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  1. Nland316

    News Jessica Rabbit's Car Toon Spin

    All we can hope for at this point is that somehow this means a Fantasyland esque refurb is in the works for the ride.
  2. Nland316

    Rumor Ticketed Holiday Event

    Saw on the other site that this may be the year we get a ticketed event for the holiday season. I know it’s been rumored in the past, but it would be rather unfortunate if it finally did happen our first holiday season back. Especially given how old the DL Christmas entertainment is.
  3. Nland316

    The Miscellaneous Thought Thread

    I’d love the proposed update to IASW that was supposed to come to Tokyo’s Fantasyland redo. I can’t find the concept art, but it was a multi-leveled building with hot air balloons suspended from the roof, and boats on the ground level. Both rideable. Looked pretty amazing!
  4. Nland316

    Tomorrowland Should Become a Branson/Bezos/Musk Competition Zone

    I genuinely am not opposed to this concept at all.
  5. Nland316

    Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland

    I’ve heard different rumors (don’t quite remember where) that there were alternative plans that fell through in favor of PatF for the retheme. Anybody possibly know what it was? It’s hard for me to imagine it’s not an IP, but I can’t really think of anything particularly fitting for the...
  6. Nland316

    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway - Disneyland

    I was aware of the pandemic’s effects, just was unsure because of the rapid looking pace on recent construction images. It definitely looks like it could be late 2022 if they really wanted.
  7. Nland316

    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway - Disneyland

    This may sound a bit naive, but why exactly will this project not debut until 2023? It seems relatively far enough along to be late 2022. Especially since it is a clone.
  8. Nland316

    Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance opening reports and using Boarding Groups at Disneyland

    Probably answered earlier in this thread, but I’ll ask anyway… If I have a park hopper ticket reservation starting at DCA is it wise to even attempt getting a boarding pass at 7am? Or is it my best bet to wait until the 12pm round? I don’t want to score a boarding pass and it not be anywhere...
  9. Nland316

    News Disneyland modifies mask policy - UPDATE 7/28/21

    Hoping indoor capacity is increased this week as well. I’ve going Wednesday and am desperately trying to find a blue bayou opening!
  10. Nland316

    Avengers Campus - Reactions / Reviews

    AFAIK, original Marvel plans for TL didn’t really include a “full” takeover like the Star Wars one did. This was following the peak success of the DCA relaunch and CarsLand — so I think the end product would have genuinely been superior than what can currently be produced at WDI. It would only...
  11. Nland316

    Avengers Campus - Reactions / Reviews

    Reiterating the same sentiment others have shared on this board. Not the best thing, but not the worst. Marvel definitely deserved more ambition. I remember being against some early rumors (pre 2012?) of Marvel taking over Tomorrowland with a Stark Expo theme. Now I kinda wish that did come to...
  12. Nland316

    Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland

    Are we talking FL dark ride treatment? Or just general refurb?
  13. Nland316

    Splash Mountain Announcement for Disneyland

    Random and off topic — but I recently rewatched Fantastic Mr. Fox on D+ the other day.. and realized how much it would’ve fit this Splash Mountain retheme so much better. It easy would blend with the style of the Mark Davis animatronics and current Splash Mountain aesthetic. I know it’s not a...
  14. Nland316

    Mickey and Minnie’s Runaway Railway - Disneyland

    Either way I hope they add tons of new trees to Toontown and revive that area in general.
  15. Nland316

    Snow White's Scary Adventures Vs. Snow White's Enchanted Wish

    I wouldn’t necessarily say the new changes warrant a book report label for the ride. While it does have the major story beats, they’re portrayed in a rather stylized fashion - the mirror shattering, animated book, etc. Especially when you compare to a true book report ride, like Mermaid, which...
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