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  1. MickeyLuv'r

    Advice for a non-park day

    Poly - GF- MK - Contemporary are all on the monorail loop. WL is close, but you might have to go to the MK and transfer to either a bus or a boat. (In before times, there was a boat between CR and WL. There was also a boat that connected WL - Ft WL -and CR.) There should be a shuttle bus still...
  2. MickeyLuv'r

    Advice for a non-park day

    a few thoughts.... 1. Universal is fabulous. If the parks don't appeal to you, there is much to see outside of the parks: Citywalk has shops, places to eat, a movie theater, mini-golf, and it would be super easy to meet your family for meals. You might even catch live music at various venues...
  3. MickeyLuv'r

    Magic Kingdom's Bizarre Bazaars

    In the age of distracted park goers, repetition = more sales. The more we see an item, the more likely we are to remember it, and actually buy it. Customers also like multi-sensory experiences: being able to see, hear, touch, smell, and sometimes taste merchandise. A single ad doesn't do...
  4. MickeyLuv'r

    Magic Kingdom's Bizarre Bazaars

    I think the answer others have said is likely a big part of it. Fewer different vendors = it costs less to fill shelves. I also wonder though if a piece of it is also that one-time visitors don't want to have to hunt down an item. Imagine a small child/adult sees an item, but the family...
  5. MickeyLuv'r

    Food portion cuts to increase profits?

    Ooh, I was once in the yak splash zone exiting Mummy. The smell and the sensation absolutely sticks for a very long time!
  6. MickeyLuv'r

    News Disney’s Fiscal Full Year and Q4 2021 Earnings Results Webcast

    They did however put a restriction - in 2019 I think- against bringing loose ice into the parks. As in, you can no longer bring a cooler with loose ice, dry ice, or even baggies of ice. Only cold packs. That is a significant limit unless your hotel room has a full-size fridge/freezer.
  7. MickeyLuv'r


    RnRc is 90 seconds. Space Mtn is 2 min35seconds. EE and 7DMT are both 2min 50 seconds. If LL costs $15, then the extra cost would be over $5 per minute of ride time(SM $5.80 and EE $5.29). Except EE has been selling for what, $7? So just under $2.50/minute. 7DMT at $12 is $4.23/minute of...
  8. MickeyLuv'r

    How does this work without MB or physical tickets?

    They should be able to use Magic Mobile if they have a cell phone. Otherwise, they can get a card at GS as others have mentioned, but that would = waiting in a line if they try to do it at park opening. They also have the option of buying a magic band. I do not advise trying to have one...
  9. MickeyLuv'r

    My experiment in human decency

    This kind of magnet is very weak. It is possible yours simply fell off. I have some on my fridge, over time they fall off of the side of my fridge, and it is completely stationary. They don't stick at all to the rear of my car. They are really cheap, and that's why they are usually given out...
  10. MickeyLuv'r

    Couldn't use pass to Animal Kingdom because of illness.

    I'm sorry your wife was ill. I hope she is now fully recovered. Your scenario is exactly why I'm a wary of WDW's current ticket policies. I have been to WDW enough times to have experienced a bad day. At present, one of the only official remedies- and it isn't by any means great- is that we...
  11. MickeyLuv'r

    Do the fans always seem to know what's best?

    It happens a great deal on forums. I will give people the benefit of the doubt that in some cases they might not realize they are doing it, because it has become something of a national pastime: in politics, the media, social media, even our entertainment. (I'm looking at you late night...
  12. MickeyLuv'r

    Do the fans always seem to know what's best?

    It is called confirmation bias. If you have already decided that fans don't know how to run a business, there's no point in asking the question. You already made up your mind, and posted it "The problem isn't so much fans seeing something wrong with the parks, it's that [fans] seem to know...
  13. MickeyLuv'r

    Rock n Roller Coaster vs Space Mountain

    Maybe a little of both?
  14. MickeyLuv'r

    Rock n Roller Coaster vs Space Mountain

    Space Mtn, though the ride is getting a little rough. I have come to accept RnRC, but to me, the theming feels a little incomplete, especially compared to many of WDW's other attractions.
  15. MickeyLuv'r

    i am suppose to book my trip .... BUT I AM TOO MAD TO DO IT...

    The OP is very clearly asking how to bridge their own conflicted emotions. In post #58, you quoted JusticeDisney. JusticeDisney clearly said, "For every one person on a forum like this who cries and whines about every single change that is made, there are about a million more people who go to...
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