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  1. Notes from Neverland

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Not defending it, but that concept art was supposed to be showing the inside of the transport vehicle, not a hallway.
  2. Notes from Neverland

    News Primeval Whirl, Stitch's Great Escape and Rivers of Light permanently closed

    Site that can't be named posted about wooden posts going up near the wall.
  3. Notes from Neverland

    Bob Iger Stepping Down, Bob Chapek New CEO

    That share price is taking a beating. It might be the only thing that cuts Chapek's reign short.
  4. Notes from Neverland

    Fantasmic Reopening Watch

    I'm one of few that will be sad to see the Pocahontas segment go. It's basically that film's only representation in WDW, and will likely be replaced by IPs found in countless places.
  5. Notes from Neverland

    Defunctland deep dive on Fastpass

    It's a very good video. But, I think the point of adding capacity is completely undersold. Disney has compounded the problem by destroying old attractions, building new ones in their place and marketing a TON around them. Capacity is lower, awareness is higher and the problem builds. New...
  6. Notes from Neverland

    Destination D23 2021

    The Paint the Night rumor continues! May it never die.
  7. Notes from Neverland

    Destination D23 2021

    The voice for the voice assistant is not ideal...
  8. Notes from Neverland

    MSEP coming to Orlando?

    One day this rumor may actually prove true.
  9. Notes from Neverland

    Food portion cuts to increase profits?

    The stock isn't doing too hot under Chapek of late. Those shareholders aren't as happy as you might think. Lower stock price + no dividend = some grumpy folks.
  10. Notes from Neverland

    Disney+ Day Kicks Off Global Celebration With Week-Long, Company-Wide Promotions

    They're making new episodes of the old 90s X-Men cartoon. Did not see that coming, but love it!
  11. Notes from Neverland

    News Walt Disney World holidays 2021

    Very jealous of the Muppet Christmas Carol Coach that Disneyland has now. Would love to see that at WDW.
  12. Notes from Neverland

    News Disney’s Fiscal Full Year and Q4 2021 Earnings Results Webcast

    You don't even need contact with guests to be polite or have tact. Those are basic human traits everyone should have.
  13. Notes from Neverland

    News Disney’s Fiscal Full Year and Q4 2021 Earnings Results Webcast

    The price increases, scaling back portions and all of those strategies aren't surprising. What continues to be surprising is how the current Disney management group has no issue with publicly talking about the guest as a dollar sign. There isn't even an attempt to be respectful.
  14. Notes from Neverland

    Disney Wish

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