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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Efforts seem focused on SLOWING the spread, we have not heard any that speak of NO spread. The use of social distancing, temperature checks, masks, and testing are discussed as ways to reduce rather than eliminate infecting people. Fear, blame, and self-interest ideally would not be used. Even...
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    Will ANYTHING ever happen to Discovery Island?

    How long did it take between closing River County until it was eventually demolished? It would be surprising if it took less time than that to re-imagine Discovery Island!
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    Rumor: Jungle Book Boat Ride at Animal Kingdom

    DAK has Mt Everest, which is on border between Tibet and Nepal. Nepal is in India subcontinent. JB would work as consistent with that area. Just our humble opinion.
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    Rumor Spaceship Earth Redo Shelved Indefinitely

    If guests will not social distance, will not be temperature screened, will not be wearing facemasks, and will not undergo any testing protocol, perhaps trusting guests to use a wipe to "sanitize" their ride, might not be the most trust-worthy concept.
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    In addition to avoiding taxes, we thought foreign flagging addressed avoiding a whole bunch of other regs such as labor, pollution, labor, and legal responsibility etc. etc. But we love cruising DCL when budget allows.
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    Augh.. I feel like the Harbinger of Doom recently with my posts.. Tom Sawyer's Island will not be opening up again...

    OK. Walkway is one solution. Two swing bridges like they have over canal from GF to MK. One in, the other one out (gotta keep that social distance). Swing outta the way for riverboat. Now, the next problem is where to find the money for that?
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Should the cautious wait until after the second wave Dr. Faucci said is "inevitable" and the deny-ers go first? Is Disney going to lose CM's by opening so soon? Is next spring too soon to schedule a visit?
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    Rumor has it that WDW is gonna convert some of the washing machine facilities into factories producing sanitizer.
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    [COVID-19] DCL Sailings Canceled

    Gotta wonder what the cruise ship staff is doing during this extended non-sailing time. Besides missing out on the tip income, extended time would seems to be very difficult to expend.
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    Opening WDW with Social Distancing

    We hear some say "open as normal" and wonder if they recall how air travel changed post 9/11 and twenty years later it is not back to "normal". Does the same thinking apply to WDW and reopening?
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    Voyage of the Little Mermaid is done, won't reopen with the parks.

    We always thought "Winnie" was actually Canadian as we were led to believe "Winnie" was a shortened form of Winnipeg. Maybe we are mistaken.
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    It is all about not overwhelming the ability of our healthcare system to provide care by not overwhelming the facilities. If a sausage factory can grind 100 tons of beef per day, but their injection machines can only handle 50 tons, the fact that 100 tons of sausage can be made but it will take...
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    News Coronavirus and Walt Disney World general discussion

    How could you reasonably play multiple slot machines while sitting on your behind if they unplug nearby slot machines to force social distancing?
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    What's Still On and What's Now Off

    Apparently there were prior quarantine episodes that lasted multiple years. Even World War II had a 4 year duration of the greatest generation making all sorts of choices that were not personally beneficial. Imagine years or even months as opposed to weeks of bad. Kinda makes the current...
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    Boat to MK from WL Question

    Can boat between WL and MK take an ECV?
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