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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise *COMPLETED*

    Love your trip reports! Thank you so much since I cannot be there you made me feel like I was! The Poly is my favorite resort for relaxing with the Contemporary my second favorite for being on the go!!
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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise *COMPLETED*

    That is what happened to Phoebe last year. We put the tree up without decorations and she wouldn't keep chewing on it and when she threw up there were little tree pieces. Down went the tree!! We decorate the mantel with miniature trees and we have a tree that hangs on the wall so we may put...
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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise *COMPLETED*

    Wish we could put up a Christmas Tree. We tried to put up one this year when we heard you could put orange peels under the tree and they would not go near it - doesn't work. Even the new kitten, Jewels, chews on the branches!
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    My "Almost" Disney Trip

    So sorry for your loss. We just lost our rescue kitty in August and we grieved so much. Finally decided to add an addition to our family.
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    My "Almost" Disney Trip

    Well, today would have been my solo air travel day to Disney. Feeling a little sad but it is for the best. Just wasn't in the cards for me this time! The good new is - the money I would have spent on my Disney trip is being spent on a new Ragdoll kitty. We will be getting her next month -...
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    Animal Kingdom Lodge: Jambo House or Kidani Village

    If it is just the 2 of you, I would pick Jambo house because of the convenience but if you have a family with kids, then Kidani would probably be better. FYI - I have only stayed at Jambo House. Loved the atmosphere!
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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise *COMPLETED*

    Love the Poly! I really love watching the fireworks from Poly though so that would be a letdown. Can't wait to read about your trip with Woody!! Bring it on!
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    Trip Report The “Is it safe?” Trip Report

    Thanks for the trip report! Hope you have a great time in November - Christmas time is magical!!
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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise *COMPLETED*

    Too cute! We just lost one of our kitties in August and are getting a new kitty in November. We decided to spend the money that I would have spent going to Disney on a Ragdoll!! I think I made the right choice.
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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise *COMPLETED*

    Looking forward to your Part Tu with Woody!!
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    Corona Attendance.

    I voted no but not because of the mask factor but the covid-19 in general. It is getting worse folks! I live in a small town in TN and the covid #'s have risen dramatically. The covid ward in our local hospital is full and closed to new patients and they are referring them to other close by...
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    October 25-30

    They have lifted the capacity restrictions at amusement parks in FL!! WOW!! Who knows what Disney will do but if they go to full capacity - WOW!! I had a trip planned for the same time and I am glad that I decided to cancel.
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    Need shoes for Disney - Nike preferred

    Not sure if you are male or female. Nike would still work if you are male but I am female and haven't worn Nike in years. I go with Sketchers or New Balance. I think Nike is kinda out of style.
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    Pin Code Temptation

    I've never received a pin code. Bummer!
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    Trip Report Shrouded In A Daft Disguise *COMPLETED*

    Love that Villa!! Who got the KS bed?
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