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  1. Mickeyboof

    Clueless tourist questions

    1- Tickets + Park Reservations should absolutely be made asap, as you are. The Reservation system is a real buzzkill, but what can ya do! 2- Park Hopper is a favorite ticket type for many, including myself, however 2 Days at each park should provide plenty of time. You’ll most likely experience...
  2. Mickeyboof

    Destination D23 2021

    Shopping is back! This was pathetic.
  3. Mickeyboof

    Pelican’s Landing

    …it’s the Imagineering account! Its their account!
  4. Mickeyboof

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    Yeh no surprise there! But I’m sure in the next 50 years they’ll advance the technology enough to handle it!
  5. Mickeyboof

    News Star Wars Galactic Starcruiser coming to Walt Disney World 2021

    “I’m sure you’re wondering about the new "realistic" lightsaber promised to be a part of the Galactic Starcruiser experience, where the blade extends from the hilt like an actual lightsaber…..Unfortunately, that lightsaber isn’t for guests to use or purchase. It’s strictly for use by the...
  6. Mickeyboof

    News Reimagined Toontown coming

    Fun new space?? That sound like a death sentence.
  7. Mickeyboof

    News Reimagined Toontown coming

    Did a quick overlay. The Roger Rabbit show entrance is untouched and unchanged in the artist’s concept art, though scaled up through interpretation. Got nervous for a second! Wow, this might be absolutely fabulous. There has always been too much flat concrete in toontown! Cannot wait to stroll...
  8. Mickeyboof

    News Reimagined Toontown coming

    The full concept art. Is Roger Rabit’s entrance moving to the building in the lower right corner?
  9. Mickeyboof

    News Main Street Electrical Parade and A Christmas Fantasy Parade to return

    I promised myself I wouldn’t return before next fall, after spending 10 days at the resort during the summer months, but this might break me! Absolutely adore this weird little parade.
  10. Mickeyboof

    The World's Most Magical Celebration - Walt Disney World's 50th anniversary

    So far, the WDW 50th celebration has really only been “unique shopping opportunities” eek
  11. Mickeyboof

    Disney cancels free tickets for Anaheim sixth-graders, cites pandemic - OCR/SCNG

    Oh wow. If anyone had doubts before, this is the crystal clear signifier that we are now in the new era of Disney. What a shame. This move actually quite embarrassing, really. I can only assume the children’s hospital programs will be nixed next as well. And make a wish? Could they ever?
  12. Mickeyboof

    News Remy's Ratatouille Adventure coming to Epcot

    It costs money to hang the sign ya know! And for the little sticker… it’s a never ending cycle ;D
  13. Mickeyboof

    Disney Genie, Genie+ officially introduced along with confirmed details of how it will work

    With all this pathetic scrounging for extra cash, I hope Disney at least runs all ride vehicles and trains, and employ each loading platform throughout all hours of operation. I know they won’t, that would reduce wait times and increase maintenance costs.
  14. Mickeyboof

    Disney Genie/Genie+ On Their Way to Anaheim

    Oh you got it exactly, gagging! One would imagine they have incredible data points… however I also don’t think they will employ it in a meaningful way, as this far they never have implemented soo****icated tech with success (except magic bands are pretty awesome). I imagine in four or five...
  15. Mickeyboof

    Disney Genie/Genie+ On Their Way to Anaheim

    Thats how it seems. However, Touring Plans was great at placing you at attractions when most everyone else was away from them. Genie, it seems, will employ an algorithm to control the bigger picture of crowd flow. But it’s all just suggestion. How many people will abide by Genie’s commands?
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