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  1. Missing20K

    New Enhancements, Dining Options Coming to Disney’s BoardWalk

    Nothing screams turn-of-the-century seaside boardwalk in the guise of Coney Island like $19 chicken salad sandwiches and high tea. And let’s be real, DIS will almost certainly raise the entire menu a couple bucks. Make it make sense.
  2. Missing20K

    News Disney to develop residential communities with new 'Storyliving by Disney' business

    Why would I buy a house in Cotino when I can buy a house in Meta-Cotino?
  3. Missing20K

    News Guardians of the Galaxy Cosmic Rewind attraction confirmed for Epcot

    Seems like a rookie mistake that issues were only noticed after installation. Did they just completely disregard the photometric study?
  4. Missing20K

    Bob Weis steps down as WDI President

    B.Arch holders, at least back in studio, are generally creative people, but… This. Even outside of the themed entertainment sector (info about which I defer to @lazyboy97o), there are many instances where a client has no desire for the architect to “design”, you’re simply there to create a set...
  5. Missing20K

    Labor cost cutting measures begin at Walt Disney World as the company enters Q1

    He must be incredibly persuasive in meetings behind closed doors because he’s a total oaf in public.
  6. Missing20K

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    I think the form may now be working against the “theme” or whatever we are calling it. An atrium of this cavernous size was awe-inspiring in 1971. Arguably, the first modern hotel with an multi story atrium was the Peachtree Center in Atlanta by John Portman in 1967. Then malls began having more...
  7. Missing20K

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    I don’t think you can go back to the og TL theming as it’s all space racey unless you went retro-80’s ala Stranger Things or Space Station 76. I wouldn’t be a huge fan of a retrofuturism theme as I described, but it’d at least be a cohesive theme instead of City Center Business Convention Hotel...
  8. Missing20K

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    A noble lobby embiggens the smallest Guest.
  9. Missing20K

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    Was in the lobby last week. It’s perfectly cromulent. Would not look out of place in any city center hotel on earth. I suppose retrofuturism is the “theme” of the Contemporary, unless it’s not. Which apparently was the case since it opened? And the answer to that “theme-less” void is an...
  10. Missing20K

    Disney Genie, Genie+, and Lightning Lane Frequently Asked Questions for Walt Disney World

    LL is either testing or in use. They all have CMs at the guard and return times listed. Just wanted to share and see if anyone else noticed or has info. Edit: I suppose I could have read the post above mine more thoroughly. Carry on.
  11. Missing20K

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to begin Standby September 23rd

    I simply will never understand the “queueing for 6 hours” level of fandom for anything. ETA: ok so apparently 6 hours is not unheard of. My feet hurt just thinking about it.
  12. Missing20K

    News Star Wars: Rise of the Resistance to begin Standby September 23rd

    Yep, feeling like we may have lucked out with our 9/24-9/30 dates. Last chance to do wdw without Genie, standby for RotR so we could do that first day and get it out of the way. Hopefully get out of there before 50th crowds ramp up. Feeling pretty, pretty good (read that in Larry David’s voice)...
  13. Missing20K

    News Contemporary Refurbishment--April to Sept 2021

    I seem to be very much in the minority when it comes to giving themed environments and experiences a thorough and rigorous contemplation within the overall historical context of art, design and architecture, but that’s ok. I enjoy placing theme parks and such in a greater framework and viewing...
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