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    DVC point reallocation in 2022

    You clearly know your stuff! A few questions if I may: 1.) What you’ve said on the growth makes sense (getting more folks to stay on property), but what do you think is driving the increased overall attendance to the resort? It isn’t because it’s a less expensive experience (say 2005 vs...
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    DVC point reallocation in 2022

    Oops...☺️ No offense really intended on Saratoga Springs. I actually like it there and it’s pretty, but I‘m a zero-patience guy on some things and the buses destroy me. And it sounds like we’re not dissimilar either as it’s just the Mrs and me and we’re the same way on the one bedrooms and...
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    DVC point reallocation in 2022

    Just adding on a bit: On the oversell, Disney has so much X per guest. Everybody’s got their own mix of “X”. It can be square footage to move around in, quickness from lobby to room time, getting reservations at your favorite restaurants, places to buy a beer, parking spots, characters for...
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    Recommendations about how to sell a large pin collection (and/or Vinylation?)

    Hi - Just try to clean out and move a very large number of pins. I know there was some valuable ones, but I don't have the time/motivation to do a 1-by-1 auction. Does anyone know or can recommend any business or person out there that values and buys collections? Thanks PS: If it's...
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    Counterfeit River Country DCL Pin?

    Hi, It's "EH0139 River Country Est. 1976" with an "A" value rating (<$15). That's from the Tomart's 6th Edition Disneyana Guide to Pin Trading, p.149. It doesn't provide a date but a few of pins in the vicinity of it have year 2000 dates on them, so I'd guess 1999 or 2000. That's an old...
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    DVC point reallocation in 2022

    Long time BCV member, and I've been watching for years as they mess with us... Just so FRUSTRATING! Overselling some areas making it impossible to be spontaneous any more, taking away perks from non-direct buyers (theoretically devaluing resale), literally packing the parks so there is no off...
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    Annual Dues credit

    God bless ya for sitting through the meeting. Thanks for sending out the info!
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    News Security scanners begin operation today at Disney Springs

    Sincere questions but nuanced so no hassle if no one knows for sure. Just curious, opinions would be appreciate, and just hypothetical as I don’t bring weapons to Disney - I think the airline, TSA, and Florida might object 😉 1.) Legally can they detain a person (security) while the cops are...
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    Don't wanna be angry, but I am...[Rant]

    Incredibly good and poignant threads you've posted. I'm 100% in the same boat, as I see they've really lost they're way. Any firm can make money, and when they focus on that and only that lose the ability to make magic, as that is a different type of investment (long-term and a more intrinsic...
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    Disney CMs calling guests " Friends"?

    It does sound like a cult thing... "Hello Friend, Would you like a pamphlet on the Church of Lunar Consciousness?"
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    Disney CMs calling guests " Friends"?

    Just a point - It drives me insane when I here non-US folks us the term "Partner", or when people put their pronouns (he/him) . I 100% don't care about the make-up of the person or the relationship, but just say husband, or wife, or boyfriend, etc... (And yes, it would put me more at ease for a...
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    When are all these cutbacks not about COVID anymore?

    I can’t disagree at all. It’s gotten to the point for me though where I’m afraid to go as I don’t want the current experience to taint my previous memories. Not sure how many other folks are getting to that point.
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    Is Disney Losing DVC Members/Contracts due to Covid??

    I'd buy up those $1 offers in a heartbeat for the speculative nature alone (resale in a year or two with only a small, flat investment and a trifle of dues... Hell, the tax deduction on the property taxes alone might have value... Not giving tax advice, consult your own, blah,blah, blah...)
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