E-Ticket More Dead Than You'd Think

    One of the bigger issues with Marvel in the parks is how often they're given the "big box" treatment. Marvel deserves to have immersive environments that people care about inhabiting, not just visible show buildings disguised as industrial warehouses. Sure, the contents of the box matter, but...
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    Rumor Avengers E-Ticket More Dead Than You'd Think

    Expanding Cars Land is another possibility. I don't think we'll see anything done with that site in the next 4-5 years, but regardless of the attached IP, that site deserves something better than the concept art suggested. With the limited amount of potential on stage space available in Anaheim...
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    Rumor Avengers E-Ticket More Dead Than You'd Think

    I don't take any joy at people losing their jobs, but the last large expansion pad in DCA always deserved something more inspired than the Avengers.
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    Salute to All Things but MOSTLY Politics

    Trump is trying to promote foreign policy he pursued in the interests of his campaign rather than the national interest by coopting the debates to be an advertising platform for his talking points.
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    2020 Presidential Election Debates

    The ironic thing is that I would expect this to mostly benefit Trump. His performance in the first debate was a net negative, partially as a result of the interruptions.
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    SCOTUS discussion

    I don't know if I find that article compelling or not - there's a bit of a sorites paradox thing going on with some of the criticisms, though they may still be justified. I would argue that we should all be able to agree that no unqualified appointments should be made to the court by either...
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