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  1. MaximumEd

    News Tower of Terror to operate at reduced capacity due to an extended refurbishment

    I get it, but guess I expected a little more TLC.
  2. MaximumEd

    News Tower of Terror to operate at reduced capacity due to an extended refurbishment

    If they are half done, there’s no way it was down long enough to fix the numerous show issues. Hope I’m wrong.
  3. MaximumEd

    Is It Just Me, or Do Omnimovers Stop a Lot More Than They Used To?

    We’ve rode Under the Sea many times over the years. Don’t think we’ve ever made it all the way through without the ride stopping. Bad luck, I guess.
  4. MaximumEd

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    I love to see people who probably couldn’t build a small deck off the back of their house make absolute comments about how long a giant and complex structure should take to build. For the record, no, I don’t build theme park rides, but am occasionally involved with fairly large infrastructure...
  5. MaximumEd

    Rumor New Monorails Coming Soon?

    Speak for your own gondola there, buddy. ;)
  6. MaximumEd

    Man Accused of Stealing Buzzy's Clothing from Disney World Arrested

    I’m with you on the rest of the post, but hydraulic lines aren’t generally very expensive, sophisticated, or hard to remove. Usually, it’s just a hose with a screw in fitting on each end. One end in a block valve that directs fluid to flow toward a cylinder and the other end in said cylinder...
  7. MaximumEd

    Should Disney scrap and rebuild Pirates of the Caribbean in Orlando?

    With almost 30k acres at their disposal (yeah, some unsuitable), TDO doesn’t need to rip and replace any more rides. Build more new stuff. That being said, I’ve ridden the ride on both coasts, and while Anaheim is nice, as another poster said, the queue is better in the swamps and the caves just...
  8. MaximumEd

    Wizards give smackdown to droids

    Lol. Lighten up, Francis. I guess I’ll do and say what I damn well please.
  9. MaximumEd

    Wizards give smackdown to droids

    Yeah, you realize it hasn’t opened here yet, right? How can something change a game in FL that hasn’t been played yet?
  10. MaximumEd

    Pirates Mermaid Effect

    I think they stopped sometime around 2015-16, but not 100% sure.
  11. MaximumEd

    Rumor Epcot Center & Doctor Strange Experience?

    Lol. The author of that article has been putting out some doozies lately. Sounds like alternative facts to me.
  12. MaximumEd

    Rumor Brazil (and maybe others) Pavilion Coming to Epcot [not about Brazilian people nor a country wish list]

    So, when were they planning on breaking ground for this? Are they still moving forward with it?
  13. MaximumEd

    Memories of your first visit to WDW.

    Seeing Epcot in all its 1986 glory. It was a true marvel for a 12 year old science nerd, and something I’ll never forget.
  14. MaximumEd

    Haunted Mansion vs. Splash Mountain

    Same length, but the DL version moves about one foot per second faster, giving a shorter ride time.
  15. MaximumEd

    News Tron coaster coming to the Magic Kingdom

    True. Now, it’s “ride exists because of gift shop.”
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