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Recent content by Nick Garrick

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    Not So Scary Halloween Dessert Party

    Welp that settles it for me! No dessert party! Thanks!!!!
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    Not So Scary Halloween Dessert Party

    Going to the Halloween party for the first time in Sept. I was wondering if the dessert party was really something to do/look into? I heard it’s good view for the fireworks, but do you all think we’d see the projections on the Castle at the same time? Aren’t there a lot of trees in front of the...
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    WDW Galaxy Edge - gotta get this off my chest!

    Ok I’ve been watching the live feeds & such of GE from Disneyland - but I SO have to get this off my chest! Everyone says it so great, it’s so immersive, they’ve so enjoyed it. However, why do I feel that our GE is going to be TOO crowded, super long lines to the point where we here on the East...
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    Magic band question from a novice lol

    Ok so I just became an annual pass member last week so I’m still figuring some things out esp about the magic bands. Have a BFF who has NEVER been to WDW in her life - when she visits next she wants to go up for the day. So the ? Is: since I’m AP holder, got 2 bands linked to my account - she...
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